FN Weekend Open Thread – Build your JayBo Trade



Aside from the Flames suddenly signing a bunch of goalies, the only interesting Flames "news" recently is the Jay Bouwmeester/Detroit Red Wings rumor. This one apparently comes from a source inside the Wings organization, so we can give it a bit more heft than the typical Eklund nonsense.

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Roger Millions noted on twitter yesterday that Calgary isn’t actively shopping Bouwmeester at this point, but is willing to listen to offers. If true, that suggests the Wings (or any other suitor) is going to have to convince Calgary to make the move – meaning the package is going to have to be pretty attractive.

Which makes sense, since the Flames are still clearly trying to compete next season. A draft pick and a prospect type package would make sense for the club if they decided to actively pursue a rebuild, but otherwise filling the hole left by Bouwmeester would be essentially impossible in the short term.

While there are plenty of reasons to be unimpressed with JayBo (huge pay check, lackluster offense, not an elite shut-down defender), keep in mind he played the toughest minutes in the league with Chris Butler as his partner. Calgary’s defensive depth would move from "adequate" to "scary" sans JayBo as well: Giordano, Wideman, Butler, Brodie, Sarich, Smith, Babchuk. So even with his too-big paycheck, his muffin of a point shot and bland personality, Bouwmeester remains an incredibly hard presence for the Flames to replace.

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Make Your Choice


So your prefered package for JayBo is going to be guided by how you feel about the Flames immediate future. There is a large and growing faction of Flames fans who would like to see the Flames begin the rebuild in earnest now rather than drift into an iceberg later. If so, then it makes sense to shop Bouwmeester for some package featuring a younger player and prospect or draft pick. Of course, if that’s the tact the club takes, then shopping Iginla and Kipper immediately would be the next obvious step.

On the other hand, if you agree with management and want to see the Flames remain competitive, then a Bouwmeester trade will have to include a couple of players who addresses a significant current need on the club: a quality top-6 forward between the ages of 23-27, an elite possession forward (below the age of 35) or at least a defender who can adequately replace Bouwmeester’s minutes.

A home run deal would be to blend the two – land a quality player for now and a good prospect/pick for later. I assume that is the sort of deal Ken Holland or Paul Holmgren will have to make get Calgary to seriously consider things, but you never know.

So for the sake of this exercise, assume both Detroit and Philadelphia are in the running (there are no solid Philly rumors, but it’s an intuitive enough leap). Build your hypothetical package around your preference for team direction: rebuild now, compete now or hybrid. Keep in mind with latter, "ideal", hybrid package will be the toughest to build aand would likely feature a compromise in one direction or the other – the better the established player you demand, the worse the future asset will be and vice versa. 

Personally, I would ask about Johan Franzen, Valterri Filpulla, Tomas Tatar, Brendan Smith, Gustav Nyquist and Calle Jarnkrok out of Detroit. Philly players of interest include Sean Couturier, Braydenn Schenn, Jakub Voracek and Eric Wellwood. Mix in draft picks at will. 

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  • From Detroit: Filpulla + Nyquist/Tatar/Jurco + 2nd Round Pick
    From Philly: Schenn + Gustafsson + 2nd Round Pick.

    To Detroit: Bouw + Breen
    To Philly: Bouw + Backlund

    Probably asking too much for Bouw but those would be deals of be happy with.

    • I don’t personally endorse packaging Backlund in any deal like this. He’s the lone 23-year old NHL capable forward on the club. That’s taking another step back, even if you gain a guy like Schenn or Tatar.

  • Colin.S

    I would still keep probably him, but perhaps his value increases to the point where it makes sense to trade him.

    Bouw to:

    DET for Fillippulla straight up, or…
    DET for Quincey & Tatar

    PHI for Read & Bourdon

    Names like B. Schenn are unrealistic, as Philly was said to be unwilling to part with Schenn in a Nash deal. I think Fillippula is somewhat unrealistic as well, as he’s a long term project for the Wings that has finally shown signs of being a difference maker. Doesn’t seem like they’d part with a player they’ve nurtured to this point, especially given Bouw may not re-sign after 2 yrs.

  • LOL it’s Tatar, Kent. Taters as in potatoes, not Tartar as in sauce.

    anyway, assuming its between Detroit and Philly, and that there’s no chance the Flames want to actually rebuild:

    Philly: Matt Read + Gustafsson + pick (depending on how desperate they are). Since they didn’t agree to trade Couturier or Schenn for Weber, I doubt they do for Bouwmeester.

    Detroit: Darren Helm + Jakub Kindl + pick. I’m also amenable to Filppula, though I’m not a huge fan. More potential for offense from him than from Helm.

    and, if St. Louis is in on it:

    STL: Steen + Polak. Steen fills so many needs for this team (and can also play center), and Polak will make the people who want a physical defenseman shut up.

    And, I can’t imagine why they’d be in on this but if they are:

    Colorado: Stastny + Wilson (trade includes one of the Flames’ wingers, and perhaps a prospect).

    I am, of course, amenable to including a winger in any of these trades. The Flames have a crap tonne of wingers, and bringing in a center without worsening the log jam on the wings would be a good idea. If it upgrades the draft pick, so much the better.

  • T&A4Flames

    To Detroit:
    JBo & Derek Smith
    To CGY;
    Filppula, Ericsson or Kindl & 4th rnd pick or Smith with no pick

    Flip Filppula with Tanguay/Cammi + Nemo or Byron to ANA for Ryan

    To Philly:
    JBo, Smith & 5th
    To CGY:
    Schenn bros.

    To STL:
    JBo & Smith
    To CGY:
    Polak, D’ags or Stewart & 2nd


    JBo, Horak & Byron for Polak & Berglund

  • T&A4Flames

    I don’t get the interest in Helm or Read. These guys are 3rd liners that we already have to much of. It needs to be a “knock your socks” off deal for CGY does it not?

    If we don’t get a quality 1st liner or other solid return, do not trade JBo.

  • Well seeing I am more of a proponent to rebuild(to burn to the ground rebuild)if I’m Jay, I’m chatting with Weis & Conny. Ok guys, is the 2013 draft really that good? What can we expect with latter 1st round picks? If consensus is 2013 any 1st rounder will give you a solid prospect, then thats what I’m gunning for. Philly or Detroits 1st rounder is mandatory! Ok from Philly,(they wont part with Schenn or Couts)but I like that Read kid, not so much a kid anymore, very solid forward & a nice goal scoring touch. Wouldnt it be nice to have someone be able to bury the pucks instead of missing nets & hitting goal posts. So Philly deal I ask for Read & their 1st rounder. They are going to gulp & feel its an overpayment but we got Homer by the short hairs & minute munching ironman dman is just what the doctor ordered in Philly.
    Wings are desperate. Again, they wont give up pieces they badly need so if they wont throw Filppula in with their 1st rounder for JBO, then lets get their 1st, Nyquist, Tarter for JBO & Nemitz or House. I’d turn around & sign Colviacco as soon as I hung up the phone.

  • BurningSensation

    Don’t call it a rebuild;

    —> Det: JBo + Babchuk

    —> Cgy: Fillpulla + Jarnkrok


    —>Pha: JBo + whatever asset they want not named Iggy/Kipper/Baertschi/Gaudreau or Jankowski

    —>Cgy: Couturier, 2nd rnd pick

    If you can’t get either Couturier or B. Schenn out of Philly there isn’t a good trade to make.

    Collecting assets route;

    —>Det: JBo

    —>Cgy: 2 of Tatar, Nyqvist, Jarnkrok, B.Smith, Pullkinnen, Sheahan

  • Akhilleus Son of Peleus

    As far as a deal with the Flyers is concerned, I ask myself whether or not the recent injury to Meszaros renders Holmgren a little more inclined to considering a deal involving Schenn in order to acquire Bouw; especially if Backlund is included. God knows Philly has the depth at center, and increasingly dwindling depth of quality D-men. Plus, GMs around the NHL know the true value of Bouwmeester, and Holmgren could maybe be expecting an increase in offensive production resulting from a return to the Eastern Conference for Bouwmeester.

    As far as a deal with Detroit is concerned, not much there that I would be interested in; why make a move that strengthens a Western Conference rival that finally looks to be on the decline with the blows they’ve taken to their defensive core? Filppula in return, I do not think, would improve us as much as Bouw would improve the Wings.

    The msot intriguing scenario, in my opinion, is the potential acquisition of Berglund; just have a gut feeling he is bound to break out soon. But I doubt St.Louis is keen on parting ways with a centerman; they do not have an abundance of welath at that position.

    All in all, just keep Bouw, and see if Hartley can re-ignite his offensive instincts??