The Flames Fifteen: #4 – Max Reinhart


Entering the 2010 Draft with no selections in either of the first two rounds, the Flames opted for a conventional selection with their first pick in the draft (64th overall): they chose the son of a former NHLer.

The eldest of former Flames blueliner Paul Reinhart’s three sons, Max Reinhart is notable in that he’s exceptionally well-rounded, but seems to not be all that exceptional at any one thing. Playing in virtually every situation possible with the Kootenay Ice, Reinhart’s stock rose dramatically during the 2010-11 season, scoring 79 points in 71 games and helping lead the team to a WHL championship. This past season, while the team was thinned out by injuries and players turning pro, Reinhart still managed to produce steady offense as well as leadership and grit.

When Reinhart’s club was eliminated from the WHL playoffs, he headed to Abbotsford and adapted rather quickly – scoring twice in the last game of the AHL regular season and putting up two points in four playoff games. Max’s progression would be remarkable for most players, but it seems to be par for the course for him.

Player Kent Justin WI Scott VF Arik (not counted)
Max Reinhart 3 4 6 6 5 4

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*Reminder – The evaluators were asked to rank players, and we sorted the rankings via a simple point scale-number 15 on each list got one point, while number 1 on each list got 15. The criteria for who was included was pretty simple: players the Flames control who are 23 and under (excluding Mikael Backlund, since he’s already a bona fide NHLer).

Max’s biggest asset seems to be his hockey sense. Having grown up with a father (and a coach) that was a very good NHLer for a long time, he seems to have inherited his ability to see the game develop and read situations. He spent a week or so watching AHL hockey from the sidelines and was able to jump in and provide grit and offense in his first game. That’s insanely rare, particularly given that more skilled offensive players (Bryan Cameron and Ryan Howse) prepared all summer for the AHL after finishing major junior and floundered.

Considering his lack of pro experience, Max Reinhart is likely ear-marked for some time in Abbotsford next season. That’s great, given that his style of play falls right into coach Troy Ward’s wheelhouse, and that Reinhart is already used to being a leader on an offensive-starved team. That said, Reinhart’s early success at the AHL level suggests his tools may be more needed in Calgary than on the farm.

If this was any other player, I’d be worried that the Flames are rushing him to the NHL. But considering that the organization is a bit light on bottom-six talent that can chip in offensively, and that Reinhart can play on both special teams units, perhaps it’s not too soon.


The other Reinhart brothers may already have NHL talent on their hands, but Max seems to be the one with an NHL mind. If his talent can progress in short order, the Flames could have a steal of a player on their hands.


The List 

Player   Kent   Justin   WI   Scott   VF   Arik [NC]   Final Rank
Max Reinhart   3   4   4   6   5   4   4
Leland Irving   6   5   8   2   7   6   5
Roman Horak   5   8   6   8   9   7   6
Michael Ferland   8   7   7   7   6   11   7
Lance Bouma   10   9   5   14   4   12   8
Markus Granlund   7   6   0   10   13   8   9
Bill Arnold   11   11   0   11   8   5   10
Greg Nemisz   9   13   0   5   15   15   11
Paul Byron   12   10   0   12   11   9   12
John Ramage   14   12   0   0   12   10   13
Chris Breen   0   15   0   13   0   14   14
Tyler Wotherspoon   0   14   0   0   10   0   15

  • everton fc

    Fair retort, Justin. I always respect your views… Or I wouldn’t come here!

    So… if we need JBO to “win”… Could we be screwed?

    As for Bouwmeester not winning anything… He hasn’t.

    Teams have paid ridiculous salaries for similar players. See Sabres last year. It’s possible. If he’s that valuable here…

    I don’t hate JBO. Other teams have done well without guys playing 26 minutes. Look at the Devils backend. They made the Cup final… Zidlicky was taking almost as many minutes after he came over from the Wild.

    The Devils made due.

    As for Feaster and Weisbrod swinging at the fences… They may indeed be swinging late, call strike three. I am not on their bandwagon. Time will tell. Outside of Baertschi and Gaudreau, last years draft didn’t overwhelm me, and most teams would have picked Baertschi at 13.

  • I’ll concede to Kent (and others) that my projection of Reinhart as being up within a year or so is a bit generous. It’s based on a combination of his mental maturity and the Flames lacking really good bottom-six players.

    That said, he’s TWENTY, and probably should pack on some muscle before he hits the NHL. How long his physical maturity takes to match his mental maturity is probably the key in when he makes the NHL.

  • thymebalm

    @everton fc

    I think it’s because many here think we can win without him

    ha. no.

    we can pick up necessary assets by moving him

    pray tell why someone who is “overpaid” and is so bad the team “can win without him” will get necessary assets back

    freeing up loonies for potential summer signings

    who a. would sign here b. would actually help the team win?

    Bouwmeester has never won anything

    because there aren’t 20 other guys on the team, right?

    I don’t care about the minutes

    you probably should because there’s 26 of them per night against the best players in the league that have to be filled.

    Unless they dump his salary… and find someone who can log the minutes

    who? there’s ONE guy in free agency and the flames don’t have the assets to attempt to trade.

    Me thinks the combo of Feaster & Wesibrod will swing for the fences

    which is all well and good, but why are you swinging when the ball’s already in the catcher’s mitt?

    come on, man.

  • everton fc

    If Ferland becomes “real”… I’d love to see he and Reinhart on the same line. If Reinhart has the same “streak” as Ferland…

    This is what I think develops a winning attitude in a franchise…

  • everton fc

    Unless they dump his salary… and find someone who can log the minutes…

    You never know. Me thinks the combo of Feaster & Wesibrod will swing for the fences, if they can. Clearly, Hartley and Weisbrod will give Feaster more latitude and confidence to swing for the fences…

    Not that I trust any of them yet!

  • jeremywilhelm

    Well, we can’t win without him. There is no one in FA or on this team that can fill his minutes. The Flames will be a top 10 pick without Bouwmeester this year.

  • everton fc

    I think it’s because many here think we can win without him – we can pick up necessary assets by moving him, getting some pieces back, and freein g up loonies for potential summer signings…

    Bouwmeester has never won anything. So I am in the camp that says, “Move him, if you can.” I don’t care about the minutes, though I concede it is a concern.

  • jeremywilhelm

    Max Reinhart is like a young Daymond Langkow, except he is alot dirtier on the ice. Max has a real temper and can be quite vicious on the ice when he is angry.

    The kid will spend the next season in the AHL barring injuries on the NHL team, and then probably debut as the third line center in 2013-2014.

    On Sam Reinhart:
    On multiple viewings, this kid is very very impressive. As big as his brather Max already even though he is 3-4 years younger. Between him and Max, they were only guys who could keep the puck in the offensive zone for the Ice this season. Sam is gonna be a really good player I think.

  • everton fc

    I think Reinhart might be this years Horak, in terms of making the team.

    Not saying I support this… Nor that I don’t…

    Perhaps JBO to the Isles, along w/Backlund or Horak, for #4 and someone else??

  • Gaudreau cannot attend training camp. It’s during school. He’ll be at prospect development camp, but the NCAA has very tight regulations on what players can and can’t do, so he’ll have to give ALL his gear back at the end of the camp and pay his own way there.

    In short, NO, Gaudreau can’t play nine games next year.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    In my mind it all really does depend what happens with the CBA and the lockout. But hopefully there is an actual season next season, and I’m really excited to see what guys like Reinhart, Ferland, (new and improved Howse), Horak do in camp this year, not to mention the one and only Forty-SVEN.

    Just on a different note for a minute, when Johnny Gaudreau comes for training camp, since Gaudreau is with a U.S. College team, could we keep him for the standard 9-game stint if the Flames management wished to do so. Clearly, Gaudreau’s game probably isn’t this far advanced yet, but I’m just wondering.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Yup, Sam, the youngest, is already considered a likely top 5 pick in the 2014 draft. A lot can change in a couple of years, but when a player gets this much hype this early, he normally sticks in the upper echelons of the draft.

    As to Max, I’d imagine he’ll spend at least a season in the AHL unless there’s a substantial rash of injuries, but once he hits the NHL it’s pretty unlikely that he’ll be going back.

  • RexLibris

    I think Staal’s negotiations should be fairly indicative that he intends to leave for Carolina at season’s end.

    This could make trade deadline time interesting. A significant trade to Carolina on a sign-and-trade?

    As for Reinhart, Max looks like he could become a very good 3rd line center. 2nd line if things go really well. Horcoff rose to play 1st line minutes (debate that later, but 2nd line center was probably his overall ceiling).

    As for Sam, he looks like a top 10 pick in his draft year. Griffin has been projected as possibly going to the Islanders at #4.

  • loudogYYC

    As much as the Flames may be thin on bottom 6 scorers, I just don’t see the rush. Why not take one out of Detroit’s book and let the kid develop and dominate the A, then when you have an opening you bring a complete player into the fold.

    A little off topic, Jordan Staal rejected a 10 year extension today. I say Staal and a 1st to Chicago for Kane and Bolland. You saw it here first.

  • thymebalm

    I lean more toward ryan’s take on his pro readiness – I think he has the right mix to be able to play 2nd, 3rd and 4th line minutes, so we’ll see him sooner rather then later.

  • Would be nice if the Flames could wrangle Griffin into the fold, at the LEAST. Does the third brother play hockey too? Would be crazy to have three Reinhart’s on the ice at any one time, I could see it being quite the boon for the Flames.

  • Im actually expecting a somewhat lengthy apprenticeship for Reinhart. He’s got the sort of smarts that will serve him well in pro, I think, but he’ll need to get bigger, stronger and learn to compute things at a pro level in order to be effective. And he doesn’t have the kind offensive flair that usually gets a young player a one-way ticket to the show.

    I guess we’ll see.