Gaudreauby Baker Shirt Order Update



So we got over 40 orders for the Gaudreauby Baker shirt, which surprised the heck out of me. If you still want in on a shirt order but haven’t contacted me, please do so by the end of the day today so I can send the final numbers to our friends down in Boston.

For those of you who have placed your order, I’ll be sending you a mass email with details today. This post contains one of your payment options. Below I have added a paypal button which will work for those of you with paypal or if you want to use a credit card. The button below should walk you through the ordering/pay process and will also work for anyone who wants multiple items.

I will provide at least one other pay option via email today.

As far as shipping goes, I am keeping the shirt price at a flat $15 which I’m hoping will cover the cost of the shirt itself, shipping up here from Boston and then shipping to anyone here in Canada. If you live deep in a bunker somewhere in the Northwest Territories and it’s going to cost an extra $10 to ship to you, we’ll have to discuss that privately. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any issues.

So if you want to pay with a credit card or paypal, please use the button below and feel free to contact me if you have any problems or questions. If you don’t want to use paypal, check your email today, leave a comment, or email me ASAP.

The order will be placed once a majority of the payments have been received. I will notify everyone with potential delivery dates and such once that happens.

PS – If you didn’t receive an email from me regarding shirts today, please let me know. I am using the email address you used to comment/sign-up up for an account here at FN which may or may not be your primary account.