AGD: Chance for Revenge

Time: 8:00pm MST

Location: Abbotsford

Broadcast: Sportsnet One (TV)

The Heat will get a chance to avenge their 3-2 SOL to the Wolves from last night. The two clubs were neck and neck through regulation time, but Chicago swept the ensuing shoout-out easily, scoring on three shots while none of the Heat’s shooters managed to beat Eddie Lack.

A couple of Abbotsford’s streaks survived the loss: with two more goals on the PP, the Heat have now scored five goals on 13 opportunities (38%). In addition, Roman Horak extended his goal scoring to three games with his PP marker. He has managed the feat with just six shots on net (50% sh%).

Clearly, neither of those things is going to continue indefinitely, but it will be interesting to see how long either streak lasts.

Other notable stats from last night:

– Baertschi didn’t get on the scoresheet, but still fired another four shots on net. He now has 11 in three games.

– Danny Taylor had another strong performance and according to Ryan Pinder was the only reason the Heat escaped the second period (where they were outshot 12-6) alive.

The Lineup

Im going to assume nothing major changes from last night, although coaches do tend to shake things up after losses. Nemisz and Byron still aren’t healthy apparently though, so the only real switch could be one veteran for another or Michael Ferland finally seeing game action.

It’s also possible another goalie sees some game action tonight given it’s the second night of B2B.

The Opponent

As mentioned yesterday, the Wolves are a strong team and with the win last night are now 4-0 to start the season. They don’t boast any one particular dominant scorer or anything so far, but the team overall (and goaltending specifically) is solid. The Heat will need to find a way to do something at even strength as well as the powerplay to get by them tonight.

Sum it Up

As mentioned at the top of the post, this game is being televised by Sportsnet tonight. Tune in at 8 and swing by to share some thoughts.