AGD: Hunting in Wolf Country

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Allstate Arena Chicago


A shorter gamethread today since we covered most of the ground in the preview yesterday. The Heat beat the Wolves 3-2 last night in a game that was very back-and-forth, although I’d say the Heat survived gave up ,pre own zone time and chances against overall. That said, Abbotsford blocked a lot of shots, the Wolves missed or were stuffed on a lot of pucks in the scoring area and when they did break through, Danny Taylor was there more often than not.

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The real good news is the Heat managed to score 3 goals for just the second time in December. Most of that had to do with Krys Kolanos, who displayed his strong nose for the net and pitched in on two of the three Heat markers. It’s taken him a couple of months to get up to speed for some reason, but Kolanos has proven recently he can still score at the AHL level with 4 points in the last 2 games.

Today, the Heat can win two in a row for the first time since November 23-24. Both clubs will likely go with very similar line-ups, give or take a fringe veteran here or there.A win for Abbotsford would put them back amongst the conference leaders with 40 points. The Wolves, on the other hand, don’t want the playoff picture to continue to dim.