Jarome Iginla Trade Scenarios Open Thread



The idea of trading Jarome Iginla has been kicked around and debated for years. This thread is not to discuss the potential merits or possibility of such a move however – merely to establish what readers and fans would consider a good, realistic return for the Flames captain if he was hypothetically dealt this summer.

As such, I’d like everyone to add their ideal (but still plausible) package in the comment section. Meaning, let’s avoid suggestions Iggy should be dealt for Giroux, Crosby or Malkin. If everyone sticks to at least semi-realistic scenarios, we can maybe construct an "average" potential return out of all the suggestions.

Some info to provide context for your hypothetical trades

– Iginla has a NTC, so it’s unlikely he would accept deals to teams without a reasonable chance of winning in the short term.

– His cap hit is $7M next year, the last year of his current contract. His destination team must be able to absorb his contract or be able to move money in the deal in order to do so. Capgeek.com and NHLNumbers.com are your friends.

– The rumored return for Iginla to LAK was Wayne Simmonds, a draft pick and Brayden Schenn not too long ago. Seeing as the Kings later traded Schenn and Simmonds for Mike Richards, we can reasonably assume there was some fire to go with that smoke. It therefore makes sense to use that rumor as an "anchor" for your suggestions.

– Iginla will turn 35 years old on July 1. He’s in great shape, but this is the age where even great players usually start to suffer a real drop in performance.

Again, this isn’t a debate over whether the Flames should or will trade Iginla. Just a look at reasonable, hypothetical trade scenarios to spark a discussion and maybe get an idea of Iginla’s potential value. Fans of other teams are welcome to weigh in since a variety of perspectives is useful.

And that’s it. If this exercise proves interesting we can discuss the best suggestions and then repeat it in a week or so with Kipper.


  • 24% body fat

    @ What is happening to Ebs: Dont understand your arguement. Detroit paid a 1st rounder for Quincey, a UFA I believe. I know Gaustad is a UFA & Nashville gave up a 1st rounder. Iginla is light years ahead of these players even as a rental. Assets like 1st rounders & top just about ready prospects are nothing to a GM for a legit player to get him into the Stanley Cup sweepstakes. I dont buy your Iggy’s value is nose diving. We would have got way more if we had traded him last year or the year before but players like him rarely even become available as rentals. Case in point, do you think Dallas wouldnt have gotten a nice return for Richards at the deadline? They could have gotten a 2nd rounder for just trading his rights in June & Richards quashed that.

    • 24% body fat

      Iggys value is going down for many reasons.

      The biggest being that rental players values are going down. Look at the market at deadline this past year.

      the other reasons are his age, his production, etc. What I am saying is that when it comes to the negotiating table market value determines the players worth. If they traded him two years ago the probably would have got a 1st a 2nd a 3rd a former first round pick and a roster player.

      If you are sitting down with Feaster (who has no plan or idea what so ever) you know you are in the driver seat. If the playoff race looks set earlier in the year than rentals are not as in high of demand.

      If you are a GM looking for a move and dont want to trade picks for a rental maybe you would trade them for a younger player. Thus not destroying your next 6 or 7 years.

      There are tonnes of things that determine value, and unfortunately for Feaster Jeromes Star Power and Production may not be enough to get what he wants.

  • SmellOfVictory

    I agree that J. Staal is worth more than Iggy straight up. I’d be fine with Jarome plus our first for Staal. We get a top 6 centre who can play in every situation and has good offensive skills.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Pittsburgh: Joe Morrow + 1st, or Staal

    Boston: Hamilton (might be a reach)

    Chicago (for Iginla + Kiprusoff): Frolik + Crawford + McNeill + Saad (Frolik might be undervalued enough to be considered a cap dump)

    St. Louis: Tarasenko or Perron

    NYR: Tim Erixon (hohoho). Dubinsky + Kreider

    • 24% body fat

      pittsburg, sorry, staal is worth more than iginla going forward

      boston, hamilton is the only prospect the need to develop to stay competitive, not happening

      Chicago, maybe,

      St. louis, not happening, they are winning without needing to trade a very high end talent or roster player

      NYR, Dubinsky one for one maybe.

      Iginla’s value keeps going down and the league knows this. Calgary will lose this trade even though it needs to be made.

      • SmellOfVictory

        you’re way undervaluing Iginla. there was an article in the sun a few months ago where Eric Francis (I know, but bear with me) interviewed several GMs (none named) and concluded that Iginla would fetch a top 6 forward AND a top prospect/1st round pick. No less.

        • 24% body fat

          Not undervaluing him, saying the market is going down. How many rental made this year at the deadline. GM’s are more cautious than ever to trade the future on rental or ageing players. We will wait and see what he fetches than. I was also mearly stating that the scenarios mentioned would not be done.

          I suggested Ottawas first and Matt Puempel or Stefan Noesen, that is a value that is exactly what you mentioned.

          I guess it comes down to who is more desperate, Calgary for Picks, a team needing that extra push for a cup with cap space or a bubble team with a GM needing to keep his job.

          Also Flames should tear it down this year. The prize at the end of the rainbow is as good as it gets.

  • loudogYYC

    The only problems I see with trading Iginla at next years deadline is that you have no way of knowing if he’ll be healthy and tradable by then and no way of knowing if his decline will accelerate in the months prior the deadline. The other thing is that you probably wouldn’t receive a high quality roster player at the deadline cuz no one gives those up when you’re preparing for a run at the cup.

    That said, I think Boston would be the ideal trading partner for Calgary. They’re one of the deepest teams at Centre and they’re weak at RW.

    To Boston:
    Iginla, Nemisz, 2013 3rd rd pick. Total NHL salary: $8,045,833 (If Nemo hits bonuses)

    To Calgary:
    Krejci, Spooner, 2013 4th rd pick. Total NHL salary: $5,973,333 (If Spooner plays)

    Boston takes on as much as $2,072,500 if Nemisz hits every attainable bonus. If he doesn’t make the 23 man roster then Boston only takes on $1,750,000. They have the cap space and the possibility of putting Hortons $4M on LTIR to give them even more flexibility.

    Calgary gets a solid, proven playmaking centre who’s 25 years old and an awesome up and coming, although unproven C prospect.

  • Why Not Us

    I’m personally a big fan of a deal with St. Louis. They are a team which (depending how deep they go this year) could very likely benefit from the experience, veteran presence and leadership that Iggy could bring to their relatively young group. They are definitely in “win now” mode and I think that Iggy would be as likely to waive to go there as any other contending team.

    My preference would be to see Jaden Schwartz as the key piece coming back, although Rattie would be a good return too (plus a 1st and a decent fwd obviously).

    I like the Ottawa for Mark Stone+ suggestion too…not sure that Iggy would be as willing to waive to go there, but the other elements involved seem to line up quite nicely.

  • 1st off, I think we are past the point where Iggy’s return is simply rental of nature anymore. I really dont see him doing a quick extend & trade type of deal & he is a type of player that will not be bullied into deciding where he lands as a UFA just to accomodate a trade. Therefore, once again I dont see any urgency trading Iggy this summer, in fact, his rental return will be higher at the trade deadline. During the summer, every team has expectations to be aplayoff team next year. So for poops & giggles I will give 2 scenarios of trade deadline targets & summer trades:

    Summer trade: will need to be with teams that are contenders who feel a year with Iggy & they can convince him to extend to a lucrative 3 year deal at the end of next season.

    1/Pittsburg: We all know Sid loved playing with Iggy in the Olympics. Lets consider they know J Staal has 1 more year left, wants a larger role than what he currently has & will be looking for a nice contract in 1 year. Neal & Malkin made a great tandem & Sid & Iggy would make a 2nd tandem, Pitt needs defence & possibly a highly touted centre prospect, so here is what I suggest: To Pitt- Iggy, Backlund(would make a great 3rd line centre in Pitt), Butler(solid inexpensive 3-4 d)2012 3rd pick. To Calgary- J Staal, roster player(salary back), 2012 1st rounder

    2/Boston: Depending on the health of Horton, the strength they have in centre, Iggy would certainly be a target for the Bruins: To Bruins-Iggy, 2012 3rd rounder. To Calgary-Kriejci, 2012 1st rounder, 2012 2nd rounder

    3/Buffalo: Owner that wants to spend & has no problem eating contracts. To Buffalo-Iggy. To Calgary- Adams, Sekera, Buffalo 2012 1st

    Trade Deadline: Opens up more teams & those teams will depend where they stand next February. Iggy will be a straight rental at this point. So Feaster would need to generate a bidding war of the best top propspect, a 2013 1st & 2013 2nd rounder & a UFA salary dump would probably come back.

    • RexLibris

      I like your Pittsburgh option. Calgary takes on some risk as their prized return could walk for nothin, but they would have several months ahead of July 1st to negotiate a new deal.

      The 1st rounder and another signed roster player would be insurance to that effect.

      Backlund as a replacement for Staal is one heck of a downgrade, but more appropriate for where Backlund is in his development.

  • I think the best fits for Jerome would be Ottawa, St. Louis, or Boston.

    I like Ty Rattie and a top six (Berglund), or a first from St. Louis…

    Mark Stone and a first from the Sens…

    OR Dougie Hamilton and Krejci, or a first from the Bruins…

  • T&A4Flames

    Sorry, forget that last commenet, I did not realize Semin was going to be a UFA at the end of this season. In that case I’d definately inquire about shipping Iggy to St.Louis.

  • Send Iggy (7M$) to Washington for Semin (6.7M$) and a first round pick, and some prospect. This gives Washington enough time to free up 300,000K which shouldn’t be too hard and they have the whole off-season to do it.

    I also like the idea of sending St.Louis for a package that would involve Ty Rattie. Very intriguing.

  • However, other teams are leery to take Iginla unless he signs an extension

    Im not certain this is true, although it’s possible. Keep in mind that under the current CBA, contracts for players aged 35 or older are bigger gambles because the cap hit sticks even if the player is demoted or retires. Maybe that changes with the new CBA, but I doubt it.

    I’d be willing to send Iginla to St. Louis.

    Makes sense. The Blues have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to young players/prospects. Berglund, Oshie, Stewart and Perron are all under 25 years old and they have Rattie, Jaden Schwartz and Vladamir Tarsenko all waiting in the wings.

    • RKD

      I don’t think any GM would want to give up their assets to only get Iggy for one year given the uncertainty of the CBA. If there was a lockout, Iggy could get traded to a team and never have to play for them because next year he would be free to sign anywhere.

  • 24% body fat

    I’d be willing to send Iginla to St. Louis. Why the Blues? They have Ty Rattie, Sven Baertschi`s linemate in Portland. They have amazing chemistry together. Reuniting the both of them could be very beneficial for the Flames organization.

    • MC Hockey

      Love this idea! Chemistry is not automatic unless your linemate happens to be Gretzky, Lemieux, Adam Oates, Sakic, Yzerman, or in the modern era Joe Thornton, Crosby or Malkin.

  • 24% body fat

    Price for rental players is going down. And while Jerome is a better addition than some rentals in the past those players were in most cases much younger. I think you get a roster player or prospect and a playoff team first round.

    Trade to Ottawa at deadline for 1st round pick and Puemple.

  • RKD

    I’m no GM, but I believe Jarome will net you a 1st round pick, a prospect and a roster player.

    However, other teams are leery to take Iginla unless he signs an extension, meaning trading Iginla would most certainly mean he would never return to the Calgary Flames.