Heat/Marlie Open Thread



I failed to get a game day post up for he Heat/Marlies tilt today, but feel free to share thoughts and impressions of the game here nevertheless.

As of this writing, the Heat were down 3-0 to Toronto in the third period.

  • The Last Big Bear


    That got pretty ugly pretty quickly.

    Ups: Sven Baertschi is a very good hockey player. Tj Brodie is also a very good hockey player.

    Downs: Leland Irving doesn’t always look like he can hack it at the AHL level.

    Won’t blame that entire game on Irving (would have been tough to win with zero goals), but it wouldn’t have been a laugher if he had played like an NHL calibre tender.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Irving had a bad game. Some of the D had a bad game (couple of guys got caught flat-footed regularly). Baertschi was unlucky, but he was actually playing one of his better games so far, and he was beastly in terms of maintaining puck possession; puck just didn’t want to go in. I had a tough time following everyone because the feed was too crunchy to read the numbers with the black-on-red, but from what I could tell Brodie, Horak, and Ferland all played pretty well.

    Not one of ours, but Kadri was excellent.

    Thanks for the URL, Rex. I’m giving it a listen.

  • Hey guys, I was hoping for a Game Day Thread Earlier. I was at the game (managed to grab tickets for $20 a piece from kijiji, best of all we moved down to row d center ice because the place was like half full)

    This was a pretty brutal game, they were turning pucks over quite a bit and the D got caught out of position countless times.

    Sven look great as usual, and Broide is a beast! One play that really stuck out for me he was chased into his own end by two players and he blew them off behind the net and skated it all the way back into their zone and took a shot.

    I am please with Ferlands size he looked like he held his one pretty decent.

    I feel bad for Irving, as he needed a good confidence boosting game to keep everyone off this back. He was alright tonight, but he played the puck poorly a few times outside the net.

    Man the game got pretty chippy at the end, I gotta give Bancks credit for sticking up for himself and pushing 6’4 220 lbs Mark Fraser around. Breen came in and leveled Mark Fraser in defense of Bancks and they both went to the box.

    You wouldn’t have seen it on tv but Breen pointed to the score box and told Fraser soon as the penalty was over they were dropping them. The Refs pulled Fraser out of the box and sent him to the dressing room.

    SmellOfVictory Kardi was hot hot hot tonight, look great. I guess everyone says he performs at the AHL level but %&*( the bed in the NHL.