Flames UFA Open Thread



Calgary sat out the first day of unrestricted free agency, which wasn’t a surprise given all of their earlier activity. With dwindling cap space and roster spots, Calgary is pretty close to finishing off their 2012-13 opening day line-up.

There may still be a move or two waiting in the wings though. Feel free to use this post to suggest scenarios, share you feelings on how the team is shaping up or discuss any moves that are made by the Flames or other clubs.

  • Stockley

    I’ve always liked Hudler as a player. Part of me is excited, part of me is nervous.

    The way I look at it Flames fans, there is not going to be a rebuild. At least no a ground zero rebuild like we’re seeing in Edmonton. As fans we have two choices; we either get on board and hope Feaster and company know what they’re doing or we designate an area for a bonfire and burn all of our Flames gear while deciding on a new team.

    I’m sticking with my team. Am I ecstatic that this is the direction they’ve chosen? Not quite. Am I miserable and disheartened? Nope, I’m not there either. For now I’ll just go with cautiously optimistic as I wait for the other shoe to fall.

    Way too many bodies in Calgary right now on one-way contracts. Somebody has to go.

  • Truculence

    This team is too soft. Cervenka, Baertchi, Cammaleri, Tanguay, Backlund,Hudler and Stempniak are’nt gonna provide too much grit. I think Feaster took the whole “adding players with skill” thing too far. Like the Bruins and Kings, you need players who have a combination of both grit and skill, or at least a good mix of both types of players in your top 9.

    But with this many forwards, you know trades are gonna happen. We need a bruising winger with scoring upside and gritty top-4 dman to really have a shot at the post-season.

  • Stockley

    Hudler!! What’s the underlying numbers on him? My thinking is anytime you can get a younger guy capable of putting up decent scoring numbers like this, its gotta be a good thing.

  • As an Oil fan, I have to say nice signing of Hudler. But if the biggest need for the Flames is at center, why aren’t they resigning Jokinen.

    I’m a fan of Hudler, but you have to question was a fair amount of his production due to the system in Detroit, and how is that production going to translate to Calgary…

    • Truculence

      Hudler’s a center………. I assume they didn’t resign Jokinen because he was either looking for too much or too long. Or both.

      -//- this signing allows one of Cammalleri or Cervenka to play RW on the 2nd line… you may now sigh in relief.

      Tanguay – Cammalleri – Iginla / Glencross – Hudler – Cervenka / Baertschi – Backlund – Stempniak / Bouma – Jones – Comeau / Stajan, Jackman

      of course, Backlund hasn’t been signed yet..

      • Stockley

        He’d been playing the right side in Motown. Gives the Flames the versatility of using him at center if needed, much like Camm. Forwards that can line up anywhere are very much in style. Not sure how much Hartley likes to experiment with lines, though. It was certainly a useful trait under both Sutters, they would never leave a line alone.

  • Truculence

    I was going to post something about wanting Mueller and Carle, but now Feaster signed Hudler. My first reaction was “great! skill and speed!” then I saw the cap hit. 4 mil for 4 years. ouch.

    Flames may have to shed dollars after all. I’m still sort of hoping for a “sign Carle, wait, then trade Bouwmeester” type maneuver. The Flames would have to overpay for Carle, certainly, but if they can get him for less than JBo… well, that’s not a bad idea (if they can interest someone in acquiring Bouwmeester, of course).

    Which isn’t to say that I dislike Bouwmeester and whatnot.

  • Truculence

    the article on the Flames website has Feaster calling him a center, but yeah RW… still, good, needed that. If he plays with Cervenka, that should probabaly work.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Hockeydb has Hudler listed as a center. Leads me to believe he can play both spots.

    $4M for 4 years sounds a bit steep, but this is the new NHL. $70M cap says it isn’t too far off. ~Just hope he doesn’t bolt to the KHL~

    Always liked Hudler, although a bit undersized, he has a bunch of skill.

  • JumpJet

    Olli Jokinen signs no with the Jets; 2 years, 9$ million.

    Also, the Stars acquired Derek Roy from the Sabres for Steve Ott and Adam Pardy. Roy was a #1 center in Buffalo and should be with the Stars. Could the Flames not have offered that Sabres something similar? Maybe Matt Stajan, Derek Smith and a prospect/draft pick? Or am I completely off my rocker.