Kiprusoff Trade Scenarios Open Thread



We did this last weekend with Jarome Iginla and it generated a lot of discussion so I figure it’s worth another go this week with Kipper.

As before, try to suggest trade scenarios which are within the realm of probability. Kipper’s not getting you first overall or Rick Nash (well…maybe Rick Nash) so keep it realistic. For some background on Kipper and the Flames goaltending situation as it stands, please refer to our previous article on the subject.

Context for Hypothetical Trades

– The market for starting goaltenders is somewhat limited. The good news is, Kipper’s NTC goes away in July so he won’t be able to veto any potential move. Potential target teams include Toronto, Columbus, Chicago, New Jersey and Tampa Bay.

– Kipper will turn 36 on October 26th this year. His cap hit is $5.833M, but his actual salary drops to $5M this season and just $1.5M the next.

– Although getting older, Kipper has nevertheless been one of the most durable goalies in the league since the lock-out.

– Roberto Luongo is likely to hit the trade market this summer as well, potentially muddying the waters.

Like the Iggy exercise, this isn’t designed to be a debate as to whether the Flames should or should not deal Kiprusoff – only what you would reasonably expect them to get in return if they did.

We will discuss specific potential packages/suggests for both players next weekend.

  • People keep saying “If Kipper is dealt” and things like that.

    Feaster was shopping Kipper last offseason to no avail, mostly because of his poor season in 2010-2011 and high cap hit.

    In 2011/12, Kipper rebounded, had a pretty good season, his cap hit comes down next year, and his NTC goes away. There’s likely to be some decent interest this season.

  • RE: Anyone suggesting Washington, NOT HAPPENING, maybe you haven`t watched a single NHL playoff game, but they has this Holtby kid, I heard he`s pretty good. They are not going to trade him or bring in someone to usurp him. They will most likely sign Vokun or Harding or someone with a bunch of experience to back him up.

    CHI/TBL/TOR are the best trade options for the Flames regarding Kipper, there are other outside shots. However, Luo is also getting traded to one of those three teams (more likely TBL/TOR) so instead of a bidding war, CGY/VAN would be played against each other.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Kipper and our 1st to TOR for Colborne and their 1st

    Kipper to CHI for Bolland and a 2nd

    I don’t see Luongo fitting (or wanting to go, lets not forget he does have a say in the matter) to either of the above mentioned teams. I think he wants a break from the media spotlight…

    Therefore our trading partners IMO are Chicago and Toronto.

    Please no Komiserek, I’m am not of the belief that we need to take back more garbage to make this deal work.

  • I think that Luongo goes to Tampa Bay. I think that Toronto is going to need to bring in an established netminder that can play well in big situations.

    Kiprusoff to Toronto for 2012 2nd round pick from Toronto and Carter Ashton.

    Thought about Colbourne instead of Ashton, but I think that Ashton is more ready to step into the NHL and is a better goalscoring prospect. The other aspect that concerns me is that Colbourne is from Calgary and the fans in the city have not historically been kind to its hometown players. I dont think that Colbourne is mentally strong enough to play here. I think that Toronto would be more inclined to move Ashton because he has only been in house for a few months.

    Second option is that I think Chicago needs to look at their goaltending and would be willing to look at Kiprusoff.

    Kiprusoff to Chicago for Crawford and McNeil.

  • loudogYYC

    @shutout: I think the TO deal is a little light. I would rather see Schenn & Colbourne & their 1st for Kipper, Calg 1st & Byron. We need 3-4 dman & Schenn had a terrible season & may be a little under valued right now.

  • Hi Bean Counting.
    Watching Rattie, I am concerned he is too 1-dimensional and will have a hard time making the jump. Watching them play live against the Oil Kings, he is left alone while they shadow Baartschi. I could be wrong but I am just not that sold on him.

  • How about this with Toronto:
    Kipper, Niemetz and our 2013 – 1st for Reimer, 2012 – 1st, 2013 1st and Schenn. That may be enticing to Burke as he may project us to be in the lottery in 2013 and perhaps sees a shot at the coveted no. 1 overall. But, if history prevails, we will get another lottery pick. Throwing in Kulemin or Komi would be just fine as we move forward too.

    A deal to Chicago needs to include a 1st and Mcneill or Saad. We could take on Crawford as well.

  • Reg Dunlop

    I know it is human nature to overestimate the value of beloved hometown hockey heroes but looking at what might be expected to come Calgary’s way for JI and MK… is everyone here on meth? These guys are 36 with about a million miles on the odometer. You will be lucky to get a draft pick and a prospect for each. And not a top prospect.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Hi there please see this years trade deadline, Dustin penner the other year and other various trades of a similar nature. Then again it doesn’t matter what you say since it won’t change the outcome of a trade if it happens. But you sir are the one taking drugs.

  • @ Reg Dunlop: Well you sound like a real educated troll. I’m sure you have good solid historical basis for your statement aside from your ABC(Anybody But Calgary) mentality? Just so that you know, Iginla is 34 & Kipper is 35.