WHOAtherspoon! Or Why Brossoit got Cut

You can all go ahead and admit it, you did NOT see this one coming.

Today was the easiest part of any coach’s job. The cuts. And while Team Canada didn’t cut as many players as they’d like to, they did cut a lot of them.

(I’m being told I have to stop quoting the Simpsons before FOX sues us, so let’s just move on)

The dust has settled over at those pretty new WinSport arenas beaming proudly across Canada Olympic Park (though, for this dust settling analogy to be particularly effective, it would have been cool if Team Canada’s selection camp were being held at the Corral.  Pard’ner), and it came with a few surprises as far as your Calgary Flames are concerned.

Prior to the selection camp, many of us, I’m sure, felt that, at best, 1 out of the 2 Flames prospects would be chosen to represent their country in Russia this holiday season, if either of them at all. But you experts out there all thought it was going to be Laurent Brossoit, because just who the hell does Tyler Wotherspoon think he is anyway?

Well…turns out he’s a Team Canada defenseman, while Brossoit is a sad, brooding young man right now, saddled with the realization that not only does he miss out on the chance to wear the Maple Leaf in the most elite of amateur hockey competition, but that now he also has to return to Edmonton, a fate worse than Hell.

Brossoit Do You Mean He Got Cut?

Headline Puns!

Okay, so straight away, I will lend no credence to any theory posited out there that there was some sort of fix in place, or an OHL bias that kept Laurent Brossoit off the Team Canada roster, because I don’t think anyone is out to get me, and I look ridiculous in tinfoil hats.

On the surface, maybe it does seem a touch suspicious that out of the 4 goaltenders invited to camp, the only one who was put out to pasture by the OHL employed coach was the one who doesn’t have an OHL patch on his club jersey, but hey, take a look at this, WHL goalies have been a pretty predominant theme in years where WHL coaches have been at the helm:

  • 2005: Head Coach Brent Sutter (Look, I know alright, but sometimes we’ve still got to talk about him); Goalies: Jeff Glass (Kootenay), Rejean Beauchemin (Prince Albert)

  • 2006: Head Coach Brent Sutter (last time, I promise); Goalies: Justin Pogge (Calgary), Devan Dubnyk (Kamloops)

  • 2010: Willie Desjardins; Goalies: Martin Jones (Calgary), Jake Allen (Montreal, HEY EVERY RULE HAS AN EXCEPTION!)

Not to mention OHL coach Craig Hartsburg went full ham on WHL goalies in his first term as Team Canada skipper. This is all to say that, even if there is a bias, maybe we’ll let it go this one time, as in practice it seems to work both ways.

However, oh wow, does that not ever make up for the fact that Brossoit was slashed from the lineup when he shouldn’t have been.


  • Vintage Flame

    I wasn’t surprised in the least that Brossoit was cut while Wotherspoon stuck around.

    From the get go, when the media said time and time again that the job was Subban’s to lose, it suggested that there was going to be a political component to the goaltending selection process.

    The fact that Brossoit was the one option NOT from the OHL, didn’t leave me with a lot of hope, especially given his struggles to start the season. Still a shame though.

    I know he is a Flames prospect, but if his game isn’t up to snuff right now, I’d rather him stay behind…

    … which then brings me to Wotherspoon. Am I the only guy around, again, NOT surprised that Matt Dumba was cut again? Wotherspoon has been playing damn good this year and when ever conversations came up about Dumba, it seemed to be about holes in his game and really, from the get-go, how he was on the bubble to make Team Canada.

    • loudogYYC

      I was surprised that Brossoit was cut. I thought he had the inside, but he has not been playing consistently well, so I can’t disagree with it. I am completely on the Wotherspoon bandwagon. Looking forward to getting chance to see him in World Juniors.

  • loudogYYC

    … Kuwah-wah-wah?!?!?!

    no one anywhere should be surprised that Dumba was cut. Everyone everywhere should be surprised that Reinhart WASN’T cut. Well, maybe not surprised so much as outraged. Especially Canucks fans. Corrado, and all that.

  • Oilers fan here, but also a Oil Kings fan, LB got robbed! For what? A slow start to the season? Give me a break, he out played the other two and could be argued he out played Subban.

    Not to mention that LB body of work last season plus Russia series and you can flat out say he was or is the better goalie. I don’t buy the went with a younger goalie for the future, you play for now, this smells of Tugnut not seeing the western conference enough.

    By the way Dumba clearly out performed Murphy, he was sick awful against the U of A team, just absolutely brutal. Any other coach and he doesn’t make this team, massive liability.

    That’s being generous to Murphy that’s how bad he was.