FN Weekend Open Thread – Build your JayBo Trade



Aside from the Flames suddenly signing a bunch of goalies, the only interesting Flames "news" recently is the Jay Bouwmeester/Detroit Red Wings rumor. This one apparently comes from a source inside the Wings organization, so we can give it a bit more heft than the typical Eklund nonsense.

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Roger Millions noted on twitter yesterday that Calgary isn’t actively shopping Bouwmeester at this point, but is willing to listen to offers. If true, that suggests the Wings (or any other suitor) is going to have to convince Calgary to make the move – meaning the package is going to have to be pretty attractive.

Which makes sense, since the Flames are still clearly trying to compete next season. A draft pick and a prospect type package would make sense for the club if they decided to actively pursue a rebuild, but otherwise filling the hole left by Bouwmeester would be essentially impossible in the short term.

While there are plenty of reasons to be unimpressed with JayBo (huge pay check, lackluster offense, not an elite shut-down defender), keep in mind he played the toughest minutes in the league with Chris Butler as his partner. Calgary’s defensive depth would move from "adequate" to "scary" sans JayBo as well: Giordano, Wideman, Butler, Brodie, Sarich, Smith, Babchuk. So even with his too-big paycheck, his muffin of a point shot and bland personality, Bouwmeester remains an incredibly hard presence for the Flames to replace.

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Make Your Choice


So your prefered package for JayBo is going to be guided by how you feel about the Flames immediate future. There is a large and growing faction of Flames fans who would like to see the Flames begin the rebuild in earnest now rather than drift into an iceberg later. If so, then it makes sense to shop Bouwmeester for some package featuring a younger player and prospect or draft pick. Of course, if that’s the tact the club takes, then shopping Iginla and Kipper immediately would be the next obvious step.

On the other hand, if you agree with management and want to see the Flames remain competitive, then a Bouwmeester trade will have to include a couple of players who addresses a significant current need on the club: a quality top-6 forward between the ages of 23-27, an elite possession forward (below the age of 35) or at least a defender who can adequately replace Bouwmeester’s minutes.

A home run deal would be to blend the two – land a quality player for now and a good prospect/pick for later. I assume that is the sort of deal Ken Holland or Paul Holmgren will have to make get Calgary to seriously consider things, but you never know.

So for the sake of this exercise, assume both Detroit and Philadelphia are in the running (there are no solid Philly rumors, but it’s an intuitive enough leap). Build your hypothetical package around your preference for team direction: rebuild now, compete now or hybrid. Keep in mind with latter, "ideal", hybrid package will be the toughest to build aand would likely feature a compromise in one direction or the other – the better the established player you demand, the worse the future asset will be and vice versa. 

Personally, I would ask about Johan Franzen, Valterri Filpulla, Tomas Tatar, Brendan Smith, Gustav Nyquist and Calle Jarnkrok out of Detroit. Philly players of interest include Sean Couturier, Braydenn Schenn, Jakub Voracek and Eric Wellwood. Mix in draft picks at will. 

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  • Austin L


    Option one: JBo straight up for Franzen.

    Option two: JBo for Filpulla and 1st round pick.

    If we can’t get franzen/filpulla or one of their good picks, then no sense in rushing a JBo deal.


    Option one: JBo for Couturier/Schenn+2nd round pick.

    I don’t really see the pieces there where us and Philadelphia could make a solid deal, since I doubt they’re willing to part with couturier or schenn. I think that of the two teams, Detroit should probably be the one to sign Colaiacovo, but they need a legit top 2.

    I wouldn’t mind if JBo, got dealt if it’s for a good deal, but it does leave a gaping hole in our top 4. I have no idea how we would fill that…… even if we did sign Colaiacovo. It just doesn’t make sense unless the deal is really there.

  • Austin L

    I don’t see what the fascination is with Gustavsson. He’s not a proven starter, and I wouldn’t trust the future of our goaltending to be with him. We already have Irving and Ramo in the pipes for the future. hopefully.

    • Colin.S

      And whats the Fascination with Filpulla? He had his highest shooting percentage of his career last year which contributed to the highest point totals of his career. Only Todd Bertuzzi had a higher PDO than Filpulla among regular skaters on Detroit last year. Among players that played more than 30 games on Detroit last year he had the 2nd worst Corsi On. And I’ve already shown a link to the WOWY numbers that seem to indicate that When he wasn’t playing with Huddler or Zetterberg that his corsi got even worse.

      HELLO RED FLAGS!!!!! I’d much rather have Helm who is 3 years younger and under control for a very reasonable contract for the next several years. Has a very higher Corsi and could push for that 2nd line center position. He’s had a lower SH% but that average has a better chance of going up than Filpullas has, Filpullas is more than likely only going down.

      • T&A4Flames

        I get the concerns with Filppula, but I really don’t get the desire for Helm. My trade proposal above, although a bit unlikely of course, I have Filppula being flipped with some other of our assets to try and aquire Bobby Ryan. I think we need to get at least one very solid player in any trade with JBo either directly or in a 3 team trade. Otherwise, just keep him. He may be worth more at the deadline if we are not in it or next season after a year under Hartley.

        • Colin.S

          I don’t particularily have a desire for Helm, but when I look through the wings line-up of forwards who would I want and who would the Wings willingly give up, they are not letting go of Datsyuk, Zetterberg or Frazen. So after those three are gone I would like Helm because of his age, SH%, Corsi On, Potential and great contract. The big thing is getting a great prospect from the wings like Nyquist.

          • T&A4Flames

            I think I would be ok with Helm if we got Smith in the return as well. As I said earlier, one player has to have at least potential to be a top 2 D or a 1st line C and can contribute in some way immediatley because that is the mandate to Feaster et al.

          • T&A4Flames

            Furthermore, I really don’t have much interest in any of their prospects aside from Smith. Nyqvuist and Tatar are LW and around 5-10, 5-11. We already have Baertschi and Gaudreau at that size for LW as prospects. Jurco is ok but again he is listed as a RW but shoots left I believe. The only one that maybe interests me is Jarnkrok but I honestly know nothing about him other than what I’ve read on the hockey news.

          • Colin.S

            LW can be switched to RW and we have need of Replacing Iggy sooner rather than later. Having Baertschi on one side and Nyquist on the other would not be a bad thing would it??

          • T&A4Flames

            All we have in our system is guys that shoot left. The only RW prospects we have are Aliu, Cameron and Nemo. At least Jarnkrok shoots right and can play C. 2 positions we are weak at. Still, I’m just not that big on any of these guys.

      • Austin L

        Fair point. So it seems to me like you consider him as a top 9 at worst, top 6 at best. I get what your saying. But also consider that Gustavsson was brought into Detroit to be a BACK UP to Jimmy Howard…. And he is not a proven starter. If the point that is being made with the Gustavsson suggestions is that we need a capable/proven back up instead of a relatively untested one in Irving or Ramo, maybe I understand that. Then there’s a question to be asked, what is more valuable, a 2nd/3rd line center who will play 82 games at best, or a backup goaltender who will play 25 games at best.

        I’d never trade JBo for a goaltender like Gustavsson when hopefully other options are available. That’s just my reasoning behind that. In my suggestion for Detroit further above in the comments, I suggested JBo for Filpulla, AND their first. It’s like to be in the 20-30 range so not great value but in a good draft we could pick up a solid prospect. That was my reasoning on Filpulla.

    • loudogYYC

      not Jonas Gustavsson, Erik Gustafsson, a defenseman for the Flyers. He’s nothing special, but he’s young, mobile, and plays at both ends. Marc-Andre Bourdon is another possibility.

      didn’t you find it odd that Gustafsson was listed on the Philly returns, not the Detroit returns?

      • The person Austin L. quoted was discussing Jonas Gustavsson, who was mentioned by a previous poster, as follows.

        #18 mattypucks: From Detroit ; Jonas Gustavsson, And a 2nd Form Philly ; Scott Laughton, Erik Gustavsson And a 2nd

        Both Gustavssons were mentioned. Just saying.

  • Austin L

    First and second round pick 2013 plus a 2014 second round pick, from Detroit.

    Philly will still be near the top in East,so will need the above plus a prospect

  • T&A4Flames

    As a side bar, doesn’t Jay look exactly like Frodo in his last scene of the last Lord of the Rings movie? You know, when he is about to board the Elves ship and turns back to his friends and gives them that goofy smile.

  • Danger

    Personally, I have no desire to either trade JBo or help the Wings. Hence: Bouwmeester for Zetterberg (or Datsyuk).

    If Holland doesn’t want to do that deal (and obviously he shouldn’t want to) then Feaster should just thank him for his interest and hang up the phone.

  • Kevin R

    Well if Homer pile is really thinking his blueline would be set with JBO and is willing to part with Couterier, I would gladly give JBO, Nemitz & Horak for Couterier & a 2nd from Philly. Hell we’ll figure out the blueline later.

  • 1) No Filppula. People suggesting that are way too high on someone who was dragged, kicking and screaming, to having good point totals this year by Zetterberg. Zetterberg carried both Filppula and Hudler.

    2) No Franzen. He’s 32 (we want younger, not older) and he’s had a couple concussions and major injuries. He’s streakier than Rene Bourque. No thank you.

    3) No Gustavsson. Dude was highly touted as an excellent goalie but has failed to live up to that at all. He was usurped twice in Toronto. Also, he has major heart problems (he is THE GIANT) and I’m wary of him having a heart attack on our bench.

    4) Helm is actually pretty good. Watching him in a couple games, he is incredibly fast and pretty good with the puck. I don’t doubt his Corsi is positive because when he gets the puck, dude can fly. His ceiling is 2nd line center; we have enough of those, and thus I wouldn’t make him the centerpiece of a deal for Bouwmeester though.

    I would stand pat at JBo + prospect (Breen/Nemisz/Ferland) for something like Helm + prospect (Nyquist/Tatar) + pick.

    No Zetterberg or Datsyuk. That would be awesome, but the Flames aren’t exactly going to “win now”, so what’s the point of trading for an awesome player who can’t drag you to a Cup immediately?

  • SmellOfVictory

    JBo and Cammy for Couturier, Meszaros, and a pick, perhaps? I like Cammalleri, but he’s just about the only expendable forward who didn’t recently re-up with the Flames and has any value.

    If it was to Detroit, then the only reasonable return would be one of their top prospect forwards and a 1st rounder. Detroit doesn’t have the personnel on D to send Cgy a roster dman of any use, and I can’t see them giving up Smith (if they would, then JBo for Smith would be a great trade).

  • I am more in the “Tear it down” camp, but here are some scenarios for both mindsets.

    *warning may contain significant traces of homer-ism*.

    To Bos: Jbo, Babchuk/Stajan 2013 3rd rounder.

    To Cgy: Krejci, Ference.

    Boston makes this trade only if they’re comfortable rolling with Seguin/Bergeron at 1/2. (sounds good to me). Boston takes Matty Franchise if they want a replacement at C. This rounds out a very solid top 4 for the Bruins.

    Calgary gets a guy who can play the role of C1 and allows Cervenka/Backlund fight it out for C2. Also bring back fan fave and reliable/character defender.

    To Stl: Jbo

    To Cgy: Berglund/Rattie, Polak

    Again Stl ends up with a superior top 4 of Jbo, ‘angelo, Jackman, and Cap’n ‘kirk.

    The rebuild camp takes Rattie, but the possibility of uniting backlund with his good friend Berglund is intriguing.

    To Det: Jbo

    To Cgy: 2 of Tatar, Pulkkinen, Nyquist, Jankrok, 2013 1st round pick.

    Detroit obviously isn’t replacing Lidstrom’s talent here, but they’re going to get another quality minutes Dman.

    I’d be happy with any two of those futures for Calgary’s rebuild.

    To Phi: Jbo

    To Cgy: ???

    I honestly can’t think of a deal here that works for both sides. Phi isn’t giving up Schenn or Couturier(I’d toss Jbo and a 2nd rounder for either, but i have to think Cgy takes salary back in any deal with Philly.)

    Maybe Read, a 1st and a salary dump from Phi gets it done with a tweak on the Cgy side, but i just don’t see it.

    To Ott: Jbo

    To Cgy: any 2 of Prince, Silfverberg, Stone, Noesen, 2013 First round pick.

    Ott gets an option for Jared Cowen that isn’t babysitting Sergei Gonchar. Calgary gets 2 decent futures.

    That’s all i have for now. I just can’t see Calgary putting together a cup contending squad right now, which means it’s time to rebuild or face another few seasons of face melting mediocrity.

  • loudogYYC

    I kinda like the fact that the Flames are overloaded with D and wingers. You can never have too many assets.

    Because we have a huge hole in the middle, I say the only teams Calgary should consider trading with are teams that can give up Centres.

    To Detroit:
    D Bouwmeester, RW Nemisz, 3rd rd pick

    To Calgary:
    C Calle Jarnkrok, C Darren Helm, 4th rd pick


    To St. Louis:
    D Bouwmeester, LW Howse

    To Calgary:
    C Patrik Berglund, RW Ty Rattie

    A good thing about trading with either of these 2 is that they’re in the same division and therefore compete directly with each other. Another good thing is that either of these teams could be the destination for Iginla when the Flames are out of contention in January. Just sayin…

    I’m clearly in the rebuild camp. There’s no point entering a 4X4 race with only front wheel drive.

  • SickFloBro

    I don’t know where these St. Louis rumors are coming from, but even if these rumors had legs, there would be absolutely zero chance of the Blues parting ways with Patrik Berglund. Lay off it. It’s NOT going to happen.

    Some of you seem to be under the impression that the real world is like one of EA’s NHL games. This is how trading (or negotiations of any kind) actually work:

    A. Both sides want to get as much as possible while giving up as little as possible.

    B. Both sides will lowball the other for as long as possible to test the resolve of the opposing GM and see how well they can accomplish A.

    C. Both sides will point out the flaws in the assets that are being talked about in order to bring down the asking price of the other side.

    In our case, JBo is an OVERpaid, UNDERperforming player with some upside.

    So, with C in mind, teams are not going to be willing to part ways with dependable, higher-end players that have true value. So please, do yourselves a favor and forget about getting players like Schenn, Couturier, Berglund, Stastny, etc. for a guy like JBo.

    Other teams like DET and PHI are going to make the case that JBo is a risk, both on the ice and financially – a case that I would agree with. Because of that uncertainty, teams are only going to be willing to part with players who have uncertainty surrounding them as well. Most younger prospects are in that boat.

    I think that what we can expect to get in return for JBo will not be as shiny and nice as we’d all wish. Heck, we got Butler and Byron for our premier shutdown D-Man last year.

    I would expect Feaster to acquire young prospects, draft picks, or players that have been relatively unproven (Like Matt Read, who had ONE good year). Players like these are gambles because no one can say how good they will actually be/actually are.

    As for packing JBo with other bad contracts like Babchuck or Stajan – that will only diminish our return. Again, think back to last year…packaging Kotalik with Regehr probably lessened our return.

    Even if Calgary is intent on continuing to compete, I think our best shot at getting a good return for JBo is in long-term assets…not immediate help.

    But I’m just an armchair GM like the rest of you. 😛 Just my two cents!

    • SmellOfVictory

      He’s overpaid, yet he’s still a top pairing defenceman. If you think that holds no value, especially to a contender, I don’t know what to say.

      And I notice you mention Paul “0.7 points-per game” Stastny, a young gentleman who makes almost exactly as much as Bouwmeester. What makes a marginal first line centre any more valuable than a marginal number one dman?

      • I’ve mentioned this previously. Stastny and Bouwmeester have the exact same cap hit and term length remaining on their contracts. It seems like a good idea.

        However! Colorado has sort of a glut of defenders (8 currently), which is why they were able to trade Quincey and other spare defenders so readily. Their top four is Erik Johnson, Jan Hedja, Shane O’Brien, Ryan Wilson, and the other four are Matt Hunwick, Tyson Barrie, Ryan O’Byrne, and Stefan Elliott. Not exactly a wealth of good talent, but they didn’t do too bad last season (I saw parts of most of their games).

        I would love JBo for Stastny straight up, because I think Colorado could then trade one of their prospects/vets for a pick or something and not be boned on D. Calgary could destroy JBo 6 times a year. Win win.

        Not happening though.

      • SickFloBro

        I didn’t say he has NO value. I’m just suggesting that people should be very careful about overestimating his value.

        Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and players of their ilk are FAR beyond a realistic return for JBo.

        • T&A4Flames

          But that’s the point, if CGY is going to trade JBo, it because someone came up with a big offer that helps CGY now and in the future. So, in this scenario, why not suggest some mildly outrageous trades.

          I know some of my trade suggestions would more than likely never happen. One was JBo + to Philly for the Schenn bros. I know they are unlikely to move Brayden but he is more likely than Coutourier, IMO. The point is, this would be what I would want as a GM. If its not there to be had, then I don’t trade JBo.

          • SickFloBro

            I don’t know if I necessarily agree.

            I think that the teams that are being mentioned most heavily here (DET and PHI) definitely have a need for a player like JBo…both teams have lost significant players on their back end and could definitely benefit from Bouwmeester’s skills.

            At the same time, the Flames brass has said publicly that they WON’T be spending to the cap this year…which means dumping salaries.

            Part of the reason that Calgary wants to move JBo is financial. That’s how teams will be pitching their trades:

            “Jay, we KNOW you’re looking to move salary, so we will give you , and you get the added benefit of getting Jay’s big contract off your books.”

            Don’t get me wrong…I’d LOVE to get a player like B Schenn, Couturier, Zetterberg or Datsyuk in return for JBo, but those aren’t players that Philadelphia or Detroit are going to be willing to move.

            I think Feaster has done good things for the Flames…I love the Cammy/Ramo/Bourque trade, I love some of the contracts that he’s managed to sign players to, and I think he does a great job of interfacing with the public. But people say that whoever gets the best player in a trade wins the trade, and by that definition of winning a trade, I would be surprised if Calgary came out on top in any move involving JBo.

    • “I think that what we can expect to get in return for JBo will not be as shiny and nice as we’d all wish. Heck, we got Butler and Byron for our premier shutdown D-Man last year.”

      the difference here is that Feaster was actively shopping Regehr. He isn’t shopping Bouwmeester.

      • Colin.S

        Regehr didn’t waive his NTC originaly either. As well that deal had Scrotalik and his 3.5 million in there and he has LESS value than Stajan or Babchuk does.

        Bouwmeester has a ton more value than Regehr did and Feaster isn’t shopping Bouwmeester like he was Regehr either. People are coming to the Flames to try and pry Bouwmeester from the Flames, in that situation Feaster is in the driver seat and if he can pit Philly/Detroit/Edmonton against themselves and maybe a dark horse or two besided Edmonton Feaster could actual get a decent return.

      • SickFloBro

        I’m not sure how actively/not actively shopping a player impacts return.

        In my mind, if there’s significant interest from one team for a player, the return should reflect that.

        Care to elaborate on your thoughts?

        • SickFloBro

          “Care to elaborate on your thoughts?”

          Because the Flames can afford to be patient. The other team has to entice them to move Bouwmeester, and thus the return will have to be rather significant. With the Regehr trade, the Flames were making calls about who wanted him, which meant they had to entice the other team to take him. Feaster made that position even weaker when he threw in Kotalik. That said, though, Butler was better than Regehr last season.

          “At the same time, the Flames brass has said publicly that they WON’T be spending to the cap this year…which means dumping salaries.”

          when? All I remember was some random quote from Roger Millions, then Feaster saying in an interview when asked about it that it was “news to [him]”. Don’t you think that, if the team didn’t intend to spend as much as necessary, that the freaking GM would be the first person to know?

          • SickFloBro

            “Because the Flames can afford to be patient.”

            I see what you mean. I hope you’re right…I’d love to see a big return for JBo as much as anyone. Maybe my outlook on a great return is so dim because if I were in the position of a GM in the NHL, I, personally, wouldn’t have a lot of interest in Bouwmeester due to his contract and poor statistics relative to his pay. You do make a good point though.


            Pardon me. Substitute “Flames brass” with “Sources close to the Flames”.


            Roger Millions is the kind of guy that has a bit of an inside track on things surrounding the Flames. I’m inclined to believe that if Mr. Millions was confident enough to publicly broadcast information like that, then there’s probably at least some truth to it.

            “Don’t you think that, if the team didn’t intend to spend as much as necessary, that the freaking GM would be the first person to know?”

            Don’t you think that a GM who has continued to delay an official “rebuild” and continues to endorse building a competitive team for right now might not be inclined to publicly confirm such information, even if it’s true?

  • SmellOfVictory

    I would like to see the number of left wingers and/or left handed shooters reduced and replaced with right handed personnel. Just spit ballin’ but how bout’Glencross and Bouwmeester to Anaheim for Getzlaf with a guarantee he’ll re-sign with Calgary after next year? Or to Philadelphia for Schenn(d), Simmonds and a 2nd or 3rd in next years draft?

  • It was written on another site that it would take Klefbom, MPV and a 2nd to even get Calgary’s attention from Edm so why are we so sure that he can’t fetch a bunch. Put him with an up tempo and skilled team and look out.
    To Phil: J-Bo, Glencross
    To Cal: Cout, Bourdon and a 1st.

    To Stl: J-Bo, Smith, Jackman, Glencross
    To Cal: Berglund, Stewart, Polock and Reaves.

    • Colin.S

      there’s a lot of clutter in that trade. The main thing is switch Stewart with Alex Steen. The guy is ridiculously underrated.

      also, it’s Polak. Polock is a racial slur.

      • Colin.S

        lol. Spell check too. There is some clutter in that proposal but was trying to match some contracts $. I would rather have Steen too but would settle for Stewart.

  • McRib

    What is it with all the love for Darren Helm, the dude has hands of stone. Nine goals last year, are you kidding me….Filppula may have played on a good line but he could out score Helm in his sleep.

    Trade from Philadelphia just doesn’t make that much sense they have no prospects, if it isn’t Schenn or Couturier (unlikely) not worth. Matt Read and a first would be alright.

    Detroit Trade 1:

    Gustav Nyquist,
    Marek Tvrdon
    2nd Rounder

    Detroit Trade 2:

    Tomas Tatar,
    Riley Sheahan
    2nd Rounder

    Detroit Trade 3:

    Calle Jarnkrok,
    Ryan Sproul
    1st Rounder

    In an ideal world Brendan Smith would be the guy to get but doubt Detroit is giving up a defenseman who is NHL ready.

  • Colin.S

    Speaking as a Flyers fan living in Calgary, there is no way they give up Schenn or Coots in a Jbow deal. These 2, along with Giroux are the future of this team.

    Holmgren will likely go into the season with what he has, and tinker from there should it be necesary. Mezaros isnt needed for the regular season, and should be fine come playoff time.

    If Jbow goes to the flyers, i dont see the Flames getting much back in return except for a salary dump and maybe a #2 pick.

    We are talking Holmgren versus Feaster here, by the time Holgren is done with Feaster the flyers would likely have Jbow, and Calgarys #1 pick in return for a Bobby Clarke signed jersey.

    • McRib

      If Homer is so good, why didn’t his team win the cup instead of the 2 guys he got rid of who actually did? JBO would vastly improve his team and they do need to do something as they have been passed this offseason by a few Eastern teams imo.

    • Kevin R

      Hey Flyer dude! Not all GM’s are like Howson. You guys can go ahead with a decimated defense & if you are hovering in the 8th-9th rat race, and the screams for a defenseman get louder, maybe some tunes will change. You have to give to get. If you think a 2nd & a scrub will get you your top 2 dman, go try that with Phoenix and get Yandle. Homer is so good he will probably get Yandle & Phoenix’s 2013 & 2014 1st’s for a Clarke signed jersey.

  • Kevin R

    Most of the best trade scenarios being posted are based on salary dumps & rebuild. Afraid Feasty boys are not rebuilding, therefore we would probably cry if we knew some of the offers he has probably said no to. The only way Feasty pulls the trigger is to rob Peter to pay Paul. He needs a number 1 centre & that would be worth parting with JBO & other assets to acquire. Philly is our best bet for that potential number 1 centre who isnt there yet. To get Couts & Philly 1st for JBO + Cammi, would you do that? Does this trade make us better? You would fly with Tanguay Couts & Iggy,GlenX Cerevenka & Hudler, Baerschte Backs Stempy, Comeau Jones Jackman. I guess aside of a hockey trade of Statsny for JBO, I dont think there are many trades we can do with JBO without looking like we are rebuilding. Oh well, helps us get thru August anyway.

  • Franko J

    If I was GM:

    I would take a wait and see approach. With a suspected delay to the season why make the trade now? I would want to see how Hartley puts his “finger prints” on the Flames first before making any trades.

    Besides the Flames ownership and management are not interested in rebuilding this team. So trading Bouwmeester would go against philosophically everything that has been preached this past off season. If the team is unwilling to trade the big 2 — why trade the #1 defensemen {by default only} off the team?

    No offense Feaster or Bouwmeester, but there is a dman in Phoenix that probably garners more interest from both Detroit and Philadelphia.

  • Colin.S

    LOL at Schenn and Courturier being the future, I thought the future was Richards/Carter? Flyers GM ain’t worried about trading guys for other guys that includes the suposive “future”.

  • RKD

    To Det: Jay Bouwmeester, Anton Babchuk and/or Matt Stajan
    To Cgy: Valteri Fillpula and a 2nd round pick


    To Det: Jay Bouwmeester, Anton Babchuk and/or Matt Stajan

    To Cgy: Valteri Fillpula and Gustav Nyquist and 3rd round pick.

  • Danger

    T&A said:

    But that’s the point, if CGY is going to trade JBo, it because someone came up with a big offer that helps CGY now and in the future. So, in this scenario, why not suggest some mildly outrageous trades.

    Exactly. As I said earlier, I’d take Zetterberg or Datsyuk for JBo – not because I think that’s a fair or realistic trade, but because I think any “realistic” trade helps the Red Wings and screws the Flames (at least in the short-term, which is the term Feaster is worried about). I don’t blame Feaster for worrying about the now either, because that’s what will determine the length of his employment by the club.