Sweet Schadenfreude – Erixon Dealt to Columbus



The big news today is the Rick Nash to New Tork Rangers trade. The pleasing part of the deal for Flames fans is the fact that Tim Erixon was apparently included (if early reports are to be believed).

Erixon famously rebuffed Calgary last summer, refusing to sign a contract in order to leverage a trade to New York. His public position was that he didn’t feel the Flames offered him a viable chance to crack the line-up as a rookie. The underlying assumption was he wanted to play in the market where his father made a mark as an NHLer. If memory serves, the kid told Swedish newspapers afterwards that playing in New York was his dream.

Fast forward one year and Erixon is coming off a season where he spent most of the time in the minors. And now, he has been dealt to probably the worst team in the league by the very club he idolized.

In principle, I’m not against players using what leverage they have to improve their circumstances and such, but there’s a certain degree of karmic justice in Erixon squeezing the Flames, only to spend his time in the AHL and them become a Blue Jacket just one year later.

Fare thee well Tim. At this point, I think it’s safe to say you would have been better off staying put.

  • I really think that the next CBA HAS to include an addition in the NTC. If a player asks for a trade they should give up their right to choose where they want to go. It is very unfair to the team and handcuffs them.

  • I really think that the next CBA HAS to include an addition in the NTC. If a player asks for a trade they should give up their right to choose where they want to go. It is very unfair to the team and handcuffs them.

  • Indeed “farewell thee Tim”

    Alas the time to ponder what might have been has passed while Erixon’s dreams of wearing blue & white with red pants will last.

    Like the rain in Bahrein our boo birds will reign more often driving you insane you bloody no-name.

    NHL minutes you shall now see, well before you’re ready & like @fan960boomer ruined you shall be.


  • If you like watching a brain aneurism give way, Search Tim Erixon on Facebook & at his request, get out of his way.

    He also reverse-endears himself to his new club. What a scrub.

    Tim has 220 FB Friends so he’s certified cool. Like @fan960boomer a rare jewel.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    @ Bruce Veloor

    What’s with you & Boomer? Major love or hate going on? Can’t tell from your contradictory posts.

    Just so you know – I’m ok if your response to my question doesn’t rhyme.

    • RexLibris

      Ok BCC. It’s time for straight talk. Straight talk.

      @fan960boomer and Bloomer have nothing in common other than phonetics. While Dome beers loves Ken King, I admire Boomer’s on-air sul-king.

      Boomer’s got complaining galore while Bruce Veloor has more in store than just poignant overture.

      I may be square, but I was there. _BV

  • RexLibris


    I would take Nash as well. Heatley is slowing down. But that is why I added that comparing Heatley of today to Nash of today isn’t really a valid comparison.

    The main point I was trying to make is that both players have shown that they are not necessarily the ones around which to build a team. Nash is a great addition and he might yet be a tremendous boon to the Rangers. Richards had, for him, a fairly underwhelming year so I’ll wait to see how Nash fares.

  • supra steve

    @ Bruce Veloor: And just remember, Erixon just found out if you “Rock with the Rats” you have to duck the bats! So sniff her twitter down & take her for a night on the town!

    • supra steve

      If I make a further observation, your ability to point out ingenuity in my prose is akin to Shiriki Utundu avecˉ Harrison Hightower.

      Thank-you I shall wear this compliment on my sleeve with pride for many months.


    • MC Hockey

      If I may make a poignant psychological reference, Please allow me to say this…… Thank-you.

      You are on the verge of a break through, roll with the madness as the flip side is enlightenment. I have of course travelled this path. To fast forward years of toil, ingest a quart of Mount Gay Rum and slip a drop of Cattle boys BBQ sauce under your mustache. Also works well with night terrors, and numbing the effects of female chatter.


  • MC Hockey

    @KevinR – Good comments so I must reply.

    First, yes, Mr. RexLibris is definitely a closet Flames fan…he will “come out” when Cervenka leads the league in scoring all year and the Flames are a top-5 team (so in other words, never). Like the single guy at work who is always well-dressed, thin, preppy, neat and who goes to Palm Desert for holidays…… you leave too many hints so RexLibris, we are on to you LOL!!!

    Second, the return for Nash is decent given the circumstance (no-trade or limited trade clause, whatever you call it), all 3 young players have very strong potential (yes, even Erixon). The players Columbus got in return have their risks but not bad at all vs. the risk of losing just one guy to injury (for NYR) if Nash goes down.

    Third, the answer is yes…Rick Nash has made one (but just one) player better, none other than ex-Flame Matthew Lombardi at the World Hockey Championships one year.

    Fourth, you rock for “exposing” Rex Libris despite his expected rebuttals. This is all in good fun of course.