Gaudreauby Bakers Shirts Have Arrived



So after a couple long weeks of waiting, I finally got a knock on my door from Purolator this morning. The big box of yellow shirts are here.

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I’ll try my best to get these things out to everyone who ordered them ASAP. There are a couple of options here:

1.) Mail ’em. This is unfortunately the only option for anyone outside of Calgary.

2.) In you’re in Calgary and live somewhere on the south side, I may be able to deliver them right into your mailbox for you. Alternatively, I may meet with a couple of the site’s writers who ordered shirts this weekend for a beer or two. If you want to come by a pub and pick up your shirt(s) in person, we could probably arrange it for saturday or Sunday.

I’ll get busy putting everything together this afternoon. If you’re in Calgary and prefer the straight mail option, no worries. Otherwise let me know via email or comment if you want your shirt(s) delivered or if you want to go the pick-up route (with beers or at my house if you’re really desperate). 

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