FN Weekend Open Thread – News and Suggestions



Im sharing the Three Flames Fans video for a couple reasons: firstly, because it’s well done, so deserves to be shared. Secondly, because I’ve talked to the man behind TFF, Jared Keeso, and he’s interested in potentially partnering up with FlamesNation for similar project down the road. How does htat sound folks?

Speaking of additions…

As always I’ve been looking for ways to improve the site over the summer. Ryan Pike, Justin Azevedo and Arik James have all added their voices to the mix recently, but I think there’s always room for more. That’s why we’re glad to announce the addition of Book of Loob to FlamesNation, starting this month!

BoL emailed me at some point in the past, essentially saying he was sick of my negativity, dry analysis and references to numbers nobody knows or cares about. I invited him to try to do better…IF HE COULD.

So here we are. BoL brings a sort of humor and unending loyalty to the team that doesn’t descend into maudlin sentiment or blind apologisia. Also, his favorite player is Hakan Loob, so you can’t go wrong there*.

*(Related…did you know Hakan Loob is apparently on twitter?)

You can expect BoL’s debut post sometime next week. Make sure to give him a warm welcome (and then needle him mercilessly ever after).

– FN is currently negotiating another big addition to the site. I can’t quite announce who it is yet because we’re still dotting the "i’s" and such, but I can say it is going to happen and he will bring things to the table no one else currently does here. Stay tuned…

Two Minutes Hate

I am considering adding a few more feature articles to FN as well: the Two Minutes Hate and the weekly mailbag…

The Two Minutes Hate would be a profile of past and current enemies of the Calgary Flames – be it ex-players who demanded trades (Tim Erixon) or were just plain bad (Anders Eriksson), ex-executives who did damage to the franchise in some unforgivable way (Doug Risebrough) or opposing players/coaches/media personalities we all love to hate in Calgary (Matt Cooke, Jarko Ruutu, etc.) – the Two Minutes will be a way we can all take out whatever frustrations or anxieties that come from cheering for the Flames and direct it at some outside, but wholly deserving entity.

The weekly mailbag would be just as it sounds – everyone here at FN would take email questions/suggestions and riff on them once a week. Some folks have already taken to emailing me stuff like that from time to time and the comments kind of operate in this fashion at times as well. Still, I wonder if we formalized the process into regular a feature article if folks would be interested in both reading and emailing in pertinent questions and such.

If one or both of those ideas appeal to anyone, please let me know in the open thread today. As always, I’m open to other ideas as well.

Apparently No one likes Sven Baertschi. Or Free Booze.

Finally, I want to announce an extension to the Kids Are Alright photoshop contest. Submissions have been slow to arrive so instead of canceling the contest outright, I plan to extend it indefinitely until we get enough entries to make it worthwhile. There’s a $150 in free food and booze at stake here folks, so get on it!

PS – You will notice some McKeen’s Hockey banners popping up around here and across the network starting today. We’ll have another announcement about that within the week.