FGD: Flying Out of 2013

Pic via Camera Slayer The Calgary Flames are sending 2013 out tonight, hopefully in style, against the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers are one of many middling Eastern Conference teams that are barely above the .500 mark but still have playoff hopes. To be honest, the Flyers likely aren’t that much better than the Flames, but…


Here’s Why This Westgarth Thing Is Bad

  But floob, it’s just a minor trade. How can you hate this trade? You’re right, in the end, yesterday’s trade is just Greg Nemisz, a forward who was clearly never going to be in the Flames’ plans (rightfully so, Nemo is a bust) for Kevin Westgarth, a career 4th line/minor league facepuncher. Why am…


Advanced Stats Crash Course: Possession (Part 2)

    In part one of the this series, we took a look at the basics of corsi: what it is, where it came from and why it’s useful. In this segment, we’ll go a little deeper into possession metrics by looking at some of the key moderating variables. We’ll also look at what constitutes…


The Weekly Ignition: December 30 2013

    Christmas is over and we’re now rapidly approaching the beginning of 2014. What a wild few weeks it’s been, but now hockey has returned from its brief holiday slumber and there’s a lot to get caught up on. Let’s get to it.

Post-Game: Shut Out Again

The Calgary Flames continued to stumble their way out of the Christmas Break on Sunday night, hosting the Vancouver Canucks at the Saddledome. Surely with the arrival of the club’s possibly most bitter rival, the team would show some fire and put their stamp on the game early? Well, they did, but probably not in…

FGD: Battle of Vancougary

After a lackadaisical Battle of Alberta match-up two nights ago aginst the Oilers, it will be another all-Canadian affair tonight. The Flames (14-18-6) welcome the Canucks (22-11-6), arguably the Flames greatest rival, to the Dome for the second time this season.


Weekend Open Thread – To Tank Or Not To Tank?

(courtesy Wikimedia Commons) Well, the Calgary Flames lost last night to their most (or second-most) bitter rivals, the Edmonton Oilers. The loss was Calgary’s 87th against the Oilers, 35th in Calgary against them, and the first time they’ve been shut out at home against the Oilers. And you know what? That may be just fine.


Post Game: Welp

      When it’s the Battle of Alberta, even if your team is not particularly good, and even if the Oilers are the hockey equivalent to the guys from Entourage leaving a Nickelback concert to go watch Grudge Match in theaters, and even if the game doesn’t feature the same vicious criminal thuggery of…



 pic via: PremierofAlberta It is a great time of year to be a hockey fan. As is boxing day tradition, I am sure many of us set our cell-phones for a painfully early wake-up on boxing day to take in the most hallowed of holiday traditions, the Spengler Cup. As I am sure you all…


Advanced Stats Crash Course: Possession (Part 1)

    Although "new stats" are still considered the useless obsession of a small collection of dilettantes in some quarters, they are nevertheless growing in prominence and use across the game. Possession stats like corsi are the basis of this upheaval and I still get a lot of questions and requests for clarification when it…


Five things: What’s under the tree?

1. Throwing a jersey There was a big to-do this week over an Edmonton Oilers fan throwing his jersey on the ice in disgust late in Saturday night’s 6-0 blowout against St. Louis. Lots of people asked what it could portend for all involved, and how the organization would react, and if this is the…