FN Weekend OPen Thread – Flames Roster in Three Years



One of the potential risks of the looming lock-out for the Flames (both team and fans) is the possibility Jarome Iginla’s final season in town will either be severely shortened or wiped out entirely. The club could eliminate that risk by re-signing the captain sooner rather than later, but that causes the org to step into a whole new minefield given his age and the uncertainty surrounding a new CBA.

Of course, we also don’t know if Iginla is even willing to re-sign in Calgary at this point.

With his career nearing its sunset, the team around him faltering and fresh uncertainties facing him about the labor agreement, Iginla may choose to wait things out and see what a new horizon brings come summer 2013. If the season is wiped out or, alternatively, if the Flames again fail to make the dance, Iginla would be entirely justified in looking beyond the borders of the only NHL team he’s ever known to experience life elsewhere as the inspirational vet or solid support player – and perhaps get a chance to win before he finally hangs up the skates.

With that in mind and considering the age of many of the club’s other money players, I began to wonder recently what the club’s roster would look like 3 years down the road. At that point, it’s entirely possible Iginla and Kipper will be gone, while 35 year old Alex Tanguay will start to slow down significantly. Jay Bouwmeester will likely be gone by then as well, which is either a good or bad thing depending on where you stand on the player.

The Flames only have 4 current major leaguers signed until 2014-15: Jiri Hudler, Dennis Wideman, Mark Giordano and Tanguay. Sven Baerstchi should be at least a sophomore by then and Mikael Backlund will be 25-26 and either a key cog on the team or traded. In net, it could be a combination of Karri Ramo and Leland Irving (or neither, because who knows with goalies). By then, Lance Bouma will probably be a regular 4th liner and Greg Nemisz…probably the same. Maybe Johnny Gaudreau or Mark Jankowski will be making a debut that year as well. Roman Cervenka might still be around if he manages to translate his game in North America. etc.

So get out your crystal balls Flames fans. Who sticks and is around in 3 years? Who are the club’s big guns? Who anchors the blueline? Who is stopping pucks?


  • xis10ce

    I couldn’t even hazard a guess as to what this team is going to look like, never mind who is the manager at that point.

    All I do know is that Cory freaking Sarich will still be here.

  • T&A4Flames

    I’ll take a crack at ‘er:

    Bouma-Jones-some skull-cracking enforcer

    some vet

    Ramo; Irving/Ortio (he’ll figure it out)

    Troy Ward- coach

    Pretty hard to guess as soooooo much can and will happen in 3 years. But, you have to think that a number of our prospects will make the jump by that point. I may try again after soem more thought.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Of the current guys I imagine Tanguay, Glencross, Cervenka, Hudler, Backlund, Bouma, Jbo, Gio, Wideman, Brodie, Smith will still be on the team (subtract 2 of the listed because there’s no way I could be 100% right). I expect Reinhart, Ferland, Baertschi, Arnold, and Gaudreau will all be on the team in some capacity as well.

  • SmellOfVictory

    We all know Iggy will still be the #1 winger in 3 years and we will still be looking for a centre to play with him. Oh, and Olli will somehow find his way back on the team. No idea how, but he will.

  • Reidja

    Well, if you want to really step out & crystal ball this thing, you would have to think the new arena would be ready by then. With the strong chance of fans getting totally choked about this media hyped battle of mind boggling money, Flames brass really need to think how they are going to get guys like me to want to keep shelling the $$$ to see this stuff & fill that new fancy building. Based on the last 3 years, I have been to a lot of yawners at the dome. So while these guys fight over the riches, peasants like me will be re evaluating whether I want to keep doing this. Would I pay to watch Baerschte & Gaudreau. Yeah probably. They represent some of the exciting hockey I am prepared to pay for. If Brass were smart they would sell almost everything to acquire the top 2 picks in this years draft so the likes of Mackinnon & Seth Jones, with Baerschte, Gaudreau, Jankowski & maybe a few other young guys that step up will be the headline to the new building. To do that they need to acquire 1st rounders, JBO, Iggy, Kipper, Cammi, doesnt matter where these 1st rounders are, we need several of them & then we package the GlenX & Tanguays & whoever we have to to get the top 2 picks. Then we start fresh clean, in a fresh new building. So to predict what our roster would look like in 3 years, dont think it can be done, but I could list the new core I can hope for:

    1/Brodie & Jones :)on the blueline

    /Gaudreau/Jankowski/Backlund(has breakout year)


    Kent, I think by going thru the process of trying to see what the future will be in 3 years is a sombre wake up call confirming that we truly are at the end of an era. Maybe we should be getting ready for it now. I think I just got closer to the Wolfs blow this sucker up now mind set. 2013 draft may be a window of opportunity to bring a happy new era sooner than the current slow retool stratedgy currently being implemented.

      • Reidja

        I am certain that you made the comment about the projected Oiler line up with a bit of a smirk.

        Yes, I am a Flames fan, but I do acknowledge and recognize that the current Oiler roster and their system carries pretty good potential.

        The silent ticking time bomb for the Oilers, though Kent, is the fact that they will have a significant number of their current roster players reach the end of their entry level contracts. My question (and, indeed, caution) about what the Oilers might look like in 3 years is how many of those guys will they be able to afford to keep around under a hard cap situation. Reality will dictate that Eberle, Hall, Nugent Hopkins, Yakupov, J. Schultz and company will, should they develop in the giddy hot stove dreams of Oiler fans, the team be able to fit under the cap?

        A different situation than the Flames, yes, but one still fraught with huge risks and question marks. But, isn’t that what we’ve seen with these two organizations throughout their respective memebership in the NHL? The Oilers of the ’80s were built similarly, through drafts that yielded them the Coffeys and the Lowes, Fuhr, Kurri and company (Gretzky was a gift, remember, from the WHA). Their counterpoint in Calgary, the second half of the best two teams in the League, was built by free agent signings (scouring the NCAA in those days), some astute trading by Cliff Fletcher and some surprises out of lower rounds of the draft (Al MacInnis, Gary Suter).

        My point? Only that there are many ways to success, not just one. My hope is that the Battle of Alberta will once again (earlier than those 3 year projections) be the contest between the two best teams in the NHL. Everyone wins then.

        • MC Hockey

          I take some exception to that: Nieuwendyk, Roberts, Loob, Fleury, Hull, Hrdina and Vernon were also all drafted along with several other serviceable NHLers and afew more past 1989 that helped the team stay competitive.

          As well, NCAA has been out of the bag for at least a decade now, so you have to draft those guys now anyways.

          Point is, every Cup winner is built from the ground up through the draft. Smart tradeing and FA signings are how smart GMs put their team over the top, but the foundation is always the draft.

      • SmellOfVictory

        In my favourite scenario, At least one of the big 4 has to be traded away because the other 3 get overpaid, and he ends up being the best of the bunch. I want the Oilers and Flames to be competitive, but I also want the Oilers fans to suffer.

  • Austin L

    This is just a wild guess. I say Iggy and Kipper are gone. Hopefully we traded them for what we could get. So that’s probably a combination of picks/prospects/young-ish players. The anchor for forwards will probably be Backlund/Cervenka/Baertschi. Hudler will be in the top 6 along with Tanguay. They probably will re-sign Cammalleri. After that it’s a wild guess. Bouma will be on the fourth line.

    People that I see moving up for forwards are Gaudreau=top 9. Granlund=top 9. Ferland=top 9. Reinhart=top 6.

    On the defensive side of things, I think the at least one of the next two years, we’re going to have to use one of our first round picks on a defenseman since our cupboards are so bare. Brodie will hopefully be a bad top 2 or a very good top 4. I’m thinking something along the lines of a Wideman here. JBo will be gone. Butler will still be here. Giordano will still be here. Wideman will still be here. So the top 4 looks like Butler, Gio, Wideman, Brodie. But Feaster will probably make some moves to tinker with the D before then. John Ramage hopefully makes the team as well.

    In net, if Kipper leaves, I assume Ramo and Irving with split one season, if neither impresses, then we’ll either sign a guy from free agency, or trade for somebody.

  • Tommynotsohuge


    Gaudreau-Jankawski-Chris Stewert





    We trade Bouwmeester And Iggy to St. Louis for Rattie and Stewert. Trade kipper on this upcoming trade deadline to a basement dweller for their first round pick. Move up in the lottery to select MacKinnon 1st overall. Maybe take Lazar with pur other first. Wishful thinking o Know, but a guy can dream

    • Austin L

      I like the thinking but I think that hopefully the Flames will sign a few free agents during the time because as much as I like our prospects that’s a pretty weak line up. I like your thinking though, but I really hope the combination of Iginla and JBo would bring back a lot more than Rattie and Stewart. I say give Iggy to St. Louis for Rattie and Kipper to Columbus for Johansen. Reunite the Winterhawks 😉 . I think Iggy and Kipper should bring back a bit more than one high end prospect though.

    • Reidja

      I like this. It’s almost best case scenario but it does point to a large hole in our future defensive depth. Otherwise, I will pray every night for this to come true.

  • Danger

    @Kevin R

    I see what you mean about getting closer to the Wolf’s mindset about blowing up the core after doing this little thought exercise.

    One thing we should all keep in mind though is that there are a couple of drafts between now and then, as well as a couple of crops of UFAs. So the cupboards will likely be less bare than they appear to be now. (They will still be pretty darn bare, just not completely bare.)