What to do with Matt Stajan?

    As the summer has gone along, I’ve spent some time fiddling with the Flames roster. While the weird mishmash in the top-9 makes for nearly endless combinations, the one constant in almost all of my iterations is: there’s no place for Matt Stajan.


On Rebuilding, Part 8: The Florida Panthers

Frequent commenter and guest contributor RexLibris’ series on rebuilds continues with the Florida Panthers. The Florida Panthers have recently been held up as proof that a team doesn’t need to be terrible for long periods in order to become good. Many fans have commented that they would prefer to see their team take the approach…

Sliding Sven Baertschi’s ELC

    With the possibility of Sven Baertschi spending a season in the AHL in lieu of a locked-out NHL season, there’s been lots of questions popping up about his pro eligibility and the possibility of his entry level contract (ELC) "sliding" (meaning, the team doesn’t burn the first year of his 3 year contract if…


The Flames and the New CBA

    As the collective bargaining agreement talks between the players and owners finally begin to heat up, potential outcomes and consequences for the Calgary Flames as a result of a new deal and/or lock-out are starting to take shape. If the season is delayed or erased entirely, there could be interesting repurcussions at either…


Five things: Dare we dream it’s true?

1. Please tell me this actually happened Apparently, and this comes directly from Facebook via a newspaper and columnist you’ve never heard of in your life, but a Winnipeg Jets fan ran into Cory Sarich over the summer and asked him when he would request a trade back to his native province. Unfortunately, Sarich seems…



While NHL fans do a slow burn and the league’s player prepare for a season that may never come, the owners and Bettman appear to be enjoying another season of good times on Boardwalk, Park Place and Pennsylvania avenues. Allan Mitchell tackles the issues with some heavy hitters. This is Nation Radio.


Calgary Flames 2012-13 Season Preview: Battling the Inevitable

  Despite missing the playoffs in each of the prior two seasons, last year began with a glimmer of hope for Flames fans – the club went on to be one of the hottest teams in the league in the wake of Darryl Sutter’s ouster in 2011-12. So although new GM Jay Feaster only made…


News and Notes from the Weekend – Junior and Finnish Updates

    As the month of August threatens to turn into September, the National Hockey League and its players appear no closer to labour peace than they were a month ago. Despite this, the hockey world continues to turn. Here’s what going on related to your Calgary Flames…

2012-13 Reasonable Expectations: Max Reinhart

    When the puck drops for the 2012-13 season, all eyes may be on Sven Baertschi as he makes his full-time professional debut. But another very promising young player will also be turning pro – Max Reinhart.

FN Weekend Open Thread – Woulda Shoulda Coulda

    Although we’re all still waiting for Shane Doan to make up his damn mind and there are suggestions Roberto Luongo will maybe, sorta, kinda be traded, the 2012 summer free agency period is pretty much over. A few more signings will likely trickle in as the season’s start approaches (whenever that will be), but…


On Rebuilding, Part 7: The Columbus Blue Jackets

Former captain Rick Nash (5of7/Wikimedia Commons) Frequent commenter and guest contributor RexLibris’ series on rebuilds continues with the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Script The Blue Jackets have been rebuilding since the day they joined the league and are an example of how drafting in the top ten is a crapshoot. They have never shown that…


Another FN Photoshop Contest – The Kids are Alright

    The summer is winding down just as the CBA talks are winding up. No one knows when the very rich owners and the merely rich players will finally agree on how to split a $3.3 billion pot. The NHL’s white collar slap fight may go on for a few weeks, a few months, or,…