Flames UFA Open Thread



Calgary sat out the first day of unrestricted free agency, which wasn’t a surprise given all of their earlier activity. With dwindling cap space and roster spots, Calgary is pretty close to finishing off their 2012-13 opening day line-up.

There may still be a move or two waiting in the wings though. Feel free to use this post to suggest scenarios, share you feelings on how the team is shaping up or discuss any moves that are made by the Flames or other clubs.

  • Polarbear321

    I don’t see much happening. Perhaps the Flames go after Tootoo or Winnik to toughen up a bit. Perhaps they trade Bacjlund or (I hope not) Bouwmeester.

    I think Garrison will end up working out better than Wideman.

    • RKD

      Tootoo signed with Detroit for three years.

      The question I have is do we think Garrison is better than Jay-Bo? Jay-Bo and Jokinen had inflated stats playing in the East in a weak SE division. Let’s see how Garrison does playing with the travel in the West.

  • RKD

    I’m not surprised Parise or Suter didn’t decide yesterday. We might see this more often when big name players receive so many offers they need time to think of where to go.

    I’ve also heard teams are trying to bring in both Parise or Suter as a package deal, but those teams would need substantial cap space or move some bodies out.

    Once these two are signed that should get the ball rolling for other signings and trades for Nash and Luongo. I think Vancouver and Columbus will need to lower their asking prices.

    The Ducks have somewhat improved their defence with Allen and Souray on the backend. They should give Ryan a change of scenery.

    The only reason I don’t see Jagr coming here is due to the travel in the West, but you never know.

    I’m more intrigued by how many teams will be inquiring about Jay-Bo once they know Suter has signed and what they would offer Calgary in return.

  • RexLibris

    I think that Feaster realizes there is not a lot he can do with this roster. He can have all the money in the world but not many players will consider coming to this team. This is going to be a very rough year unless Sven, Cervenka and Wideman are MAJOR producers. Even with that, this is probably the softest and slowest team in the league. Please ask for a trade Iggy.

  • RexLibris

    I think Feaster feels that alot of the youth from last year will play even more this year in addition to Baerschte & Cerevenka. He has total faith Hartley will get these kids to the next level, something he didnt have with Butter. So I can seethe same pile with a slightly different look starting next year. If this team is just hovering around .500 & Iggy hasnt extended yet, we’ll see big moves next trade deadline. Curious what kind of return he expects from JBO to make it worth making the move. He’s definitely being shopped.

  • RexLibris

    I imagine that the Oilers might look at Gagner, a depth defender and a 2nd for Ryan, but I doubt that is all that Murray wants.

    Frankly, if he is going to move Ryan then he’d better do it right and trade Getzlaf and Perry as well. If he does this he’d better go all the way. Half-heartedly taking apart a team only delays the inevitable.

    Pretty sure I called Anaheim as the next likeliest franchise to tailspin into a rebuild. If so, then lucky Oilers, as they own Anaheim’s 2013 2nd round pick for Andrew Cogliano. Nice trade that.

    • RexLibris

      I just wrote this over at ON, seems pretty serendipitous so I’ll copy/paste it here:

      “While I do sympathize with Murray, the commenter above is correct in that he had an extended period of exclusivity. However, as in the case of Riley Nash, if a prospect just doesn’t want to play for your team what else can you do? Murray ought to have traded his rights a few months ago when other teams may have felt they had a good chance to sign him.

      There is something peculiar happening in Anaheim though. The off and on Bobby Ryan rumours imply that he is being shopped and then pulled off the market. I know there are some financial concerns in Anaheim that are beginning to dictate some aspects of the business plan, but would anyone be surprised if Ryan demanded a trade out of there rather than continue to be jerked around for another season?

      Perhaps there is something systemic within the Ducks organization that is making some young players think twice before signing?

      Just speculation, but my guess is that this is only the beginning of the drama that might unfold from the Ducks.”

  • RexLibris

    Garrison is a good pickup, just not for that term and money. But Gillis has shown a predilection for those acquisitions (Ballard as an example) so we can’t be surprised.

  • RexLibris

    Looks like last years roster to me. With the exception of an often injured, right handed, forward, the addition of an over priced d-man,
    a left handed center with zero NHL experience and a prospect that may end up on the HEAT for seasoning.
    Just like every year my expectations are reasonable and realistic. This will be team that hovers around the .500 mark. With some nights where they look like world beaters and others where they couldn’t beat a rented mule.
    Somewhere between these lines is the definition of insanity.

  • RexLibris

    So much for the Flames not being a cap team (as per Roger Millions’ comments a month or so ago).

    If they are going to add another body in the range of anywhere from Doan to Semin then they are going to probably be starting the season at 2 or 3 million under.

    I don’t see there being any real chance of Suter or Parise, so I’ll leave that one well enough along.

    Feaster is likely going to have to improve the balance of his team in the short trading window that usually opens up after free agency.

  • The red flag for me on Garrison is his 9.5% shooting in 2011-2012. Up from 4.3% in 2010-2011.

    He isn’t a huge assists guy (only 17 last year) and assists seem to be easier to project going forward.

    If they are paying him to score 16 (or more) goals every year then I think that they could end up being disappointed.

    Having said that, his cap hit isn’t that bad, and apparently he can play a regular shift without being a liability in his own zone.

    I would feel better about it (if I were a Canucks fan) if he was signed for 3 years instead of 6.

    • Yeah, anyone paying for defender offense is likely to be disappointed, outside of the very few elite guys. D-men can go from 5 goals to 15 back to 5 thanks to a myriad of factors beyond their control. Defenders are dependent on second assists a lot too, which are party to more randomness than other points.

      That said, he’s been excellent by other metrics for a couple of seasons.

    • RexLibris

      I think that the kind of player Schultz will be won’t really be determined until the last half of his second year. It took Petry some time to adjust from college to AHL and then to NHL. Fans here in Edmonton are going to have to be patient.

      The Oilers are very fortunate. It feels like waking up from a long nightmare to finally have a player of interest actually choose your city and team.

      • Truculence

        It also helped that the Oilers were the only one willing to guarantee him top-4 minutes and other assurances. The kid might pan out on the power-play during the first couple of years, but he’ll be killed at EV. Very, very few D-men can take on that role as rookies, so, yeah, expect Edmonton’s shaky D to look even shakier.

        • Emir

          Do your homework. Schultz never asked for, and never received any guarantees from any of the teams courting him.

          There’s a bunch of audio and articles out there today from his press conference in Edmonton yesterday. Do some research before you make claims that have no merit.

          • Truculence

            Sigh… I was about to throw a number of links on here, but what’s the point. You Oilers fans seriously live in a bubble. It’s at this time of the year, when absolutely no hockey is being played, that Coilers’ hopes run high. By mid-December they start to argue about who they should pick with their annual lottery pick.

            Anyways, just to f@c# with you guys, I’ll corroborate my statement with an article from, gasp, the Edmonton Journal:

          • Wax Man Riley

            Sigh…. you linked to an article with a random quote from a GM that is out of a job.

            No one knows what was said behind closed doors, but I think it is common sense to think Schultz has a better chance to play a part on the Oiler’s blueline than he would in Vancouver.

            plus, with the offensive power in Oil Town, he has a better chance to score points too.

            common sense says it’s a good fit, not guaranteed minutes. Here is a quote from me:

            “If he doesn’t perform, he won’t be in the top 4”

          • Truculence

            HAHAHA!!!! Props to you for using the words Oilers and common sense together in a retort. Now get the hell out of this thread, as I really don’t give a s$it about Schultz and was only relaying what I read on a lot of sites. You Coilers are boring the crap out of me.

          • RexLibris

            I was going to say good on you for trying to take the high road here, but it looks like somebody is just itching for a fight.

            I read Schultz’s interview in the EJ today. I was a little worried about the Oilers getting a prima donna after this holdout issue, but I think I have read enough of his comments as well as some of the commentary from analysts around the league to come to the conclusion that this young man will fit in alright.

            As an aside, I saw clips of Yakupov’s celebrations and the first thing that went through my mind was the old footage of Selanne’s celebrations. I, for one, think there is value in that kind of youthful enthusiasm.

          • Truculence

            You are wrong. The Oilers made the promises as stated to a guy that was too classless to even Take a call from Niedermeyer. Good luck to the Oil with a player like that. BTW, did you see Yak acting like a goof in a 3v3 development game where he scored 3 goals. He would do an outlandish celebration after each including flinging himself on the ice after a shootout goal. Even some of the fans were booing.

          • Wax Man Riley

            When someone can show me that the Oilers guaranteed ice time to the kid, then I will believe it.

            This is the NHL though. If he doesn’t perform, he won’t get that ice time, and won’t get his bonuses.

            Yak was over the top today for sure, that kid loves to play, and loves to be “the man.”

            I saw in an interview that Coach Krueger said something along the lines that he is having fun an is good to see, but he had a talk with Nail, and doesn’t expect him to act like that during actual TC.

            If he does, I expect him to get hammered hard in his first NHL game lol.

          • RexLibris

            “If he does, I expect him to get hammered hard in his first NHL game lol.”

            He’d better watch out for Tulupov. He’s a beast in the Joey Moss Cup, according to Eager.


          • Truculence

            The blog link you provided is old and not based on the actual accounting of the facts. It’s just a blog, or someone’s opinion, from June 13, no less, of what it might take to get him.

            Try reading and listening to what the player himself has said in his press conference yesterday. Read what Ralph Krueger told him during their meeting. He wasn’t guaranteed anything.

            It sounds like sour grapes, my friend. I am an Oilers fan, but I want to see the Flames and Oilers do well. I’d love to have the old days rivalry back when both teams hated each other. So trying to take a shot at the sorry state the Oilers have been in the last few years is pretty weak.

            Anyone that knows hockey, including an up and coming player like JS, chose the “lowly” Oilers over every other team. Will other UFA’s do that too? Doubtful, but it goes to prove that the Oilers are getting recognition for a team that’s on the rise. I hope the Flames can stay relevant long enough for the two teams to build a rivalry again.

  • Emir

    That Jason Garrison contract has me wondering. Guy has played 2 seasons in the bigs and “turned down” money to sign that 4.6 mil for 6 seasons contract in Vancouver.

    So i’m looking and wondering what the heck makes him worth even 4.6 mil for one season, let alone 6? Just comes across to me like a really bad contract. What are the underlying numbers like for this guy? I also heard he put up most of his points playing with campbell too.

    • Robert Cleave

      His underlying numbers are excellent. He’s played top pairing comp to a standstill two years running, the first with Mike Weaver as his partner. I don’t think he’s within hailing distance of Suter, but people should leave the PP offence aside for a minute and understand that if he continues to play at EV in the same manner he did each of the last two years, he’ll be fair value for Vancouver.

      EDIT – or, what Kent said 😉

    • His underlying numbers over the last 2 seasons are actually quite good. He and Weaver had brutally hard minutes in 2010-11 and they kept their heads above water. He played the toughest competition this year and had the best relative corsi on the back-end for the Panthers.

      The only issue is how small his body of work is. I would have taken him over Wideman though.