On Rebuilding, Part Ten: The Calgary Flames

Frequent Nations’ commenter Rex Libris concludes his epic series on franchise rebuilds today with this piece on the Calgary Flames. It’s extensive, so settle in and enjoy the ride. The Flames aren’t in a rebuild. That much we know because Jay Feaster has told us. While I’m not entirely convinced that they aren’t at least…

The lockout roster shuffle begins

With the National Hockey League officially locking out its players on Saturday, fans are now into the wacky, confusing period where players are looking for places to play. For some, they can head down to the AHL’s Abbotsford Heat or their junior clubs to ply their trade. For others, Europe is the option. Others may…


There’s a lockout… so now what?

September 15th has come and gone without a new CBA agreement being reached. The NHL and NHLPA are now playing a game of lockout chicken that could last a while. In the meantime the players must figure out what to do.


A Promise to the NHL and NHLPA

Today is September 15, the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement between the NHL and NHLPA. Tonight, barring an 11th-hour miracle, the league will lock out its players and begin yet another in a seemingly endless cycle of work stoppages. If that happens, I have a promise to both sides.


FN Weekend Open Thread – Lockout Requests?

    So the lock-out is officially upon us today. While we at FlamesNation can probably continue to pump out pretend letters, epithets of hate and overly deep statistical analysis indefinitely, I’d like to as FN readers what they want to see from the site during the work stoppage.



  With all the hoopla surrounding the lockout on the horizon and the Economics of the arena dominating the news, the Sports Section looks more like the Business Section these days. Who doesn’t love a riveting cost analysis diagram where there should be a breakdown of the Oilers training camp line up? And we would rather see an interview with Fehr…


Flames Forwards Shot Rates – Part 2, Expected Goals

In the first part one of the series, we looked Flames forwards shot rates, mostly with a view to putting the top guys rates in context, both from a team and league perspective. It took me three tries and some helpful comments to ultimately get the chart right, but I blame excel for that. The follow-up…


How I Spent My Lockout Vacation: Jay Bouwmeester

    The year is 2012. The month is…let’s say December. The NHL lockout is now over and behind us and we never have to think about it again for another seven years. We all survived that Bristol Palin poker celebrity cruise show that aired on Sportsnet every night in place of NHL broadcasts. The…


Two Minutes Hate: Tim Erixon

    Dear Mr. Erixon, Go to hell. Why? That’s not clear? I guess I can explain. You were something special. You were a blue chip prospect: you played 20 minutes a night in the SEL playoffs, scored points left and right, could skate and stay mobile, prevented plays before they even developed, and I…


Winners and Losers under the current CBA (Part 1)

  (This was originally published at NHLNumbers, but I felt it warranted wider distribution. The rest of the series will be published at NHLNumbers.) So, just why are we on the brink of yet another NHL lockout? This graph provides a pretty good explanation. But not many are really digging into the financial ins and outs…


On Rebuilding, Part Nine: The Edmonton Oilers

Frequent commenter and guest contributor RexLibris’ series on rebuilds continues with the Edmonton Oilers. Get comfortable because this is a long one. Before we get into the details, let’s set the stage a bit: Edmonton blew their team up, nuclear-style, and deliberately iced a bad team in order to get high picks. They have been…