FlamesNation NHL 13 Hockey League Update Spectacular



Hello Hockey Fans!

So many of you by now are probably fully aware that our FlamesNation GM Connected League on NHL 13 for Xbox is a go. Pride is on the line, as well as my respect, and I don’t need to tell you that neither of those things mean anything worthwhile, but go out there and play like it does.

The league is wide open right now, so all of its features are available to you.  You can make trades with CPU controlled teams, but know that trades have to be approved by the Commissioner, and if we think you’re making what amounts to a ridiculous and stereotypical "video game" trade, it might bet rejected.  However all player controlled to player controlled trades will be accepted by the Commish, allowing you to try and Cliff Fletcher as much as you want.

Teams Still Available!

Speaking of CPU controlled teams, even though the league is now live, there are still teams out there, like abandoned puppies, just dying for someone to take them home, and we encourage people to join until we run out of teams. This includes the four of you out there who still need a home due to the teams you requested to control already in play by other members who beat you to the punch.

There are still slots open for Buffalo, Colorado, Detroit, Montreal, Nashville, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and Toronto. Claim one today.

Other than that, just go out there and play. Arik (Florida), Vintage Flame (New Jersey) and myself (Columbus) are all in the league, competing with the rest of you, and we request that you go easy on us, because we’re all terrible. Arik is currently the Commissioner, because I thought you could assign more than one.  You can’t.  And my power as commissioner is now gone, which I find heartbreaking. In the meantime, Arik decides on whether you live or die, a truly terrifying gambit if I do say so myself.

Watch out for future updates including, I don’t know, standings updates and a good degree of smack talk, along with a Cliff Notes version on the actual team hub within the game itself.

So lace up your joystick thumbs and hit the digital ice!