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Tonight’s game preview coming up shortly, but before we get to that I just wanted to share that Book of Loob and Ryan Pike are publishing elsewhere these days.

BoL had his debut piece for the Spectator Tribune live this weekend. Check it:

Jarome Iginla

The man with the plan, the million middle names, a forehead crease that is as much his legacy as his offensive exploits, and probably Scotiabank’s finest bank account, Jarome Iginla is, of course, the Calgary Flames. At 35, he may be slowing down a touch, and maybe in a 48 game season he doesn’t continue his world beater streak of consecutive 30 goal seasons (currently sitting at 11!) (11!!!), but he still identifies as the face of the Calgary Flames until Sven Baertschi notches his first 50 goal season.

Next, Ryan Pike conducted an in-depth interview with Johnny Gaudreau for the Hockey Writers:

I knew it was going to be a difficult tournament going in. The NHL was locked out and we’d be playing against the players that would’ve been in the NHL at the time. I think going in, our team knew it was going to be a difficult tournament so it was a different mindset. The US didn’t do too well last year, so coming in we were a little nervous at times. But I think that first game against Germany gave us a good idea of how the tournament was going to be like, and to have a chance to play against Russia next game and Canada the game following after that, it was really two good teams and we played well against them. Unfortunately we lost to them by one goal, but after those two games, I think we knew that we could fit well in that tourney and that we were going to have a pretty good tournament. Everything looked up from there.

As usual, Loob brings the funny while Pike brings the facts. Make sure to swing by and read ’em both.