Sweet Schadenfreude – Erixon Dealt to Columbus



The big news today is the Rick Nash to New Tork Rangers trade. The pleasing part of the deal for Flames fans is the fact that Tim Erixon was apparently included (if early reports are to be believed).

Erixon famously rebuffed Calgary last summer, refusing to sign a contract in order to leverage a trade to New York. His public position was that he didn’t feel the Flames offered him a viable chance to crack the line-up as a rookie. The underlying assumption was he wanted to play in the market where his father made a mark as an NHLer. If memory serves, the kid told Swedish newspapers afterwards that playing in New York was his dream.

Fast forward one year and Erixon is coming off a season where he spent most of the time in the minors. And now, he has been dealt to probably the worst team in the league by the very club he idolized.

In principle, I’m not against players using what leverage they have to improve their circumstances and such, but there’s a certain degree of karmic justice in Erixon squeezing the Flames, only to spend his time in the AHL and them become a Blue Jacket just one year later.

Fare thee well Tim. At this point, I think it’s safe to say you would have been better off staying put.