Another loss for the Flames that really no one is surprised by. Going into the game, Calgary had 0.2% of still making the playoffs which realistically meant they had no chance. Even gaining the point in overtime, with the Phoenix win and some games that will al put the math into place, the Flames have officially been eliminated from the playoffs. I won’t even give the Canucks the benefit of being the team that eliminated Calgary either, that distinction solely hangs around the neck of each Flames player and coach. Wear it well boys.


The Flames came out in the first period and actually showed some jump. Playing like they still had something to prove, be it to the fans, or to themselves, they looked to make a statement  early. Applying pressure in the Vancouver zone didn’t mean to much though when what has been the case far to often over the last eight games, they had no finish. Then at the 5:08 mark Henrik Sedin carried the puck from the neutral zone all the way into the Flames zone. Half way through the right face off circle, Sedin would saucer pass a back hand over to Maxim Lapierre, that he would in turn push underneath Karlsson’s pad, that wasn’t even along the ice. Despite Karlsson not playing an NHL game since December, it was a terrible goal and another example as to why Hank won’t be with the Flames next season. Shots were 12-7 in favour of the Flames, but the goal took the wind out of their sales and by the end of the period, Vancouver had taken over the scoring chances 7-5.

In the second period, Vancouver completely took over this game. They dominated Calgary in shots, 11-8; and completely decimated them 6-1 in scoring chances. At the 5:20 mark, while on the power play, Olli Jokinen would cough up the puck to Yannick Hansen, and he would be off to the races with the short handed breakaway. At about 5:27, Mark Giordano makes an incredible play, coming all the way back to not only catch hansen, but disrupt the play and knock the puck into the corner. Iginla picks up the puck at his own blueline and goes kitty-corner to the Canucks blueline, stops and feeds Olli Jokinen the one timer for the power play goal. The goal came on their only power play and only scoring chance of the period.

The third period started well for the boys. At just :51 seconds into the frame, Mike Cammalleri unleashed a rocket that Luongo didn’t see but I’m sure he heard go passed him and into the net. Great pass from Moss from the left boards and despite all logic, Calgary lead Vancouver 2-1. The Canucks didn’t dominate the Flames too much in the third, holding small margins in shots (12-10) and scoring chances (6-4) as well.  At 11:45, Sedin and Burrows would play keep away from Calgary and then dish the puck off to  Marc-Andre Gragnani who would put the slap shot through Karlsson to tie the game at two. Despite Hank feeling he was interfered with by Lapierre, he whiffed on the shot and let another soft goal go in between his arm and his body. Strike two Tower.

Given Calgary’s record in overtime, when the clock hit zeros, fans everywhere must have felt like the game was lost. Despite the record, they played overtime anyways, but at 3:52, Karlsson would cap the night off, letting the recently returned Andrew Ebbett score the winner. And that was the ball game.


1. Maxim Lapierre

2. Mike Cammalleri

3. Andrew Ebbett


Fans had to know that as soon as they saw Karlsson in net, that the Flames had surrendered to their fate. They can say all they want to the media that they are playing for pride, because what else are they supposed to say? As always actions speak louder than words and if you didn’t hear the message tonight, Henrik Karlsson put three exclamation marks on it over a span of sixty-five minutes.

It’s not mathematical, but it is official now that they will not be going to the playoffs. With a maximum of 90 possible points, they’re done. All that’s left now is to sit back and play for fun in the last two games; the party starts on Thursday when they get to play these same Vancouver Canucks. Bring your party favorites, puck drop is at 7 pm on Sportsnet and the Fan 960.

  • First Name Unidentified

    What can we get for Iginla?

    I was told Lucic and Boychuk for Iggi is a laughable idea.

    OK, what about Ty Rattie from the Blues in addition to one of the following:
    a) TJ Oshie, b) Shattenkirk, c) Chris Stewart, or d) Pietrangelo?

    What about Iggi and Tanguay for Lucic and Boychuk?

    We already have committed $47.8 million in 17 players for the next season. That doesn’t give us much of cap room to be able to sign any big name free agents or trade for an expensive name.

    Get rid of JBo, trade Cammi, Send Kipper to a contender, package out Stajan and whoever. This will shed a decent amount of salary.

    Let Olli, Stemp, Comeau, Moss, TKo, Sarich, and Hannan walk to free agency. Re-sign Jones and Backlund.

    Make Sven, Ferland, and Reinhart regulars in the lineup. Other kids to take regular spots would be Bouma, Brodie, Backs, etc.

    The lines would look somewhat like this:

    Sven – Backlund – Lucic/Rattie (or any other UFA) Ferland – Horak – Reinhart Tanguay – Jones – Glencross Nemisz – Bouma – Jackman

    Gio – Butler Boychuk – UFA Smith – Brodie

    Irving Ramo

    • hark65

      You’re joking right? Iggy isn’t worth even half of what you’re expecting as a return. We’ll be lucky to get a 2nd rounder straight across for a guy who’s best years are behind him. He’s a 55 point player next year and that ain’t worth much.

      • supra steve

        Agreed that Iggy’s value is likely nowhere near what some are speculating, but your estimate is just as ridiculous on the low end. As a trade deadline rental, he may get you a good prospect like Cody Hodgson (what Van gave up for Zack Kassian) or a first plus a conditional draft choice in the following year. Perhaps we could get Tim Erixon from NYR…just kidding.

        Ultimately, we would have been far better off moving him at this years deadline, but thats water under the bridge at this point.

        • RKD

          Cody Hodgson was moved for another high-end, 1st round pick who was about the same age. You weren’t going to get Cody Hodgson for Iggy.

          At least pray the Flames either sh!t or get off the pot with Iggy sooner than later. Make him a Flame for life this summer or start looking at options. Because the last thing you want to see happen is have management decide to trade him 16 minutes before the trade deadline expires. That never yields very good results.

          • supra steve

            I see Hodgson as something like Backlund–having trouble living up to all the hype (as well as injury issues). So I think it is not unreasonable to assume Iggy could yield such a return under the right conditions.

      • RKD


        He may only be a 55 point player but he’s still making a $7M salary.

        If he at least was making $4M a season with that cap hit there’d be cheapskate cap-floor teams interested in trading for him just to pay the least money possible. Or if he was set to be paid $7M but his cap hit was lower some contender like the Penguins might consider him. I say might.

        Instead you’ll have a tough time moving him at best. Bet Brayden Schenn looks good right about now.

        Oh – and don’t forget that Mike Cammalleri is still owed $14M for the next two years. If Iginla’s a 55 point player next year, what the hell is MC?


    • Jeff Lebowski

      Man you are delusional. Completely wild mad. Iggy is 35 and a UFA in 1 year. He is at best a rental and will bring back prospects, draft picks, futures. The idea of getting lucic AND someone else is ridiculous. Lucic alone is ridonkulous.

      Ty rattie AND piettrangelo?? Hahahahaaaa. We don’t have any asset that could get piettrangelo. Baertshi would be the starting point to keep from getting hung up on, then we’d have to throw in iggy and probably kipper too.

      People thinking we have assets to turn this ship quick are completely delusional. My point is that we have no option but to get some good draft picks. Teams like the oilers (or the blues in is example) sucked for YEARS to gather those assets, stud dmen or impact superstar fwds. They know how much it sucked to ride the toilet for years in exchange for these star players. The chance of them being traded for iggy is less than zero and it’s laughable people think we can turn the ship with a few quick trades for our super awesome almost retiring veterans…

    • Frankly, any major trade with the Bruins is laughable. If for some reason they wanted to break up a core which won the Stanley Cup, you’re still talking about trading $10.5M in cap space (Iggy, Tanguay) for around $7.5M (Lucic, Boychuk).

      Oshie and Shattenkirk probably won’t get moved and Pietrangelo definitely won’t. Stewart could be had though.

      Evening out the cap hits is the reason Iginla and Tanguay almost certainly won’t be traded together. Those two aren’t worth $10.5M in roster players at this point, unless you’re talking about taking on bad contracts.

    • supra steve

      The thought of trading Iggy and Tanguay together interests me. Wonder if it would interest other teams out there? I think if someone like St. Louis or Boston get knocked out early you might find some interest from them. Worth looking into at very least. That is assuming the Flames have finally come to their senses on the trade Iggy issue. If not then god help us.

      The same-old trade Stajan, Cammi, JBo story is getting tiresome though. Stajan, are you kidding me, who is going to take him? Besides, has played himself out of his funk, it could continue? Cammi would have to show himself worth his $$ before you could move him, unless you want to reaquire Bourque. JBo-any team would want him, but again his $$ is a problem. If Pronger retires, could the Flyers be tempted?

      If they do go total rebuild, why not keep Sarich and/or Hannan to help with the kids? You still have to ice a team. And if Stemp would sign for reasonable $$, why not. Got to have some vets that are at least a modest threat to score to help shelter your kids that make the team. In short, as long as they move Kipper and Iggy, they can come back with the entire team as is for all I care. Result should be a lotto pick in 2013, and thats what we want.

  • I'm Batman

    Oiler fan here. In 2008 my team finished 9th in the west. In 2009 they finished 11th. Looks like the flames are following suit perfectly. Anyone care to guess where the Oilers finished the next year? Here’s to the Flames finishing last next year, finally being forced into a re-build, and the BOA being back in 2018.

  • Truculence

    Gonna be an interesting off-season. I really believe that despite all the rhetoric, the Flames` performance in March will engender some significant roster changes. Flames will seriously ponder a semi-rebuild at the very least. I`m thinking Kipper will be gone, while there is a 50é50 chance Iggy is a goner, too.

    Oh well, hopefully they lose the last couple of games and solidify their chances of picking 11th. They could get one of Faska, Reinhart, or Ceci in that position.