Flames World Junior Primer



The 2013 edition of the IIHF World Junior (U-20) Championship begins on December 26, but there is a lot of hockey to watch this week as teams prepare for the tournament. To provide a handy checklist for hockey-starved Flames fans, here is a quick-and-dirty primer for the games that are coming up.


All of Canada and the United States’ round robin games are televised, so Flames fans will easily get to see a lot of Tyler Wotherspoon, Johnny Gaudreau, Patrick Sieloff and Jon Gillies. Finland has no televised games, outside of the pre-competition games, unfortunately, so Markus Granlund scouting parties won’t be as abundant.

Canada’s round robin games have many, many encores. The USA games have no encores, so set those PVRs carefully.

Depending on where Canada, Russia and the United States finish in the Group B standings, it is possible for there to be a Canada/Russia or Canada/USA gold medal game.

As per the IIHF: D Tyler Wotherspoon wears #26 for Canada, F Johnny Gaudreau wears #13 for the USA, D Patrick Sieloff wears #27 for the USA, G Jon Gillies wears #30 for the USA and F Markus Granlund wears #11 for Finland, if he ever appears on TV.


Thursday, December 20: Canada vs. Finland (in Vantaa, Finland)

-TSN, 7:30am MT (live)

-TSN, 5:30pm MT

-TSN2, 10pm MT on Friday, December 21

Thursday, December 20: USA vs. Sweden (in Vantaa, Finland)

-TSN, 10:30am MT (live)

-TSN2, 10pm MT

Saturday, December 22: Finland vs. USA (in Helsinki, Finland)

-TSN, 4am MT (live)

-TSN2, 7:30pm MT

-TSN2, 1:30am MT on Sunday, December 23

Saturday, December 22: Canada vs. Sweden (in Helsinki, Finland)

-TSN, 7am MT (live)

-TSN2, 5pm MT

-TSN2, 4am MT on Sunday, December 23


Wednesday, December 26: Canada vs. Germany

-TSN, 2am MT (live)

-TSN, 10am MT

-TSN, 5:30pm MT

Thursday, December 27: USA vs. Germany

-TSN, 7am MT (live)

-no encores

Friday, December 28: Canada vs. Slovakia

– TSN, 2am MT (live)

– TSN, 10am MT

– TSN, 5:30pm MT

Friday, December 28: Russia vs. USA

– TSN, 7am MT (live)

– no encores

Sunday, December 30: Canada vs. USA

-TSN, 2am MT (live)

-TSN, 10am MT

-TSN2, 6pm MT

Monday, December 31: USA vs. Slovakia

-TSN, 3am MT (live)

-no encores

Monday, December 31: Canada vs. Russia

-TSN, 6:30am MT (live)

-TSN, 10am MT

-TSN, 5:30pm MT

Make sure to bookmark this page for an easy reference guide over the holidays.

    • T&A4Flames

      Gaudreau has been a lock pretty much since last season, and he’s been alternating between playing with Galchenyuk and Grimaldi (to my knowledge, he’s always playing with Miller).

      As for Sieloff… he SHOULD make the team for the same reason Wotherspoon made team Canada, but there has been talk that they’re looking for guys to jump into the play, which definitely sounds like they’d be leaning away from a shutdown defender.

      The US roster won’t be finalized until the 23rd, but my previous prediction still stands: Jones, Trouba, and Murphy down the right side, and Skjei, Sieloff, and Gostisbehere down the left, with McCabe or Reilly as the extra.

  • beloch

    Slightly off-topic:

    Since 1893 the Stanley Cup has been awarded to at least one champion in every single year except 2005. There have been multiple changes of leagues, two world-wars, and it wasn’t until 2005 that the long chain of champions was finally broken and “Stanley Cup playoffs cancelled due to greed” had to be engraved into the Cup’s history. Should we, as fans, sit idly by and allow the cup to sit on the shelf for a second time if the lockout consumes another entire season?

    While the Stanley cup did start out as a trophy for amateur teams to compete for, professional teams were permitted to compete for it and eventually the only league able to compete for it was the NHL. In 1947 the Cup’s trustees and the NHL reached an agreement, which included the following:

    “This agreement shall remain in force so long as the League continues to be the world’s leading professional hockey league as determined by its playing caliber, and in the event of dissolution or other termination of the National Hockey League, the Stanley Cup shall revert to the custody of the trustees.”

    If the league has locked out the players and is not playing hockey, then the NHL is clearly no longer the world’s leading professional hockey league and this agreement is void. One might argue that the NHL has not been dissolved or that the KHL is now the most deserving league, but quite frankly, I think the fans want, and Lord Stanley himself would have wanted, to see the cup stay in North America. It should not sit on a shelf collecting dust. It should be played for and awarded to the best hockey club currently playing in North America.

    If the NHL and NHLPA fail to reach an agreement and the full season is cancelled, the AHL should approach the current trustees of the cup and ask for the right to award the cup to their champion. This would give a league that plays good hockey some much needed exposure, continue a great Canadian and North American tradition, and perhaps even give the NHL a little reality check. The Stanley Cup does not belong to the NHL. It belongs to the best team playing hockey in the best league on North American ice. If the NHL isn’t playing, then Lord Stanley’s cup should go to a non-NHL team.

    P.S. Yes, I know I’m crazy, but at least I amused myself by writing this. 🙂

  • beloch

    After writing the above, I decided I must surely not be the first to bring up this idea. Indeed, many have.

    Two gentlemen from Toronto took the idea a step further after the last lockout:


    According to this, one of the cup’s trustees, Brian O’Neill, commented that his own inclination was to award the cup to another league in 2005, but the rules then did not permit him to do so. Two Toronto beer-league players made a legal challenge to the rules and the NHL’s agreement with the Stanley Cup trustees was updated so that now, indeed, the trustees have the authority to award the cup to another league if the NHL isn’t playing for it.

    Perhaps I’m not so crazy!

    • Captain Ron

      Try to imagine how many guys (even NHL players) would be looking to join a team who’s beer league would have the authority to award the Stanley Cup to the league champs.

      It would be chaotic both on and off the ice!

      But crazy fun to watch!

      Back to the topic. This is my favorite tournament to watch. I am very curious to see how good Gaudreau is in this tournament. Don’t have any real expectations of the other Flames prospects but will be watching them closely all the same.

      And GO CANADA!!!!!!!!

  • Captain Ron

    apparently Wotherspoon is expected to line up on the 3rd pair with Reinhart in the pre-tourney game tomorrow. Interesting choice. I would have gone with Wotherspoon-Murphy, myself.

    Granlund is, supposedly, centering Salomaki and Armia. No surprise there. Interestingly, Barkov isn’t listed on the Finnish roster, but they do have 4 (!!!) defense pairs (no Pokka, either??).