NHLNumbers Consensus Draft: Who is Available at 14?



Cam Charron did this over at LeafsNation and I figure it makes for a worthwhile  exercise here as well. Although we will continue to profile probable Flames targets in detail leading up to the draft, it still makes sense to survey the lay of the land as well.

The recent NN consensus list built from various sources including Bob McKenzie, ISS and Redline Report is perhaps the most comprehensive meta-draft list around right now. 

Here’s how things fall out around the 11-15 range:

12. F Radek Faksa 6’2 183 L Kitchener Rangers 

13. F Sebastian Collberg 6’0 180 R Frölunda

14. D Olli Määttä 6’2 198 L London Knights 

15. F Zemgus Girgensons 6’1 182 L Dubuque Fighting Saints

16. D Hamphus Lindholm 6’2 180 L Rogle

17. D Derrick Pouliot 5’11 192 L Portland Winterhawks

The split between forwards and defenders is 50/50. Just missing the cut were Pontus Aberg (F) and Matt Finn (D).

What this suggests is, unless there is an unsual run of one position or the other, the Flames will likely have an equal amount of equitably rated forwards and defensemen to choose from next week. We have already profiled some of these options here, including Zemgus Girgensons, Sebastian Collberg and Radek Faksa

Expect more profiles of guys like Lindholm, Pouliot, Aberg and Maatta over the next week and half.

  • supra steve

    @ Austin: Yeah, it does look like Hartley is trying to make Iggy feel like he will be a big part of his plan for next year & for the future. Anyone else notice how quiet Iggy is & dont kid yourself, Hartley is looking for buyin from our Captain. This silence may be the prelude to some big things to come. Then again, it could just be my wishful thinking. But if I’m Hartley & Feaster, either Iggy sees the same future & path the Flames are about to embark & then a contract extension rumour should be surfacing or Iggy is really debating about maybe not wanting to be part of this Hartley regime at this stage of his career. Has anyone heard any talk about an Iggy extension? Has anyone heard Iggy talk like he’s pumped about the new coaching regime & direction the Flames are going? Unlike Wolf, if Iggy signed a 3-4 year extension at a cap hit of around 5.0 mill per, I would be happy. The thought of him walking with no assets coming back terrifies me.

  • supra steve

    Kevin R

    Lidstrom made over $6mil in his last year with Detroit, and he “earned” it. He was also operating on 1 year deals in his last few years. Can’t see Iggy “earning” $5mil in 2016-17. Let’s let some other franchise overpay him in his twilight years, if that is what he is looking for. But for god’s sake, let’s get something in return (trade him).

    Now if ownership refuses to move him, then he could at least do as Lidstrom did. Sign 1 or 2 year deals as the end nears. He doesn’t need the “security” of a 3-4 year deal, if he has been promised that he will end his career as a Flame.

  • supra steve

    @ Citizenflame
    Have you seen Derrick Pouliot play much over the past 2 seasons? I have been watching him play since he came to Portland. He is not as flashy in his own end but paired with the right partner he gets the job done. He dose not “lack compete level” he puts everything he has on the ice night in and night out. He is 18 and is not going to be perfect on every play its a junior league.He also constantly goes up against other teams top lines and came out plus 15. Yes he isnt the best dmen available in this draft but he has the best offensive side coming from the Whl. He was 4th in defencemen scoring this past year. He was 2nd in playoff points for Dmen. He was also 5th in scoring(regular season) on the Hawks thats not bad on a team that has Sven Bartschi, Ty Rattie, Brad Ross, Joe Morrow, Marcel Noebles, Etc.

    • supra steve

      1. Pouliot, to my knowledge, has never been used against an opposing team’s top forwards by the Winterhawks. That was the job of the Wotherspoon-Wrenn pair (sometimes Wotherspoon-Rutkowsky).

      2. He does not have the best offensive upside of dmen coming from the WHL. That’s Rielly.

  • supra steve

    @ Steve & Wolf: Yeah I am leaning toward trading him as I dont see the value of a player like him on a rebuilding team. On a team that has the players to take a run at the playoffs, like Lidstrom & Detroit or Selanne & Anaheim, thats different. I know Wolf you are 95% run him out of town:) If we keep him, I think the cap hit should be like Alfredsons, around the 5.0mill range. #-4 year deal allows you to prorate it to look like 7.0 in the 1st 2 years & 3.0 each in the last 2 years. If thats what we do I’m fine, Iggy has been good for many fans & for the team but from the organization, it doesnt really make sense, it makes more sense to trade him for current & future assets.

  • CitizenFlame

    @ Stephanie Have to admit I have not seen the kid. I’m just basing that off of one scout’s analysis. I would much rather see the Flames take a flyer on a forward with the first pick than a d-man unless one of the “can’t miss” types slide into range. I’m thinking someone like Dumba or Reinhart. I also like the looks of Maata. I think the Flames can target dmen later in the draft, but the dmen they do target should be well rounded. I think that they have made moves to mobilize the defence core, but are now lacking the physical element.

  • CitizenFlame


    Portlands d pairs changed often but usually he played with Morrow against players like Shinnimin, Hughesman, McColgan, DePape(if those are not topline players I dont know what are), etc. Pouliot was constally killing penalties against Shinnimin and McColgan(since Portland tends to take a few minors). According to the Nhl scouts on Nhl.com this is what they say about him: Underrated blueliner will turn heads at the pro level. Highly skilled blueliner stands out on a talented Winterhawks team. Poised under pressure, smart, deceptive speed and can play with an edge. I have also heard a few scouts say he is the most offensive d-men coming from the Whl.
    Morgan Rielly had played just over a full season and got 46 points and is -9 Derrick Pouliot just this year had 59 points and was +15. Rielly is good but he didnt really play much this year at all. When it matters most I have yet to see him do anything and thats playoffs.