Sunday Open Thread



For the past couple of weekends, we have had open threads on potential trade scenarios regarding both Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff.

Here are some of the suggestions from those threads:

Potential Iginla Trades

(via shutout)

To Detroit Red Wings : Jarome Iginla

To Calgary Flames : 2012 first round draft pick, Tomas Tatar, Xavier Ouellet

(via backburner)

To the Blues: Iginla, 14th overall pick, Irving

To the Flames: Halak, Rattie, and Oshie.

(also from backburner)

Ty Rattie and a top six (Berglund), or a first from St. Louis

Mark Stone and a first from the Sens OR

Dougie Hamilton and Krejci, or a first from the Bruins

(via Kevin R)

To Pittsburgh: Iggy, Backlund and Butler + 2012 3rd pick.

To Calgary: J Staal, roster player(salary back), 2012 1st rounder


To Bruins: Iggy, 2012 3rd rounder

To Calgary: Kriejci, 2012 1st rounder, 2012 2nd rounder

smellofvictory combined the two with this –

Chicago (for Iginla + Kiprusoff): Frolik + Crawford + McNeill + Saad

Potential Kiprusoff Trades

(via sincity1976)

Option 1: Kipper (CGY) for (TOR) Schenn, Kadri, Reimer

Option 2: Kipper, Butler (CGY for (TOR) Gardiner, Komisarek, Kadri, 1st

Option 3: Kipper, Butler (CGY) for (CHI) Hjalmarsson, Saad, Frolik

Option 4: Kipper, Butler (CGY) for (CHI) Leddy, Crawford, Saad Option 3: Kipper (CGY) for (CHI) Olsen, McNeil, Frolik, Crawford

(danglesnipecelly was less ambitious)

Kipper and our 1st to TOR for Colborne and their 1st

Kipper to CHI for Bolland and a 2nd

(via shutout)

Kiprusoff to Toronto for 2012 2nd round pick from Toronto and Carter Ashton

Kiprusoff to Chicago for Crawford and McNeil

(via ChinookArch)

Option 1: Kiprusoff + TJ Brodie to NJ — Andy Green & Adam Henrique to Calgary.

Option 2: Kiprusoff + #13 2012 pick to NY Islanders — Mark Streit + #4 pick in 2012 draft

(via smellofvictory)

Chicago: Kiprusoff for Frolik and a 1st

Tampa Bay: Kiprusoff and a 3rd for a 1st and a 2nd

New Jersey: Kiprusoff for Jon Merrill

It was interesting to see how often Chicago cropped up in both scenarios. Other popular options were Pittsburgh and St. Louis for Iginla and Toronto and New Jersey for Kipper. The potential returns varied quite drastically, although almost everyone agrees the baseline return should be a top prospect or first round pick + a roster player for each.

I consider the Blues and Blue Jackets high level targets for the Flames when it comes to dealing Iginla and Kipper this year, although clubs like Chicago and Toronto make a lot of sense as well. The Blues are a good fit because they are one of the best teams in the West, have a lot of high-end young players and prospects (both of which the Flames need) but nobody like Iginla on the roster – an established vet who can still produce at a decent rate.

As for the Blue Jackets, it’s obvious their greatest need is goaltending. In addition, Howson has proven the last year or so that he is desperate to do anything to get the team out of basement and willing to make big, headline-grabbing moves to that end. Trading a desperate man something he really needs is a good way to get a big return. If he can’t land Luongo, his best bet is Kipper (since I can’t see Harding or Vokoun choosing to sign there). A decent roster player + their first rounder this year for Kipper + Flames first rounder seems plausible to me.

In aggregate, if Calgary could get two roster players, a high-end prospect and a top-10 pick for Iginla, Kipper and the Flames own 14th overall pick…would you do it? Should Feaster if that is at all possible this summer?

Other topics:

  • Should the Flames try to trade anty other major roster players? Bouwmeester for instance.
  • Who are you starting to look at for the Flames first round pick this June?
  • If you don’t like Troy Ward as a pontential Brent Sutter replacement, who woould you prefer?
  • How will you react if the Flames simply re-sign their pending free agents and go with status quo?
  • RexLibris

    1. No more major trades if Iggy and Kipper are moved. Wha wait… Bouwmeester you say? Okay maybe one more…

    2. Radek Faksa

    3. Troy Ward but only if we make the trades and go with youth.

    4. Status quo = one year hiatus as Flames fan. Just simply too frustrating to invest the energy that I do.

    BTW interesting take on Kipper to Columbus… I don’t really see the fit given that they have such a rebuild ahead and Kipper is no spring chicken however if Lu doesn’t waive to go there and the other UFA’s don’t want to sign there poor Kipper may be the only guy that doesn’t have a choice once his NTC expires… Ouch.

  • T&A4Flames

    If we were somehow able to bring Ramo in this year I would rather see Kipper retained to at least the deadline. I thing Ramo would benefit from a season with his hero. Move Iginla to tstart the year, that would give him the entire year to get comfortable with his new team & hopefully he wins that elusive cup. We all know that at some point he will resign here in CGY.

    The trade scenarios with BOS I find intriguing; Krejci would be a nice addition. I am still looking at St Louis as an pretty good fit.

    If Kipper goes at the draft, would it be too much to expect Johanson & David Savard from CLB? I am also on board with the TOR trades but without Reimer. I like Schenn for the same reasons that Sincity does, buying low. It’s risky of course but that is why we need to get a Kadri or Colbourne in that deal.

  • T&A4Flames

    Why is everyone so big on getting Staal out of PIT? I agree I would like to have him but he is not a 1st line center by all I have heard, read and seen. He is a very solid 2nd but no more. Why would we give up Iggy + for a 2nd line C that may walk after a year. We would need some guarantees that he would stay or we get good compensation (1st). The best I would do is trade straight across, Iggy for Staal; I would not give up extra.

  • jeremywilhelm

    schenn and dion do not like one another, many of schenns shortcomings are ron wilson related. i watched many leaf games this season and gardiner is at times quite the adventure, while gifted offensively jake is somewhat a train wreck in the d zone, lacks strength and makes some very questionable decisions. think of him as a kinder,softer version of dion with much better skating skills. i am not a huge schenn fan however the kid needs to be relocated out of the toronto mess. kipper for schenn,kadri and blacker,also franson is a rfa i believe. the flames backend can be retooled quickly by moving iggy and kipper.
    a d corpe of jbo,gio,boychuck,cody franson,schenn,macquaid and for reimer, the kid aint a front line tender.

  • RexLibris

    Hey Rex. You described pretty accurately what I would do if we traded Iggy for J Staal & then Staal went UFA away at the end of next year. I submit, I think I can picture the same scenario if Iggy goes UFA away next year as well & we get sweet dick all. I cant help but think that if Jordon is given the opportunity to lead a team of us own, the persuasive owners of our team will convince him($$$ fame & fortune 🙂 ) it would be a great career decision. Beats the hell out of playing 3rd fiddle in Pitt. & that leads my response to some who think J Staal wouldnt rise to the role of Captain & 1st line centre. Really, how many chances has he really been given to do that in Pitt?