Fn Weekend Open Thread – FN PS3 NHL13 League is Go!



So there was enough interest in a PS# GM Connected league around here that I went out and bought the game and set it up (thanks my readers for that EA Sports).

The league’s name is "Flamesnation" of course. My gamertag is "mgnone9" and Im the GM of the…NY Islanders! Rosters have been randomized though, so they might actually be pretty good.

Feel free to join up and grab  team. Leave your team requests and gamertags here in the comments so I know who is who and your preferences. We’ll figure out scheduling and the like when we’ve got everyone signed up.

Cool? Cool.

UPDATE – like the XBOX league, the Flames are going to be auctioned off. So anyone who wants to control Calgary has to "bid" on them by donating to Ryan Lambert’s worthy cause. Highest donation gets the Flames.