The Best of the Nation – 10.21.12

Photo: Matt Boulton/Wikimedia/CC BY 2.0

From across the Nations this week: hockey talk, with absolutely none of it focused on arena or CBA negotiations. We’ve got a healthy dose of humour – including a story from the NHL player who ran buck-naked into a group of Hungarian riot police – as well as some news, statistics, and rumour-mongering.

Graphic Comments: NHL Owners after the focus group leak. All you really need to know about this article is that Graphic Comments is awesome. [Canucks Army]

How I spent my lockout: Tim Jackman. A guest post by a star NHL’er! As Jackman put it, “Good morrow to you, elder statesmen of the brotherhood of Flames supporters, it is I, Tim Jackman, of the North Dakotan Jackmans, Captain of Industry and Third Line Pugilist, here to regale you with tales of wonder mixed with capitalist savvy, as I recant the exploits of my work sanctioned sabbatical from the game of ice hockey.” [Flames Nation]

It’s been a week of Roberto Luongo rumours. But while those rumours were shot down by Canucks general manager Mike Gillis, we did finally get an idea of what the Leafs and Canucks might be talking about in a trade. [Canucks Army]

Luongo rumours, II. But does it make sense for the Leafs to pay the rumoured asking price? [Leafs Nation]

Ever wonder how much NHL teams are paying their minor-league affiliates? Wonder no more – Scott Reynolds has the salary breakdown for every AHL team right here. [NHL Numbers]

Ben Eager faces assault charges. My line for this is actually stolen from @shubhs99 on Twitter: Why did Ben Eager get into a fight with a doorman at a bar? Because he was locked out. [Oilers Nation]

Where do draft picks come from? Looking at the change in production of different hockey player-producing regions of the world. [NHL Numbers]

My day at RHCC. Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer is an awesome initiative, and one that has been written about before at Nation sites. Cam Davie talks about his day volunteering in the pouring rain. [Canucks Army]

Sanctioned Nation Party! Woot woot! The Jason Strudwick will DJ, and all proceeds go to charity, so if you’re anywhere near Edmonton on Friday, November 3rd, stop by The Pint Off Whyte and have some fun/do some good. [Oilers Nation]

Interview with Carl Klingberg. Dimitri Filipovic talks to the Winnipeg Jets prospect. [Jets Nation]

Individual Points Percentage: 2008-2012. For those unfamiliar with the concept, IPP is simply how many points a player gets vs. how many goals he’s on the ice for. While it can fluctuate year to year, the NHL’s best offensive players consistently get more points/goal than their supporting cast. [NHL Numbers]

Individual Points Percentage on the Power Play: 2008-20120. Same as above, but with the man advantage. [NHL Numbers]

Hungarian Hockey League Hijinx! Ex-NHL’er Jason Strudwick recalls the time he was accosted, while naked in the dressing room, by Hungarian riot police. Nothing in that preceding line is fictitious. [Oilers Nation]