FlamesNation chats with Jon Gillies



(FN’s Ryan Pike continues his series of interviews with Flames prospect camp attendees)

A product of the Indiana Ice of the USHL, Maine native Jon Gillies brings a strong body of work to the Calgary Flames after being chosen in the third round of the 2012 Entry Draft. He’s also got a very, very large body – he stands 6-5 and weighs over 200 pounds. FlamesNation’s Ryan Pike chatted with Gillies in-between sessions at the Flames’ annual development camp.

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Ryan Pike: Did you know much about the Calgary Flames prior to being drafted by them?

Jon Gillies: Not really. I only really knew Miikka Kiprusoff and Jarome Iginla, because everyone knows them. Other than that, I just knew they were in Western Canada. It’s nice to come up here and learn a lot more about it.

RP: Is it intimidating coming to such a hockey-crazy market?

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JG: It’s pretty cool. It’s a hockey-first country and that’s the way it should be. When you watch TSN and stuff, hockey comes on first. I’ve always loved it up here. It was nice. It’s cool.

RP: How are you preparing for next season?

JG: Just working out, mostly. My biggest weakness right now is my physical strength in my legs and stuff like that, so I’ve just been working out four days a week, going as hard as I can. It’s showing off a little bit here, I’ve noticed it on the ice, and keep going forward.

RP: Have you chatted with any of the veteran NCAA goalies at the camp?

JG: Not too much. It’s more just watching the players. You watch Johnny Gaudreau go around and the kid’s just unbelievable. It’s more just getting accustomed to guys like that, seeing all the calibre players that play in the NCAA, but as far as talking to goalies, not too much.

RP: You must like getting a bit of a head-start on Gaudreau for next season, eh?

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JG: [Laughs] There’s no head-start on that kid. You go one way, he shoots the other. It’s truly phenomenal. He’s so fun to watch. I don’t want to play against him. [Laughs]

RP: Do you have any goals for your first year with Providence College?

JG: Just a good first season and just be consistent, mostly. Don’t get too up or too down during the season. It’s a short season, so you need to be going at all times. I want to be playing as hard as I can for as long as I can and give my team the best chance to win every night.

  • Thanks once again for the interview Ryan! In the last one, I had mentioned Jankowski’s answers were bland; didn’t want that to be a knock on your questions/reporting at all, just trying to decipher these kids’ personalities. Like I said previously, it must be freaky for these young guys to have full grown adults bombarding them with questions after being worked like dogs.

    On that note, Gillies seems interesting. Definitely knows where his physical weakness lies, and isn’t afraid to joke around during interviews. That’s one thing I hate about Sidney Crosby (among other things) – his comments to reporters are just so dull and meaningless.

    “Yeah, you know, we just have to get out there and give it 110%. We need to shoot the puck more, keep our legs moving, and stop them from scoring. Key to the game is putting da puck in da net”.

    Jeremy Roenick may have been an a$$, but at least he had personality.

    • SmellOfVictory

      to know for sure, you’d have to ask Cheese himself. But that’s how it sounds in my head, and that’s how most people I’ve heard say it pronounce it.

  • SmellOfVictory

    I think the quote about Iginla and Kiprusoff is telling. As Flames fans a lot of us are fully willing to accept a rebuild at this point, in the interest of maintaining long-term competitiveness. However I think it’s easy to forget just how important those two guys are to the identity of the franchise; not just to fill seats, but in an overarching sense as well.

  • wtm97

    Head’s up to FlamesNation that we Friar Hockey fans are psyched to have Jon Gillies coming to Providence College – we are hoping Mark Jankowski decides to join him for this coming season as well…

    Nate Leaman is a great coach who is reviving the Friar hockey program and both young men will benefit greatly by playing in the always competitive Hockey East.