FN Weekend Open Thread – NHL13 League Anyone?



NHL13 was recently released and it may be the closest thing any of us get to NHL hockey for awhile. Recently I’ve noticed some blogs and communities are starting up GM connected leagues, which sounds like it could be some fun.

Before we officially go ahead with an FN connected league, we’ll need to know a few things:

– How many people want to join.

– How many people have Xbox/PS3 – we could do one league for each or just stick to one console if there’s an overwhelming majority.

– Any other recommendations for starting a league.

I usually stick to offline play with games I buy, frankly because I don’t have the patience to get my ass kicked by some smarmy 12 year old on the other end. I could be convinced to buy the game and engage in a FN league if there’s interest here though (I’m a PS3 owner by the way).

So what say you folks? If you want to get involved with an FN league (either Xbox or PS3) leave a comment. If we get enough participants, we can get things going this week.