Gaudreauby Baker Shirts – A question



This week I reached out to the good folks at BC Interruption, the geniuses behind the Gaudreauby Baker movement. A few FN readers already have the shirt in question, but I wondered if there was any other way we could help promote this totally legit fashion movement.

Apparently there is!

Jeff Martyn of BC Interruption told me shipping to Canada is a costly issue for him, which is why orders from our borders cost $20 per shirt (rather the standard $15 in the States). However, he’s willing to sell me the shirts in bulk so that I can distribute them up here at or near the original price point.

Im going to do this as close to cost as possible to make sure everyone can get one of these puppies, so this isn’t a get rich quick scheme or anything. I will also likely hold a shirt or two back for contest purposes as well.

That said, before I go ahead and make an order, I need to know the level of demand. The minimum commitment on my end is at least 10 shirts, so if we can get to that critical point I can make an order and start sending them out to folks here in Calgary and/or Canada.

If you are interested, please make a note in the comments or send me an email to If there’s enough interest, I’ll collect sizes and mailing addresses from everyone and make sure to have them in before Christmas.