Flames Picks Round 5-7



Ryan Culkin, D – 124th overall

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Culkin is a defender from the Quebec Ramparts of QMJHL. He’s the third defenseman picked by the Flames in this draft, making Jankowski the only forward chosen in the top-125 by Calgary. Culkin is a 6’1", 175 pound blueliner who scored 6 goals and 25 points in 60 games. Like many other Flames picks in this draft, he’s described as a player with good hockey sense. Boucher scouting has an in-depth one game scout report and even summary on Culkin here.

 Coda Gordon, LW – 165 overall

Flames go back to their WHL roots with the Gordon pick. A winger with the Swift Current Broncos, Gordon scored 30 goals and 53 points in 66 games, good for second on the team. He’s described as a forward who has a great shot and good physical play, but below average skating.

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Matthew Deblouw, C – 186 overall

The Flames rounded things out with a 6′, 185 pound center out of the UHSL, Deblouw put up 11 goals and 34 points for Muskegan. He was the 51st ranked NA skater by Central scouting at the end of the year.

Thus concludes the Flames 2012 entry draft. Calgary went heavy on defenders and players from Quebec and United States leagues/development systems, which is a big departure from previous habits under the former regime. Jankowski was the Flames lone high reward type choice in this draft, while the rest of the choices were defensible, but far more middle of the road.

It’s apparent the Flames think there is some value in scouting Quebec and relatively minor feeder leagues like the USHL right now. We’ll see if their intuition proves correct. 

  • Stockley

    Underwhelming is the only word I can really think of right now. My opinion on most of the guys selected ranges from lukewarm to indifferent. Just seemed like there were better players available at every selection. I know the scouting staff is paid for their expertise and should have some idea what they’re doing; but the same could be said for a lot of other scouting services, websites, bloggers, etc. Every choice made seemed to be at least a little off-the-wall.

  • RexLibris

    Don’t sleep on the USHL as a developmental league. If you include kids committed to play there next year, and grads who have been selected out of college they numbers show a league that probably has more fingerprints on players than any other in the world.

    While the 1st round always skews towards the CHL, it would be interesting to see the total numbers from the whole draft keeping in mind the previous paragraph.

    Other bonus of the league is that it moves players along rather quickly, whereas the AHL keep players at the same level of play for 3-4 years with regularity. Also, I’m under the impression a USHL product can play in the AHL at 19, while CHL players have to wait until they’re 20 (which is why Canucks F Niklas Jensen is heading back to Europe this season to further his development as a 19-year-old).

  • I’ll reserve judgement until I can really gauge the guys picked by the Flames. Right now, I’m feeling pretty underwhelmed, but I didn’t even know who John Gaudreau was last year, and the Flames looked like they’ve hit a home run with him so maybe this draft will be prove to be a good one for the Flames in the future.

  • Sobueno

    We can gripe about the picks this year all we want, but no one (including Feaster himself) can really determine whether it was a success until we see how these guys develop over the next several years. That being said, I really thought they’d be taking Tervainen or Girgenson with either 14 or 21. I wonder if they still would have traded the 14 had Forsberg or Grigorenko been available?

    I also think that the only past drafts we can judge Feaster on are those completed with the same, or similar, scouting group that he has now. When he was in Tampa that was a completely different group, and thus likely a completely different drafting focus. Plus, you live and you learn as the saying goes.

  • Parallex

    “but below average skating.”

    Blah, hate drafting weak skaters. That being said 30G scorers don’t grow on tree’s and certainly not that late in the draft. In the 6th round you don’t find guys without any major flaws.

    Think I would have preferred Emil Lundberg for pick #7. 6’4 Swede experienced playing against men… kinda profiles like David Moss.

  • Parallex

    wow, that a draft. i guess in five years we can all sit back and wonder what could have been. or be amazed at the foresight. as for today i am confused as hell as to the thinking of the brain trust. kent please help me digest this.

  • everton fc


    I get all that. Nothing’s guaranteed. Look at Jessiman.

    That said, there was some obviously better option than the ones we chose. A lot of dice-rolls here. Including Jankowski.

    To me, Grigensons is an NHL body with an NHL charater. I think the Sabres have a good one here. We passed on Maatta, then proceeded to pick a bunch of defenders… Can anyone help me understand this??

    The direction of the team has certainly changed. I’ll assume 8 of 10 Flames fans are skeptical, at best. We’ve endured three eyars of mediocrity and bad moves…

    Did anyone draft Lundberg? If not, he should be invited to camp. Why he fell off everyone’s radar is a mystery to me. Perhaps he’s a wingnut, though all I read was about “character”, like Girgensons…

    Easy to type all this… A fan’s right, I suppose. But Feaster’s draft record at Tampa was poor. He may be the GM, but the GM makes the final call. The GM surrounds himself with scouts. Feaster feel short on both fronts in Tampa. Here’s hoping we aren’t the recipients of the same flawed strategies….

    • SmellOfVictory

      Feaster’s probably the most hands-off GM in the league. He recognizes the fact that he doesn’t have a hockey background, so I’m more willing to blame his scouts for draft-related failings than I would be for any of the other GMs (Sutter, for example, was basically the polar opposite of Feaster).

  • everton fc

    I’ve had time to cool down, and the Jankowski pick isn’t… COMPLETELY horrible.

    I also like the Kulkin pick. Good 4th round guy.

    Taking Gillies in round 3 is inexcusable.

    Should have taken Ebert in round 7. Culkin went ahead of Griffith… why?

  • Parallex

    Monty Hall: Well Jay, you can have this new car, or you can take what’s in this box.


    Jay Feaster: Well Monty, John Weisbrod and myself have thought long and hard about that box and all the potential that it may have…

    Flames Fans:

    Jay Feaster: …We’re going to take what’s in the Box!

    • BurningSensation

      I should point out that the best strategy for beating Monty Hall is to change your pick of doors after Monty reveals that one of them is empty.

      Feaster swapped one chance for a hit for two chances, and still got the guy he wanted. That math should make sense everywhere.

      As easy as it is to play armchair scout these days, it’s worth remembering that Feaster is working with pros whose only job is to project these kids using the best and most advanced scouting tools available.

      The proof will be in the pudding, but I’m betting Jankowski has a greater impact for the Flames than Maata will for the Pens.

  • everton fc

    I would like to hear from fellow bloggers on FN:

    In ranking, how does this draft stand in comparison to the past 4 drafts for the Flames? Who is a steal? Who is a bust? How would you grade this draft for the Flames?

    As well, I would like to know who had the best draft class from 2012?

    For example, I went back to the 2007 draft and I was astonished to see that Calgary only have 1 player from their selections on this team. The rest of the picks are either traded or career AHLer’s at best. In comparison I feel this draft might be heading the same way for Calgary five or six seasons from now.

    Let me hear some opinions.

  • RexLibris

    @everton fc

    I don’t see Lundbergh listed.

    Also Cody Corbett went undrafted. He is one I think the Oilers might invite, although they are so full on the reserve list I don’t know that they’d have room.

    If Corbett were to try out for the Red Wings as a walk-on he’d probably become the next Girardi, just to dig the knife in a little deeper for Oil fans.

    I recall mentioning here in FN when Feaster was first hired that I was not enthusiastic about his drafting history, nor that of his previous trades. I know this is just one day and last year he was being hailed as a out-of-the-box thinking, but I do honestly believe that his manangement will not serve the Flames well in the long run. Were I a Flames fan (knock on wood) I would be tremendously nervous about Feaster being an architect to any potential deal sending away Iginla or Kiprusoff.

  • RexLibris

    @franko j

    I think this Flames draft is probably in the lower half of the past four years, but by January that could change. 2011 will probably be the high water mark for another year.

    As for which team did best, arguably the teams that had multiple first round selections are the ones to favour, but time will tell. Chicago looked to have some tremendous talent waiting in the wings with Skille, Beach, and so on, and it all basically fizzled out. What looks good today or even by next trade deadline may be worthless five years from now.

    My money on who had the best draft, though, might be Buffalo or Pittsburgh, to answer your question.

    • Concur re: Buffalo and Pittsburgh. Both teams made out like bandits.

      Buffalo got Grigorenko and duped Feaster into trading the pick, and then got Girgenson.

      Pittsburgh got a surprisingly large return for a player who was never going to re-sign there once he became a UFA. They got Pouliot with their pick, who could be the offensive D-man they need (despite it looking like he’s more just a forward than anything). They got an actual 3rd line center for their team. And then they got Maatta.

      Buffalo and Pittsburgh made out like bandits. Carolina came in a close third, but it seems to me like they’re in a “win now” mode, as if Jordan Staal would put them over the edge. Calgary got hosed by Feaster. Oilers did alright (*chortle*).

      Also, if Feaster wanted a second so bad, he should’ve gotten ours back from Buffalo and used it to give an offer sheet to Weber or something. Thus making JBo expendable and replacing him with someone who plays in the Western conference and won’t go dry on offense.

      • “Also, if Feaster wanted a second so bad, he should’ve gotten ours back from Buffalo and used it to give an offer sheet to Weber or something.”

        ANY offersheet to Weber would have cost 4 1st rounders (2nd rounders irrelevant), otherwise the Preds would have matched. Frankly, I think the offer sheet route is stupid. always have.

  • everton fc

    If the Sabres first round picks pan out, which I am convinced they will… They might have just changed their franchise in a few years time.

    Still can’t figure out how Poulliot got picked before Maataa.

    The Flames “should” inite Lundberg to camp. Ditto Corbett. But I know they won’t.

    This draft makes no sense for this team.

  • Colin.S

    I think people are pegging to much on Feaster, from all the interviews and chatter, this sounds more like it was Buttons/Wisebrods draft rather than Feasters. It was Button/Wisebrod that went and saw Jankowski and made the pitch for him, not Feaster.

    As well to many people here are putting to much stock into “big” names. I remember there was that Kirill Kabanov kid that was suppose to be the next Malkin/Ovechikin and was just as good and more skilled and the Isles picked him up in the 3rd round I believed and everyone was calling that great value. I think now he’s a barely above average prospect. Theres a lot of hype going for some of these kids and it’s easy to get lost in the hype train, but gotta pull back and evaluate the draft as a whole and step back and look what Feaster and company tried to achieve.

    I don’t mind the draft as a whole, they took a lot of “smart” kids, guys that are in the right position, that can read the plays and can make the smart plays. They are also kids that have some really good upsides if they pan out. And I mean you go just go back a few years and say look at 05-07 and outside of backland, they made a lot more of the “safe” picks, and see how well that worked out.

  • supra steve


    “Monty Hall: Well Jay, you can have this new car, or you can take what’s in this box”

    Yeah, but, what was in the box was the car he wanted all along…plus that 2nd rounder he lusted after.

    Franko J

    “In ranking, how does this draft stand in comparison to the past 4 drafts for the Flames? Who is a steal? Who is a bust? How would you grade this draft for the Flames?”

    Pretty tough to compare at this point. Draft results need to be judged after a period of years not hours. The Flames staff is happy with who they got and where. Even if they are a bunch of dopes (and I don’t think they are) they have a better handle on the whole thing then most/if not all of us. Despite what I have read here over the last 24hr, Jankowski is a highly regarded prospect. Either he pans out, or he doesn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 5 years time, at least one third of first rounders from this weekend do not have meaningful NHL careers. And that may include some of the “can’t miss kids” the Flames passed up at pick 12. And it could include the kid they did take. Time will reveal all.

  • RexLibris

    @everton fc

    Even if they did invite Corbett and Lundbergh to camp, they wouldn’t likely have room to sign them. They are sitting at 45 contracts right now, according to capgeek, and seem likely to add at least three in free agency, if not four.

    Keeping in mind that most teams like to leave one or two spots open at the start of the season for waiver pickups and trades, that essentially means that the Flames are chock-a-block full of underperforming hockey players and as-yet-to-be-determined prospects.

    I will be very interested, once this draft has been evaluated, to see if the Flames either rise or fall in the organizational rankings for prospect depth. I suspect the latter.

  • Colin.S


    I think this draft has the potential to make them fall in the organizational rankings for prospect depth in the short term, but if players really live up to potential I could see it rise quite a bit.

  • RexLibris

    @Colin S.

    That is true, but that statement is also a great example of hedging your bets. 😉

    A lot of things would have to go right with this Flames draft class for the franchise to raise considerably in the rankings.

    We shall see. Time can make genuises, and fools, of us all.

  • Buffalo had a good first 3 picks, but I think Montreal won the draft. Read their list, it’s ridiculous. 4–FOUR–players who have appeared in 1st round mocks. 5 if you count Bozon (who I believe appeared in 1).

    Galchenyuk, Collberg, Thrower, Bozon, Hudon. Vail isn’t too bad either.

    that is just ridiculous. I feel like the Sabres’ draft takes a sharp drop after McCabe, though. But man, Girgensons AND Grigorenko.

  • everton fc


    Tying all three threads back into one!

    Grigensons and Grigorenko down the middle… if they pan out.. Incredible.

    Montreal also did well. Real well. as did the Pens, though I’d rate the Habs draft right upthere w/the Pens.

    I see no one saying the Flames did well. Nor do you read anywhere that the Flames were “crafty”. Not a sentence… A line… Nor a word…

    I’d say the Oilers getting Zharkov is a bit of a steal. The Flames may think they stole Jankowski… And maybe he turns out a stud… But the risk… The competition he is currently facing…

    Feaster certainly loves to live on the edge!

    As for this being Wesibrod’s draft – clearly. But Feaster’s the GM. He has some say. He trusts his people…

    I don’t. That simple.

    Somehat off topic – I laughed when the Caps took Wilson as their second in the 1st. Very “McPhee”. I bet Wilson carves himself a path into the NHL. McPhee did very well, I think. Poaching Ribiero was a decent move.

    (By the way, Rex – pulled for the Oilers vs. the Canes back in the Cup final. We had to move from Calgary to Sherwood Park at the time – back in Calgary now. Listened to 1260 daily. Good stuff. Pulled for the Oilers, but found Ward, the local boy from the Park, a real decent guy to root for, as well!)

  • everton fc

    Leafs traded Schenn to the Flyers for Van Riemsdyk. WHAT A STEAL FOR THE LEAFS!!!! If Schenn is worth that much, how much is Bouwmeester worth??? I don’t even care if we get a roster player back, give him to Minnesota or some middle of the pack teamm and get their first round pick, so next year when we barely miss the playoffs, we’ll get two first round picks!!!