Bouma out indefinitely with MCL and ACL injury



In news that should make even the most optimistic Flames fan go "Oh, that’s not good," the Abbotsford Heat quietly let it slip recently that forward Lance Bouma has injured both his MCL and ACL and will be out for an indefinite period of time. Dan Kinvig of the Abbotsford News broke the bad news yesterday.

Bouma left Friday night’s game against Chicago and didn’t dress for Saturday’s game as his condition was evaluated and the team awaited the results of an MRI. \

Well, the results came back, and they obviously weren’t good. Bouma joins fellow Flame prospects Greg Nemisz (lower body) and Paul Byron (upper body) on the sidelines, however it’s probably safe to expect to see both of those fellows back before Bouma.

Obviously the length of time for a return depends on the severity of the injury. Bouma’s said to have sprained both his MCL and ACL. An MCL sprain generally takes 5 to 7weeks to rehabilitate (although it depends on the severity), while an ACL sprain can take between 6 to 12 weeks. In short: Bouma could be out 6 weeks, minimum, and as much as 12 weeks, depending on various factors. Having sprained both ligaments at the same time probably won’t help things much.

However, despite Bouma’s bad news about his injury, given how badly the NHL CBA talks are going, he’ll be back in plenty of time to fight for a roster spot in Calgary…

  • SmellOfVictory

    Yeah, that sucks. Not a doc, but I’d say he’s likely in for a longer recovery given that both ligaments are sprained. Hard enough for your body to learn to compensate for one, let alone both of them.

    A mild silver lining is that this presumably allows a greater chance for Ferland to play, and I really don’t want him to get screwed by the dearth of forwards that the team has. I know it’s a meritocracy and whatnot, but at least let him see some ice time before you scratch him.

    • unfortunately, both Eddy and Aliu seem to be ahead of Ferland (not to mention Carter Bancks, who is awesome).

      by the way, the word is “plethora”. A “dearth” is a lack of something. Confused me for a second.

  • RexLibris

    Because I can’t remember from the prospect rankings done during the summer, where does Bouma fit on the Flames prospect list?

    Hockey’s Future seems to feel he’ll be a fourth-liner while Pronman doesn’t even mention him in his last two prospect rankings. The left wing is, thankfully, a position wherein the team appears to have some depth.

    At this point I might argue, and I apologize if this seems callous, that an injury to Bouma might open a door for another potential player. Perhaps the Heat could sign an AHL free agent, or try to find an NHLer looking for an AHL contract.

    I do hope Bouma recovers and has a healthy career, I’m just not certain that at this point that will be in the NHL.

    • Bouma’s upside is Brandon Prust I’d say: checker who can survive in less than ideal circumstances (although probably not against top level competition). He could very well settle into a replacement level tweener though.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Bouma needs to scrap a little more. I read he was focusing on skill development which is good but that won’t keep him in the league.
    He has to be a guy that can protect his line mates. In that regard, I don’t see the Prust comparison. Prust fights. Consistently.
    Bouma, so far, in my opinion has not shown anything that suggests NHL player. I mean he hustles but I don’t recall him being a hitter or pest or scorer, all things energy guys seem to bring to table. All that’s left for him is fisticuffs.

    If he fought even a little, he could be Steve Begin.