NHL releases draft order, Flames have 6 picks



The National Hockey League released the official order for the annual Entry Draft on Friday afternoon.

The Calgary Flames have six selections in the 2012 draft

  • Their own first round pick (14th overall)
  • Their own third round pick (75th overall)
  • Their own fourth round pick (105th overall)
  • Montreal’s fifth round pick (124th overall), acquired in the Rene Bourque/Mike Cammalleri trade. It was originally thought to be Columbus’ fifth round pick (122nd overall) that had been previously acquired by Montreal, but it appears that Montreal is keeping the (slightly) better selection.
  • Their own sixth round pick (165th overall)
  • Toronto’s seventh round pick (186th overall), acquired from Toronto in a deal that sent Wayne Primeau to T.O.

The Flames originally had these other picks, which they have subsequently traded

  • Their own second round pick (44th overall), sent to Buffalo in the Robyn Regehr trade last summer.
  • Their own fifth round pick (135th overall), sent to New Jersey for Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond (ugh – ed.).
  • Their own seventh round pick (195th overall); while not officially confirmed by the Flames, it’s suspected that this pick was sent to the Washington Capitals as "future considerations" in the Keith Seabrook trade. Either way, the pick is Washington’s now.

Stay tuned to the site this week for draft previews galore and next weekend, as Kent Wilson will be live in Pittsburgh for the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

It’ll be draft-tastic.

    • Franko J


  • xis10ce

    I think you must of meant
    Eklund has Tambellinni trading Hemsky for a 2nd,he says it,s imminent but says the Oilers may have to throw in 2 prospects to get the deal done

  • Per TSN, it looks like Tampa Bay may be off the goalie market. They just traded for Anders Lindback from Nashville, so I’m thinking he’s going to be their starter this year.

    Looks like we’ll need to find a new target for Kipper, especially if Iginla doesn’t get traded for that sweet ace 2nd rounder, har har.

  • RexLibris

    If Iginla is going to be moved, this would be the best time for it.

    I know the trade deadline often has GMs take leave of their senses, but his cap hit is more easily absorbed during the summer, when teams have more flexibility.

    I’m not sure how Feaster plans on recouping that 2nd round pick, aside from a deal involving Bouwmeester or some such roster player.

    If Feaster wants to recover that pick for this year’s draft, how badly is he going to want to recover the one he sent away for the 2013 draft? The loss of those picks is going to begin to have a significant impact, in my opinion.

    • RexLibris

      “I know the trade deadline often has GMs take leave of their senses, but his cap hit is more easily absorbed during the summer, when teams have more flexibility.”

      That’s not entirely true, since cap space accumulates over the course of the season, and Iginla only has 1 year left on his deal. A team with ~2.5 million under the cap could, theoretically, acquire a player with a Sidney Crosby cap hit (8.7) at the deadline without sending salary back. This is because the acquiring team only has to pay the remainder (back 3rd/quarter/whatever it is) of the contract when the player is acquired at the deadline. Iginla’s cap hit is FAR easier to swallow at the deadline.

  • RexLibris


    That is true, but I still feel that the best time for a return on Iginla would be at the draft.

    The trade deadline, given Iginla’s available trade restrictions, might not provide enough of a window. I know that prices tend to go up at the deadline, but we have also seen prices raised to the point where the market collapses and a player is not moved (Rick Nash and Ales Hemsky, for instance). Were this to happen to the Flames this year, without a contract extension, the ramifications for the franchise in terms of fan feedback would be fairly intense.

    Then again, as I often say, it’s only my opinion.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      I couldn’t disagree with you more Rex. The reason why GM’s tend to ‘take leave of there senses’ is because they can justify to themselves and their fan base that the cost of aquring a player is worth it for a championship. The caveat is that he (Iginla) has to play well this season.

      • RexLibris

        Just to clarify though, what is it we are disagreeing about? We both agree that GMs go nuts in late February (Burke has a self-imposed, earlier deadline for lunacy apparently). Of course this is justified by saying that a team is “going for it”, pardon the Feaster reference.

        So then, are we disagreeing over when would be the most easily negotiable time to trade Iginla? Or are you saying that the deadline would be the best time to trade him because of the likelihood of an increase in value?

        If the latter is your point then yes, we are not entirely in agreement. Iginla’s clauses, I believe, might limit the field and given that a limited number of suitors meant that Jeff Carter only recouped a conditional 1st round pick and a 2nd pairing defenseman, I think that the Flames would want more.

        I’m not discounting the deadline hysteria here, I’m just weighing it against the restrictions of that NTC and the likelihood that, when push came to shove, Iginla might want a very specific say in his eventual destination. That, of course, would probably be counter-balanced by Feaster adding some conditions to the trade (win a Cup, hand over an extra 1st rounder, etc).

        Anyway, sorry for the length, I just wanted to clarify.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    “Their own fifth round pick (135th overall), sent to New Jersey for Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond (ugh – ed.).”

    Wow what a completely underwhelming trade, unless your a Devils fan. So far this is Feaster’s 2nd worst move. The Babchuck signing just makes this move much less noticeable.

    • RexLibris

      Sorry, should have included this in our last conversation…

      The Babchuk signing looks pretty bad, I’ll agree. But I think there will become others by the end of this year which will eclipse either of these moves.

      The Cammalleri deal will, I think, come back in a year’s time to haunt the Flames. Not because they should have kept Bourque, they were right to send him packing. But rather because I think that Feaster went about the deal the wrong way.

      I think when he started talking to Gauthier and Cammalleri’s name came up the trade became less about getting rid of Bourque and more about getting Cammalleri. It meant that when Cammalleri was on the table Feaster needed to start adding to the deal, which meant subtracting from the Flames in the longer-term.

      If he actually does have an “eye-to-the-future” as well as to the present, then I think this trade was upsetting that balance because he has forfeit now two consecutive 2nd round picks.

      Recouping those picks, as Feaster so nonchalanty put it, is harder than it might seem, as the only way to do that would be to subtract from the present, the more immediate future, or the potential depth this year. None of those options are one that I believe the team can afford at this time, putting aside the addition-by-subtraction moves like Stajan, Babchuk, and so on.

      To date perhaps the best move Feaster made was the Erixon one. He will likely need to be in Calgary for another four years, or we’ll need to wait until two years after his departure, to accurately get a read on his best and worst moves.

      Once again, sorry for the length, apparently I’m feeling a little opinionated today.

      Thanks for the chat, though.


    Not to be “Weak Sauce” but do any of you really think Iggy we be dealt? Gelinas and Connie are both homies with Iggy… Not happenin in my opinion.. As far as J-Bo he has a NTC I would imagine? And If he got Dealt we would have a majior D-Blow on our line.Thoughts from the BBQ

    • RexLibris

      This one I’ll keep brief:

      Iginla: no. Bouwmeester: I wouldn’t be surprised either way. It would leave a large hole on defence. That vacancy, and the difficulty in filling it, makes me lean towards it not happening.

      We’ll see.

    • SmellOfVictory

      At the draft? No. At the deadline? It’s possible. Trading him off to a contended for a few months isn’t that big a deal. He can always re-sign in the offseason.