FN Weekend Open Thread – Lockout Requests?



So the lock-out is officially upon us today. While we at FlamesNation can probably continue to pump out pretend letters, epithets of hate and overly deep statistical analysis indefinitely, I’d like to as FN readers what they want to see from the site during the work stoppage.

First up, the news of the day – Flames and Oilers players have filed a grievance with the Alberta Labour boards over the NHL lock-out. It’s not a gambit designed to make a two team, battle of Alberta league of anything – merely a sign how contentious the current talks are between the league and the union. Once parties stop bargaining in good faith and start to seek pressure points and leverage through whatever paths are available, however ridiculous, you know you’re at an impasse.

A favourable ruling would mean that the players would be allowed to proceed as if there wasn’t a work stoppage. They’d do everything, but play games and, theoretically, could collect their paycheques, which wouldn’t start rolling in until the scheduled Oct. 11 start of the regular season.

Forcing owners to pay players without the benfit of games or revenue would certainly put a strain on things financially in Calgary and Edmonton, but it certainly won’t endear the union to Darryl Katz or Murray Edwards. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Anyways, on to the issue at hand:

What do FN readers want to see during the lock-out?

– More AHL coverage? We could start game threads and previews for Heat games, where Baertschi, Brodie, Reinhart, Nemisz will be spending their time. Ryan Pinder could provide us with the inside scoop as well.

– More historical reminiscing? Re-living the best and worst times of the Flames past?

– FN podcast? Internet radio? – this question is related to the post below this one. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Any other ideas are welcome.

  • RKD

    I’m sure everyone is getting tired of reading lockout articles.

    I wouldn’t mind updates on how guys like Baertschi, Brodie, Ramo, are doing. As well as the future prospects.

    It might be cool to do a ‘this day in Flames history’ article.

  • SmellOfVictory

    I think the main thing I’d like, if possible, is as much info on the prospects as possible. e.g. any known feeds or broadcasts of upcoming SM-Liiga, AHL, NCAA, WHL games that involve our prospects’ teams. I know some of these exist, but they’re so sporadically available that it’s very difficult to know when or where to find them. Being able to just look here, as I do anyway, and see that info when it is available, would be a great boon.

  • When does the AHL season start? There’s gonna be a ton of high-quality young players in the AHL, since all entry-level deals are two-way.

    I guess some things to talk about could be the upcoming WHL season, which begins this upcoming week, or any CHL league for that matter. College hockey as well, Boston College and Providence both have Flame picks.

    I say we’ve got until New Year’s Day and the Winter Classic till the NHL starts.

  • Heat camp opens on September 28.

    I’m interested in seeing how MAX POWER and SVEN perform this year. They were adversaries throughout junior but, curiously, roommates at most Flames rookie and development camps. I found that hilarious.

    I imagine Max being the serious roommate, yelling at Sven to keep his side of the apartment clean.

    • SmellOfVictory

      I wonder if the amount they’ve played against each other will help them playing together in Abby. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the same line (I know Reinhart hasn’t played much pro yet, but I’m already operating under the assumption that he’s better than Horak and Kolanos, so they should both be on the first line).

  • Agreed with everyone above. To be honest, with the team in the state that it is these days, I’m probably just as interested in the AHL affiliate as I am in the big league. Covering Abbotsford (and any college or KHL you guys get access to)would absolutely keep me checking in daily for new articles.

  • Craig

    I’m all for more AHL coverage as well as more coverage on our prospects. The AHL will be really interesting while the lockout is happening, a lot of top end prospects for all teams.

  • The KHL has a YouTube channel in which they actually broadcast games live on, which I didn’t know was a thing either. I suppose certain games that have applicable links to the Flames (ie. Avengard Omsk games where Karri Ramo and probably Roman Cervenka play), making that information available to people couldn’t hurt.

  • The Last Big Bear


    KHL COVERAGE (mostly Avangard)!!!

    SM LIIGA COVERAGE (mostly HIFK)!!!


  • Greg

    I also agree with the above suggestions… more AHL/prospect coverage, and more coverage of hockey in general (KHL, Euro leagues, etc). The more Nations Network can do to raise our awareness of other leagues, the more options we’ll have for our hockey passions, and the more hesitant the NHL will be to pull a lockout next time.

    Also would like to see some raised awareness of fan petition actions like http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/hockeyyinsiderr-no-nhl-lockout/. Perhaps encourage readers to sign up, and have a count down on the lockout till when this “fan strike” would take effect?

  • Willi P

    Interesting to note that the last lockout, only seven short years ago, didn’t have the same options open to fans as today does. BoL reports that all KHL games are on YOUTUBE. The AHL, CHL and other leagues could take advantage of this lock out big time. Unlike last time, hockey will be much more readily available, via many sources, and both the NHL and their PA could suffer in the long run. Boycott? not likely but the new availability could hurt both of these pretentious groups should they decide not to get this thing solved soon.

    So Kent, to answer your question, please give us more hockey, anything but NHL, so that we can show these clowns that it is about the game, not their egos.

    • Blanka, you’re right about the YouTube thing. I don’t know the logistics of the deal that the KHL has with YouTube (if there even is one, I don’t know how that works). You can tell that the games streamed are feeds from whatever television network the KHL has deals with in Russia to air them locally (all the commercials are for like local Russian companies and whatnot).

      But it doesn’t seem like it’s that difficult to do. Or even expensive. I remember last year, the National Lacrosse League had some sort of partnership with someone to broadcast NLL games for free over the internet. No one has less money or clout than the NLL, and even they could do it, so it’s definitely a viable option for the AHL and junior/college leagues. Hell, even the KHL and the USHL could probably hook that up (if they don’t already)

      Point being, if I were an employee for any of these leagues, this would be the year I would be exploring these opportunities, as technologically it’s never been easier, and they’re never going to have the demand they do for games as they do right now with the lockout. They’d be dumb not to utilize these tools.

  • Upkeeper

    Would love to see how the lockout in 2005 affected different players by age group and by where they played during the lockout. This would give us a good indication on who to look out for when we have a season. Also would this year be a good way to figure out how different leagues compare to the NHL with so many players playing in different leagues? With so many players in different leagues it should give better indications on how good the leagues are.