POST GAME: Seeing Red

There was no doubt going into tonight’s match up that the Calgary Flames needed the win. Regulation time, overtime, shoot-out, it didn’t matter, but they needed two points.

On a night that saw the city of Calgary re-ignite the Olympic torch to celebrate 25 years since the 1988 Winter Olympics, the Flames needed to find a way to ignite this offense and avoid getting punched so hard, they saw stars. Good way to do that is to light the lamp at the right end of the ice.

When you score often, it’s not likely the opposition will spend a lot of time in your end, which served Leland Irving well. Even better is once again having the bad guys on the second night of a back-to-back, and once again facing their back up.

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The Flames were lucky enough to have the Stars aligned for all these factors and in the end were able to do something the Oilers just can’t seem to manage; they beat the Dallas Stars.

The Rundown

The Flames didn’t waste any time to bother guaging just how tired Dallas was from last night’s game in Edmonton. They came out skating with a purpose, looking to set the tone quickly. They got what they were looking for.

At 3:11 of the first, with Cammalleri and Stempniak  buzzing in front of Richard Bachman, Jay Bouwmeester would sneak in the back door, find the loose puck and put it in the back of the net. J-Bo has had a great start to the year offensively and as was mentioned by TSN (and everyone else paying attention), you can really see the freedom Jay has this season to engage himself in the play, even when it’s deep in the offensive zone. It was also good to see Cammalleri get involved in the scoring early after missing the last three with a hip flexor, though with six assists he was still looking for his first goal this season. (*foreshadow)

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Three and a half minutes later, all you #Hudlerites would cheer as Jiri Hudler tallied his fourth of the season while on the power-play. How good has this guy been for your Flames? Normally with a 2 goal cushion it would be time for the boys to break out their favorite shell; but not tonight. At 9:55, once again on the PP, Mike Finalleri Cammalleri would put put a tick in the goal column. As nice as the goal was, the pass that Iginla made cross-ice to put it right on his stick was nothing less than filthy. A quick U-turn at the blue line into the open ice, draw the D-man then saucer a perfect pass to Cammy, all that was left was the finish; and Cammalleri knows how to finish. Not even at the mid-point of the period and it was 3-0 for the Flames.

Dallas would cut the lead to two when former Flame, Eric Nystrom would snap home a shot past Irving. Leland had made some dandy save up until that goal and it was hard to fault him on this one. As the puck came from behind the net, the Stars’ Garbutt would clip Paul Byron, taking him out of the play. It also left Nystrom uncovered between the circles with a free shot at Irving. Byron would leave the game with what we later learned was a fractured hand. How was your cup of coffee Paul?

Calgary would re-establish the three goal lead at 17:18, with Roman Cervenka getting his 2nd NHL goal on a pretty feed from Alex Tanguay. The Flames out-shot Dallas 10-7 and Kent had all 10 shots as legit scoring chances while only 5 of the Stars 7 shots constituted a chance. Calgary would take a 4-1 lead to the intermission thanks to going 2 for 2 on the PP, while Dallas would split their first PP between the first and second.

Dallas would get back into the game just 45 seconds into the middle frame; Brendan Morrow, on the PP. However the Flames would restore the 3 goal lead again 3 mins in, and again it would be Mike Cammalleri lighting the lamp. Determined to keep his team in it, Morrow would come right back just 24 seconds later with his second of the game. It looked like we were in for a shootout. 

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Calgary would go into the second intermission still with the three goal lead because of another great pass from the captain. Iginla carrying the puck into the Stars zone was pretty much right in his wheel-house for winding up the shot. Bachman must have thought the same thing as he readied for the shot. Instead Iggy would feed the puck through the defender, right on the tape of Curtis Glencross for the easy re-direction into the net.

Two goals for each team and also six scoring chances apiece as the Stars outshot calgary 13-7.

The Stars made their push in the third period. They outshot the Flames 14-6 and out-chanced them 6-4. When they scored just 1:05 into the period, the Flames went into full retreat and it was batten down the hatches, hold on for dear life and just pray Irving can hold off the Stars for 19 more minutes.

In the end, an empty net goal at 18:34 – his 5th career hat-trick and the 200th goal of his career, by Mike Cammalleri would ice this one for the Flames

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Why the Flames Won…

Because the team didn’t fold after the Stars answered one of their goals with one of their own; even though Dallas did it twice. In fact, not only did they not fold, the Flames made sure they got the next goal. Everytime the Stars cut the lead from 3 goals to 2 goals, Calgary was able to restore the lead.

Because even when Irving didn’t look like he was going to be able to hang on to the lead, the five guys in front of him made sure they did; except Sarich, he looked just terrible and should have been wearing a Stars jersey tonight.

Because the Flames finally got scoring from the guys that are expected to score for this team. Yes they got another goal from Jiri Hudler. Yes they had another great game from Tanguay at center, showing that he can be good with anyone he plays with as he demonstrated some nice chemistry with Roman Cervenka; who incidently had a two point night himself.

Even though Cervenka only had 1 goal and an apple, he was everywhere tonight. He easily could have, maybe should have had 3 goals, as he hit the post on one and just missed the corner on another shot.

Because even though he didn’t score, the captain got nasty tonight with a couple of fights to go with his two gorgeous assists!

Because they had a big enough cushion in the third that they didn’t crumble when the Stars organized their assault.


I’m gonna go with Jiri Hudler… Sorry. force of habit. No doubt tonight who ignited the offense for the Flames. After Mike Cammalleri had a dreadful start to the season and then missed three games, he came back into the line-up and led this team like he is expected.

15:44 of ice-time, five shots on goal, and he had an assist to go with his 3 goal performance. It was really good to see Mike step back into the line up and be able to contribute immediately and often. It’s something the team is going to now need him to continue to do.

 Sum it Up

This is going to be good for the Flames after coming off back-to-back losses.

It’s only the team’s second win in their own barn, and that’s not sitting well with the fans, coaches or the team itself.

Now the important thing to do is to try and generate some momentum. The Flames still sit 12th in the conference, 4 pts out of 8th. Now the team has 3 games in hand, but those only count if you win them right?

Friday night brings the Blues to town. They won tonight too, but that comes after a 5 game losing streak, so they have had tehir struggles as well. St. Louis is also one of those teams currently in the top 8, that the Flames would like to reel in a bit. Putting together back-to-back wins at home is a good start. Scoring another 7 goals would make that easier as well.

As to who gets the start in net? Well since I have a bet with BookOfLoob that says Joey McDonald WILL play before Kipper returns, and Irv was damn lucky the Flames did score 7 tonight, I’m going to say Joey gets the call. 

The story is the same as when Taylor was the back up. The team needs to see what he can do and Irving isn’t doing anything to inspire confidence or entrench himself as the #1 guy whilst Kipper is on the limp. BoL can consider it community service to Flames Nation as we go check out the Tilted Kilt, and let him spend a few shillings towards the new sponsor!

Everyone wins, right? See you Friday. Game time is 7:00 PM on SNET-W

  • thymebalm

    Firestarter Choice is Wrong Wrong Wrong….

    the Firestarter for this Baby was Rhett Warrener…who during his time likely only started fires in the hood in Toon town. He didnt start fires while being the 7th D in an NHL lineup.

    He lit a Major Fire Under the Captain.

    • Vintage Flame

      You don’t actually believe that do you?

      I highly doubt that after all these years, Iggy is going to be influenced by the comments of the media, even if he was a former teammate.

      Iggy played better tonight because the circumstances permitted him to do so. He played less time against Dallas’s top line and played down in the rotation.

      In a way, he was played more in the manner that was suggested on the fan. I don’t think he gave Rhett two thoughts while he was on the ice.

      • CitizenFlame

        I was just happy to see him somewhat engaged!
        1 almost 2 fights, 2 nice assists.

        I am glad he wasn’t being played PvP, hope he gets his goal scoring going. TSN panel was WAY better then any of the other ^&*( out there.

        They said “Sources and friends of Iggy say this is the year he will get traded” of course this is if he wants to…. I am sure he does, he must know that even if we make playoffs it just isn’t going to happen even if he carries the team on his back.

        Nice to see the guys all scoring in droves, maybe it will help with the confidence going forward. Cammy had a decent night right when he needed to get his year going.

        Maybe we could swing a trade with Washington to give them kipper and end up getting a 1st pick that still ends up being a top five, or possibly grab one of Columbus’s 1sts with kipper.

        If we keep sucking we could end up with a top 5 pick as well.

        Could Stl still be a destination for Iggy?

        • Vintage Flame

          They said “Sources and friends of Iggy say this is the year he will get traded” of course this is if he wants to…. I am sure he does, he must know that even if we make playoffs it just isn’t going to happen even if he carries the team on his back.

          Yeah, that kinda perked my ears up as well. Of course any rumour has to be taken with a grain of salt, but when they started talking about it…

          Something feels different.. but I think I’ll save that for VotN

          • Yeah like anything the only people who truly know are Iggy and Flames management. And even so they might now know… Flames what to hold on to him forever, but they are going to have to let him go if he wants. Maybe Iggy changes his mind last minute for some reason.

            I will say this though, its nice when you are hearing trade from the TSN guys! They are about as legit as they come.

            As always, will be sad to see Iggy gone, but the only other way to get better is to suck like EDM has and that’s a no go for me.

          • Jano

            To piggy back this comment, not saying its true or will happen, just some fun speculation, I had notice the Boston Bruin roster & couldnt help but notice, they are very very thin on natural right wingers (Iggy). The other thing is they have a boatload of natural centres. We need desperately. They are definitely a playoff & real deal contender, they also happen to have about 11mill in cap space available since they dumped Thomas’s contract on the Islanders. Can we spell a great trade fit here come March. I was thinking, every playoff team is looking for defensive depth. How about Iggy & Butler(who is RFA) & our 2014 2nd for Marchand & Bostons 2013 1st. Yeah its a late first but boy would I love to see Marchand in Calgary.

            Further to comments about the impact of Warrener’s comments, no doubt it hit a nerve with Iggy. I dont see how it wouldnt have hit a nerve with anyone. But before last nights game, I was talking about it with others & we all agreed Rhett made some valid points. Then we talked about it coming down to Management not waningt to be the ones to want to trade Iggy & Iggy doesnt want to be the one to say he wants out. Then Whitney & Ryan Smyth being sat out gave us the idea maybe thats what Iggy needs. It will either pick up his level/desire or facilitate him coming out wanting a trade. I didnt like that approach but playing obvious soft minutes & 3rd line will probably do the very same thing. He still has a lot of good hockey in him for him to be too complacent about staying and not achieving anything in Calgary. Time to go to Pitt or Boston.

          • Jano

            Peter Chiarelli isnt Garth Snow.

            He wouldnt do this deal in a million years. 2nd Rounders in Chiarellis world are gold. It might be a deal if Jay throws his 2nd rounder in with Iginla for Krejci.

          • Jano

            Ugh, not even then. Age difference alone wouldn’t get that deal done. 29 other teams in the league want Krejci. He’s their leading scorer. 62 points/year. Iginla and Brodie might get you a conversation about Krejci.

      • thymebalm

        I believe it. To say players ignore or aren’t influenced by the media is naive. He got called out and the comments made their way into every media outlet nation wide. Of course it had an effect.

        • Vintage Flame

          You think Iggy sat in the dressing room before the game muttering, “that so and so rhetro.. I’ll show him!”

          Come on..It’s not like 2004 Iggy suddenly showed up last night and was a world beater.

          If you wanna thank anyone, don’t thank Warrener, thank Hartley for utilizing Iginla more effeciently last night.

          • I’m not saying game circumstances didn’t help at all. Sure they did. And I don’t know what exact thought she had going through his head, but, when every tv and radio station and paper and blog are talking about your crap play and the RW comments sort of bring it to a head and incite ven more discussion, how can you say it doesn’t add some fuel to the fire? I’d at least hope it would. Otherwise, the dude is dead inside.

          • Vintage Flame

            Oh, I’m not suggesting that Iggy is dead inside, moreso that his professionalism is more developed than to let what the media says, get to him.

            Obviously he heard the comments and obviously he’s not going to merely dismiss them since they came from a former teammate.

            Someone on twitter last night was talking about the apparent rift there is between Iggy and Rhetro, so maybe to some degree, you’re right, he did light a bit of a fire… I just don’t think anything Jarome did last night was a reflection of comments made on the Fan. IMO

  • seve927

    MacDonald. Ple-e-e-ease, MacDonald. I can’t take watching Irving another game. I have tried to give him a chance, but there is no way he is even an NHL backup. MacDonald is a guy your scouts have recommended? PLAY HIM.

    • Parallex

      Why are you so eager to see Joey MacDonald, he of the .903 career save percentage, man the net? That’s no better then Irving (SSS Alert) really all he’s got over Irving is veteran veteraniness if you believe in such. The team is 2-1-1 with Irving in net… they’ll continue to play him until he put’s up a stinker that costs them a game. And honestly, I’d rather they play him, both he and Macdonald are mediocre goalies but at least Irving has some upside and could still be more then he is, Joey MacDonald will always just be Joey MacDonald.

      • seve927

        And to add to the previous post, I’d have preferred to see Danny Taylor. However, I’m not in Flame management. Flames management appears to have given up on Irving by not playing him in Abbotsford. It’s easy to see why based on his performance thus far. Flames management now signs a guy they’ve been wanting for a while because they must think he’s better than Danny Taylor, who is better than Leland Irving. And Irving continues to be an adventure between the pipes. I just don’t understand it at all.

        • Parallex

          If Danny Taylor was better then Leland Irving then Leland Irving would be in the AHL right now and Danny Taylor would not be and if Flames management had given up on Leland Irving then MacDonald would have started last night.

          I’d rather they play Leland Irving… if for no reason other then to attempt to increase his asset value.

          • McRib

            This argument is endless. Facts are that Taylor, Irving, Karlsson, MacDonald – they’re all about the same. But Irving offers the best upside due to his age and politics play into his high draft status in the sense that they don’t want to give up on him until they have to.

  • Im sure Iggy wasn’t too pleased with talk about his lack of fire or whatever.

    The real story is the Flames outplayed a bad, tired team and pucks actually went in for them for a change. Oh, and Iginla was deployed as a third liner for a whole game for the first time since he was 19 years old and looked a lot more comfortable.

    Those are the more pertinent facts as far as I can tell. How Iginla felt or whether that caused him to play harder are really just speculation and gossip.

  • thymebalm

    avid reader request:

    please post the FGD and PG articles sooner if possible. 🙂

    I’ve wanted to get my 2 cents in for a while and now i’m stuck at work! THanks guys!

  • Scary Gary

    Are we the team that gets everyone’s backup goalie now? How many is that now, Emery, Bobrovsky (arguably, they’ve both played seven), Bachman, Giguere, both Van goalies…that’s quite a few in 12 games.

    If we can beat St. Louis then that is something to build on but they shouldn’t pat themselves on the back too hard for beating a tired Dallas team.

  • CitizenFlame

    I was at the game for the first time this year, so it was great to see the Flames win one and lighting the lamp so many times. A couple things I noticed being 12 rows up; I know it was back to back for the Stars, but Jagr was invisible for most of that game. He floated around in & out of the play like he was in another world. Until he got the puck on his stick, then he still shows flashes of what he once was. But I was really looking forward to seeing him live, and he disappointed. Cervenka, is a brutal skater. He thinks high level, and is crafty, but he looks like he has no break away speed and like he is working hard as hell to get there. Hopefully this is just a mix of some residual effect of the blood clots and the high altitude or something. The only thing missing tonight was an Iggy Gordie-Howe-Hattrick, and a goalie fight!

    • McRib

      “Cervenka, is a brutal skater.”

      Yesterday I got ripped for saying Paul Byron is a mediocre skater for his size and will never stick in the NHL…. And now someone thinks Cervenka is a brutal skater….

      I disagree, he is coming off a serious injury that kept him out for most of the season and every game his legs get better. He and Hudler have created more odd man rushes than anyone else on the Flames this season, as he always seems to be getting behind opposing defenders. I find that his legs fade later in the game but that’s currently expected.

      The best thing about Cervenka is he doesn’t waiver heading into traffic and has impressed the Flames brass early on defensively, enough to play Centre. Which means they can REMOVE Stajan and replace him with Baertschi once he is back.

      • Surprisingly I haven’t found Stajan to be utterly brutal this year, just brutal.

        He ain’t worth his contract and he certainly wasn’t worthy of being the prize that Phaneuf brought back.

        He is one of the first pieces I would get rid of / replace but still.

        Side not I guess Hagman got his first Hat-trick in the KHL the other day.

  • Agree that Macdonald should get the start. Although Irving makes nice timely saves I am more concerned at the number of weak goals he continuosly let’s in. Also concerned how the Wild shootout scorers toyed with him the other night!

    On another note I am tired of players and coaches defending Iggy in the post game interviews. Fact was that he was under performing for a $7m player at a time when his team needs leadership, emotion and points from him. It’s unfortunate it took a comment from the media and former teamate to motivate him!

  • Rubberbadger

    How can you say that Hartley led to the way Iginla played last night? Iggy finally had some jump, and picked 2 fights right after Rhetro said he was slow and soft…. he hasn’t done any of that in any other game this season. Hartley line matching helps, but it is not the whole story.

    • Vintage Flame

      Yeah.. Iggy did have jump, but I’m just not willing to say that it was because of what Rhetro said.

      Hartley was effective and efficient in how he matched Iggy against the Stars last night, so I’ll give him more credit that Rhetro deserves.

      Was it the whole reason Iggy played well, no. But it was far more relevant than what Rhett Warrener had to say.

  • Iggy is a competitive guy, always has been, and Dallas engaged him enough for him to hit that level. Benn and Iginla were chirping each other early on, and Benn didn’t answer the bell. That’s just as bad as punching him. It got him going.

    He’s prone to these performances, we see them o.ccur seemingly out of nowhere all the time. He doesn’t need ex teammates motivating him

    Let’s not enable an already smug media that believes their rhetoric influences games.

  • McRib

    I find the Czech’s chemistry does seem to mitigate some of Stajan’s “brutalness”, that said the line could easily have 3-4 more goals if Stajan buries a few tap-ins.

    I think once Baertschi returns they should primarily keep that line together even strength, but throw Sven on it for PPs and when they need a spark.

    Damn I love have a few exciting Europeans on the team again!!!

    The second Power Play unit should be Hudler – Cervenka – Baertschi.

  • McRib

    Not a huge fan of Leland Irving’s but have to give credit where credit is due, he has made big saves at the right times and his weak goals have been early on in games or when we were ahead. He even tried to keep us in that Vancouver game for a little bit.

    He really hasn’t had a letdown goal, something Kipper seemed to be perfecting before he got injured.

    The best thing about Hartley’s offensive style is that no matter who is tending net even if they have an off night this team can still win games. If they score 7 goals it doesn’t matter if Taylor, MacDonald or Irving is in they all win. Imagine what this team would do if Kipper returns to old form.

  • T&A4Flames

    Just to comment on some of the other comments here:

    Re: Iggy; he would have heard Warrener’s comments and to say that they didn’t have an effect is silly. By most accounts they are friends and ex-team mates. Those types of relationships can get a person to truly reflect on things. However, I think the situation of having Hartley deploy him as a 3rd liner helped also.

    Re: Irving; he fought things last night but it was so nice to see a Flames team that wins one for the goalie instead of the other way around. Irving just had to be ‘good enough.’ If the team keeps playing this way, they won’t need an all-star ‘tender. Keep Irving in, IMO he will continue to gain confidence and learn. I’m sure Malarchuk is having deep discussions and video review after each game. Although I have noticed that Irv is certainly not as efficient as Kipper. How old was Kipper when he got his chance and put it all together?

    Re: Cervenka; his skating may not be top notch speedy, but he is slick. He uses the tools he has by my eye. He should have had his own hatty last night.

    Tanguay looks like he is getting better with age but I’m sure Hartley’s system is helping that as well; more his style. I loved that Tangs/Czechmates line. So much skill and vision.

  • McRib


    Some have said 2nd line, you say 3rd line, I didn’t see the game.

    But maybe hte bigger question is what Iginla’s reaction will be to lsoing ice time and no longer being the man.

    May influence his decision to leave if he sees he’s just not THAT important anymore.

      • McRib

        Exactly my point, actually. Being the sole superstar for so many years feeds one’s self-importance. Now that he can see that the team no longer needs him per se, I think it would be easier for him to play a similar role on a contending team. In other words, the only reason to stay on a non-contending team like the Flames was to be the big fish in a small pond. But if he’s just going to be another small fish on the 2nd or even 3rd line, why stay? The glory has faded. New glory will only come by way of winning a Cup.

        • NateBaldwin

          oh, I agree then :p

          and @jai kirani was thinking of a situation like that in Pittsburg, or maybe Philly.

          I guess a better way to put it is no one is trading him to use him PvP.

  • Vintage Flame

    In Pittsburgh, Jarome would play on the first line. I think he’d do OK. He might have played on the third line last night, and I love that idea (I would prefer a more creative centre than Blair Jones) but obviously still on the 1st PP unit.

    • NateBaldwin

      Why do people assume this? Iginla is not going to be 26 again just because he goes to the Pens or plays with Crosby.

      Far better to play him on the 2nd unit against lesser opponents and with a high possession guy like Malkin. Plus, I think Neal is playing to the right of Sid right now.

      Iginla may even work best on the Pens 3rd line like he seems to on ours.

  • NateBaldwin

    Weird game. Apparently Dallas could use better D-men – take Babchuk!

    At least this year’s Flames are exciting to watch. Sure as hell beat the snorefests from last year.

      • schevvy

        Thx Wolf, that is exactly my point. Also, after they won the cup & Marchand was a huge force in that playoff run, but got into a contract squabble the following year. He still has 2 more years at like 3.8 mill & he really didnt have a banner year last year either. Thats why I figured he could be had but I realize Iggy is sort of a rental, so thats why I threw in Butler & our 2014 2nd to sweeten the deal to pry him out. Would love to see him slap the Sedin boys around again:) I know its a pipe dream but Bruins have cap space & Iggy would definitely be an impact RW in their top 6. In fact, that Bruins lineup would look scary good if Horton remains healthy. They still would have cap space to burn. Just saying, Bruins 1st would be easier to pry out of Boston along with Marchand. Dare to dream.

  • schevvy

    Lebrun shut down the Boston/Iginla rumors on twitter yesterday. It does seem like a natural fit though. Still don’t think he gets traded though. Don’t know why just a gut feeling.

    • schevvy

      Well Im sure everyone would deny. I dont care what Lebrun says, Bruins are contenders & they have cap space coming out their ying yang. They will be buyers in a very major way. No way they wont be.

  • Jano

    Sorry I’m late jumping in on this one. Work gets in the way. I did want to throw in my 2 cents worth before the pennies are all gone.

    Now seriously. I was at the game last night and have to say I saw things much differently from the author.

    In a nut shell, if the Stars had any kind of goaltending last night, we would have a goose egg. The Flames were extremely lucky to win this game. Great first period. Rough second period. Totally outclassed in the third! What did we have? Maybe 3 minutes of puck posession in that last period. Call the cops. The Stars got robbed. We got LUCKY!

    Now for the rhetro mullet man. He has been bashing Iggy ever since he has been trying to land a paycheque from radioville. He has previously stated that the only reason the Flames haven’t one a cup during Iggy’s tenure, is because of Jerome. Wow! I don’t believe Iggy gives a sh– about anything out of Warrener’s mouth. Nor do I. How many times has rhetro been to the finals? What has HE done to win a cup.

    The Flames can’t win a cup because THEY aren’t good enough. Not Jerome. Thanks for letting use my pennies.

  • Willi P


    “Now for the rhetro mullet man. He has been bashing Iggy ever since he has been trying to land a paycheque from radioville. He has previously stated that the only reason the Flames haven’t one a cup during Iggy’s tenure, is because of Jerome. Wow! I don’t believe Iggy gives a sh– about anything out of Warrener’s mouth. Nor do I. How many times has rhetro been to the finals? What has HE done to win a cup.”

    Bravo, Rhett has little bitter man syndrome. Forced to retire, wasn’t good enough any more and Flames let him retire “due to injury” instead of cutting him. He has been an arrogant, negative, boring monotone addition to the 960 morning show and is trying to justify his job by bashing people (not just Iginla) on the “show”

    • McRib

      This comment has gotten so much attention from the eastern media its insane. No wonder people like PJ Stock think we are the worst team in the league. I love though how Jarome never really acknowledged Rhett in any of the interviews he just talked about having to get better, Class Act like always!!!! Iggy may only have one goal but he has looked superb at times as the setup man, let Cammy score the goals!!

      • Willi P


        Indeed. If Iginla is all class (which he is), Mr. 5-8 career Dman is the exact opposite. Bet Rhett just loved the media exposure this got. Much more attention than he ever got playing.

        Anyway, like you, I really have liked Iginla’s game in general this year. Most goalies/Dmen think he is going to shoot and he waits them out and then threads the needle with a great pass. Soon they will have to back off and he will start shooting again. He has always been an underated passer.

  • McRib

    Wow, people have little faith in Iginla’s trade value. If we are trading Iginla lets wait for the deadline when teams are desperate and his play is on the upswing. And lets see what the Flames have until then.

    Also if we keep trading our 2nd rounders does that mean we will continue to trade down in the first to get another one back??? and pass on players like Teuvo Teravainen…. Because I’m not a major fan of that move. Also look at some 2nd rounders in the NHL, Loui Eriksson, David Backes, James Neil, Shea Weber, Ryan O’Reilly and Milan Lucic… People really down grade the worth of a 2nd rounder and the Flames need to start keeping them.

  • Willi P

    Oh, and PJ Stock has got the same little bitter man syndrome as Rhett. Flappin to get media coverage because you couldn’t play with the big boys any more.

  • Derzie

    Hey Rhett called as he saw it any Iggy got fired up. Good on Rhett. Not sure why he has haters. He does a good job. At least he isn’t a shill like the rest of the Fan crew. They all have opinions but know Ken King is listening to every word and will fire their ass if the so much as hint to any real Flames problems. Oh and Peter Maher it’s “Fathom”, not “phantom”. Another example of the fear at 960. Even afraid to correct Pete’s errors. And he has a lot.

    • Derzie

      Yeah, agree or disagree with RW’s comments, but he’s the only one who who could care less about losing his job there and calls it as he sees it. The league wide consensus has been that Iginla has underperformed more so than not. His comments aren’t out of left field.