Flames Pick Patrick Sieloff at 42



With the 42nd overall pick, Calgary chose 6′, 195 pound defender Patrick Sieloff out of the U-18 developement team in the US. He’s a guy descibed as having a good first step, a fluid stride and good leadership qualities. He didn’t score much last year and probably doesn’t have much upside in terms of points.

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Sieloff has committed to play with the Windsor Spitfires in the OHL next year, where he’ll get a lot more action and ice time. He sounds like a Tyler Wotherspoon type player who may or may not develop into a steady second pairing guy down the road. 

  • Terevainen will be lighting it up for the Hawks in 1/2 years most likely, while Jankowski and Sieloff are both long term projects. I have a feeling we’ll be cursing long and hard unless ‘Janko’ pans out to be Nieuwendyke-esqe. A huge gamble by Wiesbrod/Feaster that could end up costing them both their jobs if Teravainen turns into a star, or if Janko is a bust.

  • Colin.S

    @Frank, theres no Garauntess on Teravainen either that he lights it up either, a whole pile of other teams passed on him, while I think he would be a good safe pick no garuantee he becomes what we all hope.

    I don’t mind this pick, he’s a lot more than just a younger Sarich. He’s apparently a very very mobile hard hitting very smart defensive dman, and really thats not a bad thing to have in the system. It’d be really nice if we had drafted or have a guy in the system who is a lot more offensive minded defenseman that we could pair with a guy like this, but alas we don’t.

  • everton fc


    You are right. And we don’t have five years. As a franchise.

    Clearly, Weisbrod’d calling the shots. As an attempt to be positive, if Sieloff eclipses Dumba, in terms of on-ice agressiveness and grit, I’ll give that one to Wesibrod.

    Huge gamble.

  • I'm Just Sayin'

    The negativity on this site is typical of so-called Flames fans. How about looking at the positive attributes of these players and giving the team some credit for maybe knowing what they’re doing? Sven was not the pick everybody wanted last year and if the team passed on him you would all be whining about that.