The 2012 NHL Entry Draft: Recap

The 2012 NHL Entry Draft featured a ton of action, and we had people on the ground from across the Nation Network. With the draft behind us, now’s a good time to summarize the collected work done by our writers.

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MacGregor goes 3-for-3: Jason Gregor catches up with Oilers’ general manager Steve Tambellini and head amateur scout Stu MacGregor to talk about Nail Yakupov and the Oilers’ plans for day two.

Maple Leafs select Morgan Rielly fifth overall: Cam Charron gets quotes from Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke and the Leafs’ newest first round pick on the selection.

More on Rielly: Cam Charron talks to Maple Leafs scouting director Dave Morrison about drafting Morgan Rielly fifth overall.

Mark Jankowski: Quotes and analysis: Kent Wilson talks to Mark Jankowski, the Flames first-round draft pick, and breaks down why Calgary picked a player regarded by many as a reach with the 21st overall pick.

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Day two was about need: Jason Gregor talks with Oilers head amateur scout Stu MacGregor about the Oilers’ draft picks on the second day of the draft ,and MacGregor explains why the team took Mitch Moroz so early in the second round, where Jujhar Khaira is in his development cycle, and what attracted the Oilers to the other players they selected.

Matt Finn selected 35th overall by Toronto: Cam Charron talks to defenseman Matt Finn about his role for the Guelph Storm of the OHL.

Mike Gillis shoots down Luongo to Toronto speculation: Cam Charron reports from Mike Gillis’ press availability on the potential for a Luongo-to-Vancouver trade.

Missed connections, part two: Robert Cleave asks if the Winnipeg Jets’ decision to pass on Filip Forsberg with the ninth overall pick is a repeat of their decision not to take Sean Couturier in 2011.

The Calgary Flames pick Mark Jankowski 21st overall: Ryan Pike looks at scouting reports and background on Mark Jankowski, the Flames first round pick.

Brendan Gaunce: Reactions: Thomas Drance looks up scouting reports on the Vancouver Canucks’ first-round pick.

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Leafs trade Luke Schenn to Philadelphia for James van Riemsdyk: Technically after the draft, but close enough to count. Toronto makes a long awaited move.

Draft 2012: Montrosity: Robert Cleave considers the Winnipeg Jets’ decision to hitch their backup goaltending wagon to Jonas Gustavsson.

The Edmonton Oilers pick Mitch Moroz 32nd overall: An in-depth look on the player the Oilers took early in the second round – Mitch Moroz, a big forward who already plays in the city for the Oil Kings.

The Winnipeg Jets pick Lukas Sutter 39th overall: A profile on the Winnipeg Jets second-round pick, even though looking at his last name pretty much says everything anyone needs to know about him.

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The Calgary Flames pick Patrick Sieloff 42nd overall: Kent Wilson looks at Calgary’s second-round pick, defenseman Patrick Sieloff with the U.S. development team.

The Vancouver Canucks pick Alexandre Mallet 57th overall: Looking at Vancouver’s second round pick, described by one scouting service as “a poor man’s Alex Burrows.”

Flames pick Jon Gillies in round three: Kent Wilson gives a summary of the Flames third round pick, goaltender Jon Gillies.

Flames pick Brett Kulak in round four: Kent Wilson examines Brett Kulak, the Calgary Flames pick in the fourth round.

Toronto Maple Leafs’ late-round picks: Cam Charron goes through Toronto’s picks late in the draft.

Flames picks, rounds 5 – 7: Kent Wilson breaks down the rest of the Flames’ draft picks in day two.

Should the Oilers have made a pitch for Zbynek Michalek? One of the interesting items about the draft was the fact that experienced NHL players – Mike Ribeiro, Lubomir Visnovsky and Zbynek Michalek – were being dealt in exchange for nothing off the acquiring theam’s NHL roster. Should the Oilers have made a serious pitch for Michalek’s services?

What now? Jason Gregor considers what the Oilers might do after having drafted Nail Yakupov.

Flames day two primer: Kent Wilson considers what Calgary might do on the second day of the NHL Entry Draft.

Trust your board: Lowetide looks at the Oilers’ tendencies late in the draft, and forecasts what they might do.

The five top-ranked players left after the first round: Looking at a quintet of players picked by most draft picks to go in the first round who were still available on the draft’s second day.

2012 Draft: Assorted thoughts: Arik at Flames Nation goes through some general draft-related thinking.

The final countdown: Jason Gregor looks at the decision the Oilers need to make with the first overall pick.

Canucks first round preview: Thomas Drance forecasts the day from a Vancovuer perspective, and talks about Roberto Luongo.

Flames first round preview: Kent Wilson previews the day from a Calgary perspective and goes through the varying trade rumours making the rounds at the draft.

Leafs first round preview: Cam Charron looks at Toronto’s plans for the first round.

Light of a clear blue morning: Lowetide considers the decision the Oilers need to make on their first overall pick.

Draft day 2012: Wanye doesn’t so much consider the Oilers choice as he demands that the team choose Nail Yakupov.

Moving up and down at the NHL Draft: Recapping the list of trades to move up and down at the draft over the last decade, and considering each team’s ability to make a move.

Live blog day two: Jason Gregor live-blogs the second day of the draft from Pittsburgh, providing up to the minute news on each and every Edmonton Oilers pick.

First round live blog: With Kent Wilson on the ground in Pittsburgh, OilersNation and FlamesNation team up to live blog the first round of the NHL Entry Draft.

  • Bucknuck

    The coverage on OIlersnation of the draft was exemplary. I have never felt so informed before a draft before, and so I was quite happy with the picks overall. Their second pick may have been a stretch, but if they can get a coke machine that can score it will be well worth the risk.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    I think we can all agree that this is the best draft coverage from the nations so far. Thanks to all who went and congratulations to everyone involved!

  • Wanyes bastard child

    The coverage was excellent. As a new ‘citizen’ and long time Oiler fanatic I have been very impressed with this site and find myself coming to depend on it for info and analysis more than the MSM, which I am a former long-term member of. OilersNation plus a liberal dose of Bob MacKenzie works for me.
    In their own way sites like this mirror the way the best internet sites are providing increasingly valuable coverage and analysis of major news issues. So to Jonathan, Jason, Robin and others, thanks. Job well done.
    So take a deep breath lads and then begin the sprint to free agent madness.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Great coverage , before, during and after. Job well done. ME too, this is my favorite site now.
    Keep up the good and creative works here.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    The Oilers work on day 2 was absolutely aweful.

    It was like the pendergast era re-visited and I don’t understand why. The return of MacT? He seems to be the common denominator between the weird drafting from 2002 to 2007 and today.

    Regardless, I don’t think they could have done much more to disappoint me today. I really don’t.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    kudos nationites!!

    still think Moroz is a stretch at 32… but the Jank at 21 is going right to my memory bank! years of laughter in that pick.

    enjoy flamers.

  • I too thought the Nations coverage (FlamesNation specifically for me) was great. Plenty of player profiles, potential team targets, etc.

    Flames pick of Jankowski was definitely a stretch. Watching Buffalo pick up Grigorenko AND Girgensons definitely stings. I honestly hoped that Feaster would trade something to the Islanders for Reinhart (Kipper and our first for Reinhart and Okposo perhaps?).

  • puck-bandit

    Good Nation coverage. Liked what all the Canadian clubs did to help their teams.
    Not an Oiler guy, but I have a feeling that they are going to be a force this coming season. Great draft picks and cap to bolster the needs. Always liked Tom Rennie, but on he other hand, maybe new bench blood will help motivate a young group of stars.
    Sure will be glad to move on from all the Lou speculation, getting stale and it’s barely heated up yet. Was shocked that Burkie implied 10-1st round drafts were bait for the trade? Nash is not even worth that! I like our 1st and 2nd round picks. Wonder how close Mallet will be to trying out for a spot? Then we can have the French Connection.
    Eyes will be on Toronto and Vanc for the next while I am sure, and Calgary, well; jury is out on what Feaster is going to do to help Iggy and team to get back to the playoffs?

    Good read.

  • TLHansum

    And a final tribute to the Oiler MVP, Stu MacGregor. Whatever they pay him, it ain’t enough. Just for fun here is an entire team of the MB’s draft picks since 2008. Futuristic, missing a genuine Number 2 center, depth on defence and goaltending, plus spell checks by me, but still..

    Hall – RNH – Eberle
    Yakupov – Lander – Paajarvi
    Rieder – Pitlick – Hartikainen
    Hamilton – Ewanyk – Pelss
    Moroz – Martindale

    Klefbom – Marincin
    Musil – Gernat
    Davidson – Simpson


  • Bucknuck

    Complimenting our drafting is where the major downfall/ problems still lie . Ineffective outside the draft unfortuneately has kept at the bottom of league far to long .

  • Thanks for putting that together JW. I didn’t appreciate the volume of articles there would be until I saw the length of your post here.

    Im glad everyone is liking the coverage. I’d like to thank the Nations for being able to send myself, Jason and (sort of) Thom. Robert Cleave and Cam Charron came down on their own dime and have been huge assets. Also, thanks to Jason Gregor again for making sure I had a press pass this time around. The experience was a new an interesting one.

    Also, a lot of guys who stayed behind also did yeoman’s work – Ryan Pike, JW (of course), etc.

    We may have few more follow-up stories over the next few days as well and the Nation’s Radio entry draft show will be posted today as well.

  • Derzie

    Grasshopper Jay, go forth with with my treasured family funds and invest in our future. Jay and his band of sorcerers set out to buy pillars for the kingdom. The market was bustling and the traders were well prepared. All of the community had done their assessments and clear leaders emerged from the stock. The time had come for Jay and his merry advisors to make their selection. But wait, they have graciously given their pillar selection to a familiar trading partner who shares a place in the dark forest with Jay. Fear not, for we have eyes to stronger pillars. Pillars were hauled away at an alarming rate. When Jay finally stepped to the fore, he proudly rose up from the din and proclaimed for all “I know not of the strength of these pillars. I and my wise men have set forth that we shall grow our own pillar of these magic beans. We need not follow the blind directions of our inferior brethren. Although they have drunk from the Chalice, they know not of the future success. Back to the kngdom they fled with a handful of magic beans. The rabble were sore and confused. Why Jay, why? Our shacks are ramshackle and our roofs are sagging. Our soil is dry and the drought is nigh. How we will grow these magic beans? Faith children, faith. Jay and his band of rebels were led away in cuffs and thrown to the dungeon by the rabble. A pox on thee for our kingdom is in ruins.