What a day.

We, as a fan base, ran the collective gamut of emotions today. From elation (the news of ROR signing the offer sheet) to elation+ (a three goal lead and ROR) to sadness (Colorado announcing they matched the offer) to outright depression (blowing that 3-0 lead and losing ROR). 

The Rundown

When you woke up and found out that the Flames had traded for Brian McGrattan, you were likely nonplussed by the move. Such is life. However, if you have a soul you were off the walls with happiness after the O’Rieily offer sheet was announced (I’m sure there will be more analysis of this tomorrow, but damn that was a contractual beauty by Jay Feaster) and then game time came, and the Flames started out just dominating the Avs.

I just finished watching the game now after working late and I’m so emotionally drained that I shouldn’t be able to bring myself to rehash the entire thing in the detail befitting a recap of a game this nuclear, but I’ll attempt to regardless as no doubt most of you feel the same way.

The first major even of the match came less than 5 minutes into the period as a Jay Bouwmeester shot found the back of the net after a nifty pass from Sven Baertschi. It was both a continuation of the excellent season Bouwmeester is having (and on a personal note, this pleases me greatly) and hopefully the start of some kind of run for Sven, who’s had a very tough year in terms of luck and injury. 30 seconds later, Mike Cammalleri would add to the lead, scoring his 6th of the season. The Flames would strike once more, as the Captain got one past Varlamov with just 54 seconds left in the period.

The Avs would cut the lead to 3-2 midway through the period with goals from Ryan O’Byrne and David Jones, but the Flames – or more specifically, Iginla – would strike back with Jarome’s 5th of the season and 4th in 3 games. His shooting percentage is currently about 7%, so expect a touch more regression over the next week: he’s likely due for 3 or 4 more goals. 

So the Flames took a 4-2 lead into the third and they did what most of us feared, and to some degree expected, them to do. It only took 23 seconds for Landeskog to bring the Avs within one goal, and from that point on the ice seemed to be tilted at a 85º angle. Paul Stastny would deflect the next one past Joey MacDonald and then with about 10 minutes left in the game Matt Duchene gave the Avs their first and only lead of the night as he scooped the rebound past Joey Mac – and that was all she wrote. The amount of push from the Flames in the final ten was laughable to watch.

I can’t remember the last time I watched the Flames lose a hockey game where they weren’t absolute dog shit for at least a third of it. Just at a loss.

One Good Reason…

45 minutes of terrible hockey, really. I can’t even bring myself to be mad about it. I’m just tired of watching this team lose like this.


I’m going to half-heartedly give this one to Iginla, but really no one should get any type of award when you piss the game away like that. Oh well, might as well enjoy his last month or so in Flames silks.

Sum It Up 

I’ll let you guys do that tonight, but I have one last comment: right now, somehow, the present is bleaker, the past more tarnished and the future is almost nonexistent.


    • Saddess as in the content of the writing IE: the use of fecal terms in the article, or saddess in the thesaurus use IE: nonplussed, or were you just generally sad the Flames fizzled again?

      the last one, good sir. – ed.

  • schevvy

    Really, there should not be one person on this board surprised by this.

    As for ROR: While I’d love to have him on my team, I think this works out for the best, other than the fact that we could end up drafting a franchise player this year.

    And that’s the QO part of the deal offered to ROR. 18 goals and 55 points. Yes, I know there’s a lot more to his game, but is that really worth Iginla-in-his-prime money?

    Consider this scenario – Backlund actually stays healthy for all of next season and continues to be a top possession player. Based on early results this year, is 18 goals and 55 points out of the question for him? So what’s he worth at that point? Yeah, I get he’s not ROR and will be playing against somewhat lesser competition, but what would the Flames have owed him?

    ROR would’ve thrown Calgary’s entire salary structure into havoc IMO.

  • Brent G.

    I hate to tell you all this but if you think this is the worst day of the year where we all lose hope, it’s going to get significantly worse….

    Wait until the deadline where literally EVERYONE who has slightly below intellect and smarter can see they need to make some changes. It’s time to trade any veteran they can get a real return on (fortunately the price is always very inflated around this time). We all see Kipper, Jay Bo, Cammalleri, and Iggy need to be turned into sometching for the future. I all but guarantee it won’t happen. There goes that last shred of hope any of you should have.

    I think it would be nice for Iggy to retire a flame but they haven’t earned the right or found his replacement to make it happen. His “legacy” is nothing more than 1 total fluke playoff run and a couple division title banners. I hope he’s comfortable hanging his career on that and know the last 8 seasons he will play as a flame (when he signs at $6 million per until he’s 40) will see them finish no higher than 10th in the west with big promises of grandeur and success year after year. Everyone will still support them because they are sheep and its status quo as usual around the dome. He’ll be paraded out in a role he hasn’t been capable of since ’08 and ironically that legacy he is trying to build will be ruined with his subpar play. I wonder how he enjoys being a healthy scratch and booed when he’s a 39 year old $6 million per player putting up 10 goals and 20 points. LEGACY… Sounds like a future hall of famer to me!

    My point is this absolutely is not the proverbial rock bottom we are looking for today. Wait until we can watch them fizzle out and ruin the ability to gain any ground in the draft. Wait until we write off the Jankowskis of the world as a third line centre at best and they officially ruin Svens development by putting out there for 4 minutes a night with MacGratton as his line mate. Wait until guys like Brodie get out as quickly as they can to save themselves from a career of nothing more than mismanagement, blind faith from the fans and 0 results.

    It’s about to get even worse boys and girls…

  • Talk about Nail in the Friggin Coffin!!

    So what now??

    1)I applaud Feaster for at least making the effort, honestly, I didn’t think we were going to see an offer sheet.

    2)The Aves made their bed, now they have to lie in it… and good riddance. What a stubborn organization. When ROR’s contract is over and they don’t qualify him… who do you think he’ll sign with? Thanks Uncle Feaster for the 6.5 million.

    3)What can you say at this point? It can’t get any worse??? At least we’re not Columbus?? Even they are better off then the Flames with 3 firsts… I Know! how about at least Stajan is having a solid year!!… no… wait.. WE’RE F@CKED!!!

    I’m actually quite shocked at how many people hate this team other than disgruntled Flames and Oiler fans. A lot of negativity in the media and on twatterverse… there must be something in the beer at the dome to keep us coming back…

    • Stockley

      Signing players to offer sheets is dirty but the Avs didn’t really leave anyone any choice. They wanted too much in a trade for an asset they refused to pay. You have to think a ton of teams were trying to trade for ROR and the Avs scared them all away with outrageous demands.

      Feaster didn’t screw Sherman and the Avs, they sort of did it to themselves. If it was the Flames making this offer sheet it would have been someone else.

    • Stockley

      Not only Colorado, good luck Feaster making any deal with the 29 other GM….a 3rd or 2nd line center at 6.5M…he really screwed up the whole league….what a poor move!

        • supra steve

          A 55 pts for a cap hit of 6.5M? I don’t think the others 29 GMs are happy with this move by Feaster, when is time to sign their RFAs….like I said a bad move….

          • Avalain

            I agree…. I think if everyone steps back and takes it deep breath it won’t be so bad that we didn’t get ROR.

            We laughed our asses off when the Oilers signed Hemsky for $5 million (2 yrs). But now we’ve got so desperate for young talent that we think its ok to pay a second line C $6.5 million….

            Adrian Dater makes a great point. What if ROR regresses this year back to a 20pt 3rd line C (which he was for the first 2 yrs of his career). Its not improbably for a young player to take a step back. Even for 1 year. Then next year you have to make a staggering $6.8 mil qualifying offer for a 3rd line C.

            The Flames have enough depth players. We need ELITE, and there is only 1 way to get elite talent. Draft. There is no other way, zero, never happens, impossible.


          • Avalain

            To be fair, I think ROR has 1st line potential and I doubt he’s ever worse than one of the best 2nd line centers in th NHL.

            That said, the QO is out of whack, as I posted earlier, what if Backlund matches thjose numbers next year?

            It was, indeed, a desperation move.

            Flames obviously thought Avs wouldn’t match. If they did and therefore didn’t throw out an offer sheet, I wonder how many 1st rounders they’d have offered up? Panic time!

  • Stockley

    I am certainly not sad and was only worried when that foolish offer sheet was signed. If Colorado had not matched, Feaster could have gone about the business of staying mediocre for even longer. In fairness, I don’t believe Feaster is allowed to make the moves he would like to as he got the job by saying he could get the team back in contention without trading any of our legendary core.

    • Stockley

      I think you’re right. Someone further up the totem pole is pulling Jay’s strings. I don’t know (don’t care either) if it’s Ken King or Murray Edwards, but someone keeps interfering in hockey ops instead of trusting his hockey people to make hockey decisions. Until they realize what a joke this team has been and what a bigger joke they’re becoming it’s going to be more of the same.

  • Stockley

    There is so much about this team I don’t understand right now. They’re terrible and not getting better, yet they want to give away draft picks in a deep draft…when they already lack a 2nd round pick? They keep some of their most talented players off the PP and play them like 4th liners while giving Blake Comeau a ton of minutes and insisting he is a center? They throw Irving and Taylor to the wolves rather than give them a shot to see whether they’re legit assets and acquire a career backup to be their playoff savior?

    When the team plays so many games like they don’t care whether they win or lose, when it’s really hard to look at highlights and see any true effort…it’s become more and more difficult to give a crap whether they win or lose. Wake me up when this nightmare is over and the team has some vision or direction again. Trying to figure this out right now is making my brain hurt.

    • supra steve

      It started with YG era. The fact that the rebuild was never fully embraced by the org itself and mismanaged in a 100 different ways and they continually wanted “something for now, something for the future,” and that they had no development system in place and the’d fired all of their best scouts and replaced them with idiots and that the whole thing could’ve gone so much better with just a little bit of thought and effort is inconsequential to the Flames.

      Then Darryl came in and added vets and reclamation projects and we had 2004. The fact that it was a rodeo out there and the league has changed drastically and there was a lot of good luck involved and it was on the back of a incrdibly hot goalie is inconsequential to the Flames.

      To the Flames it’s:

      1) Drafting doesn’t work (Tkatzuk, Fata, Saprykin).

      2) When they do draft well, they can’t develop the player and trade away superstars to other teams (Savard, St. Louis).

      3) Veteran players = winning (Kipper, Gelinas, Warrener).

  • supra steve

    It’s coming from Edwards. KK is his hatchet man. Org is scared of it’s own shadow in moving on from Iginla.

    While I still think JBo packaged with Iginla would fetch a great return, I’m beginning to think along slightly different lines.

    The Flames should trade Iginla, Tanguay and Cammi for as many picks as possible. While they did the scoring yesterday (team still lost), I’m not sure the impact of losing them would really be that big in the overall picture. In fact, I think the work ethic of the team might actually double overnight.

    Then Hulder, Cervenka and Baertschi and Backlund when he returns can be given top 6 mintues.

    The D will still be intact that way too and maybe with the country club atmosphere gone we can have a team along the lines of Phoenix, but with a lot of top picks coming our way. Suckage could be kept to about 2 years, hopefully.

    Granted, to be realistic, this plan would look a lot better if ROR had joined the team (though I still forsee problems with that QO).

    • Stockley

      If the offer had been rejected and the Avs wound up with Jones, Mackinnon or Drouin using our pick I would have been annoyed. Or if they had lucked out and snagged two of said players because their own fate isn’t set in stone and they’re likely to finish bottom 10 in the league as well.

      I’m glad we swung and missed on that one. I wanted the picks.

  • Stockley

    According to sportsclubstats we have a 15% chance of making the playoffs. To have a realistic chance we need to get to 54 pts or go 16-9-4 down the stretch.

    Will people finally accept the inevitable?


    I for one, had a good day yesterday. I want Nate MacKinnon 10000 time more than I want ROR. He is a superstar who could replace Iggy as the centerpiece of our team for 10+ years. ROR is a good 2nd line C. We should be thanking the Avs, not sad.

    I do give props to Feaster for screwing the Avs. Thats extra bonus. That contract will handcuff them in the future, which is good for us. I doubt that was Feaster’s hope, but its good nonetheless.

    I had an Oiler buddy point out that what he is seeing is EXACTLY what the Oil did back in 2009 when they were in denial of their suck. Trying to land Hossa, Heatley or Vanek (by offer sheet). Desperation attempts to avoid the inevitable truth that to get elite players you need to draft them from the lottery position. We just need to embrace our fate and enjoy the optimism of a new future.

  • Stockley

    I’m just trembling at the thought we’re about to make some mind-blowing blockbuster deal to make up for this. And I mean a trade that adds veterans and gets “rid” of these damn draft picks. And then another run for ninth starts to take shape…

  • supra steve

    As long as edwards and king run this team not too much is going to change. You need heart and grit. You need players that hate to lose. You need to change the old core.

  • RedMan

    That ROR thing is pretty much win win for the Oilers. The Flames turned a quality asset for Colorado into an albatross contract moving forward and the Flames didn’t get their man. Perfect. Now, time to start the march to ninth place…..

  • supra steve

    Avs have a lot of talent on that team, Stastny is getting hot, Landeskog is back, Duschesne is playing better. They could make a move up the standings here.

    @Rex Libris –

    Just thinking, how much better would the Oilbe right now if instead of RNH and Hall on their 1st line they had Seguin and Landeskog.

    Even picking first the Oilers are inept.

    It’s the new Battle of Alberta – Oilers vs Flames management (dumb vs dumber)

    • McRib

      I have about 10 Oiler friends, and have actually enjoyed watching their team this year.

      I will tell you this, you are completely wrong. Not one of them regrets RNH or Hall. Hall is hands down their fan favorite, and soon to be captain. Think Iggy 15 years ago. Nobody there wants Seguin… I think Seguin has 10pts this year, and Hall is PPG and leading by example fighting and almost killing Cal Clutterbuck. He will be their captain, maybe next year.

      And if you ever watch Oiler games RNH is a wizard. Landeskog is a completely different player, but its WAY to early to say who is better. Based on the games I’ve watched RNH has the more rare talent. Landeskog is probably more of an impact today due to his power fwd style. But its hard to explain RNH unless you watch him a few games. Cerebral, wizardly. You can’t teach it, and my gut tells me he will be the best of all the Oiler picks (better than Eberle, Hall or Yakupov). I think he’s like 160 lbs right now… wait a few years.

      Quit being jealous of the Oilers, it makes us look bad. Instead you should realize how amazing guys like Landeskog and RNH are, and realize we need to get a lottery pick in order to ever dream of competing against the next generation of NHLer.


      • McRib

        Dude, you just:

        a) completely killed my attempt at a blatant cheap shot at Rex with your well-thought out post;

        b) completely killed my attempt at trying to find some sort of happy place (misery loves company).

    • McRib

      Are you saying that RNH and Taylor Hall are not franchise players….or can’t become ones!! Seriously? Give your head a shake. Right now Feaster is the worst GM in the whole league period!! at least the Oilers mgmt learned a lesson about offer sheets.

      • Danger

        Give your head a shake back. How is Feaster the worst GM in the NHL? I look north & see a GM terrified to make a deal to help a team with a lot of great young pieces compete for playoffs. Steve Tambellini has a greater fear of failure than he does to need to achieve. Pretty easy to not screw up picking 1st 3 years in a row. So please, dont get into that comparing GM’s thing. Yes, Oilers have a lot of excellent young players, most of you dont even realize that the window is now open. But for many reasons windows dont stay open forever. You think it was bad about how trolled you guys got during your many suckage years, just wait & see what happens if you ST piss this one away.

        • Danger

          rolls eyes…. All I know is I’d take the Oilers roster over ours 10000 times of 100. They have Eberle and Hall locked up for 6 years. They got Justin Schultz, a 22 yr old potential rookie of the year D on pace for over 30pts in a half season for FREE. I’d say they aren’t doing so bad.

          Oh ya, and Yakupov plays on the 4th line because they have so many skilled players (and still has 11 or 12 pts I think).

          They only have 2 bad contracts (Khabibulin and Horcoff), but Khabibulin expires this year. I don’t think they have any players with NTC.

          Give your head a shake. Feaster is the idiot and I think in another year or two it’ll be more and more clear.

          • Chris Fairfield

            Kurt, maybe you misread my post. I think Oilers have a great foundation of solid young players. They should be well past the rebuild now. You cant keep finishing in the bottom 3rd of the league & be happy with continuing with top 5 picks. Teams need the right veteran pieces to take young talented teams to the next level. That cant be drafted, it has to be acquired & you have to give to get. Playing Yapukov on the 4th line is assinide. You put Holmgren as GM of the Oilers & I would be very scared. Question: how many franchise players can you fit under a $62mill cap? because in the next 2-3 years you think Schultz & Yapukov & RNH arent gonna want to get Hall & Eberle type of contracts.

          • beloch

            I’m not saying they are perfect, but I’ve found that us Flames fans feel this constant need to look at the Oilers and put them down. I for one, am sick of it, and I wish we were the Oilers instead of Feastering along. I’m so jealous of my Oiler buddies and their ridiculous overflowing talent. For some reason we keep pointing to the Oilers and say we will never rebuild because theirs isn’t working. I’m not sure where that comes from? None of my Oiler buddies even expected them to make the playoffs this year. They are happy to improve slightly and keep building. Its a stark contrast to how we live in constant lust for 8th place.

            Are you really putting them down because Yakupov playes on the 4th line. Lots of 18 year old superstars staart on the fourth line. It means your team is deep…. Are they supposed to move Eberle down? Or play Nugent Hopkins on the checking line. Its called having a LOT of skill, and letting a player slowly develop.

            Lastly, if we had to trade a superstar because we had too many and couldn’t fit them under the cap I can’t think of anything better. That would be like having to figure out what to do with your money because your wallet is too full.

            Anyways, I digress. I just am sick of this middling, spiralling, desperate aging and slowly dying team. I WANT A SUPERSTAR NOW. Lets get one.


          • beloch

            The whole thing was basically in jest and attempt to feel better about this crap team.

            I posted this like 2 posts below the orignal in response to Kurt:

            “Kurt wrote:
            I have about 10 Oiler friends, and have actually enjoyed watching their team this year.

            I will tell you this, you are completely wrong. Not one of them regrets RNH or Hall. Hall is hands down their fan favorite, and soon to be captain. Think Iggy 15 years ago. Nobody there wants Seguin… I think Seguin has 10pts this year, and Hall is PPG and leading by example fighting and almost killing Cal Clutterbuck. He will be their captain, maybe next year.

            And if you ever watch Oiler games RNH is a wizard. Landeskog is a completely different player, but its WAY to early to say who is better. Based on the games I’ve watched RNH has the more rare talent. Landeskog is probably more of an impact today due to his power fwd style. But its hard to explain RNH unless you watch him a few games. Cerebral, wizardly. You can’t teach it, and my gut tells me he will be the best of all the Oiler picks (better than Eberle, Hall or Yakupov). I think he’s like 160 lbs right now… wait a few years.

            Quit being jealous of the Oilers, it makes us look bad. Instead you should realize how amazing guys like Landeskog and RNH are, and realize we need to get a lottery pick in order to ever dream of competing against the next generation of NHLer.


            I wrote:

            “Dude, you just:

            a) completely killed my attempt at a blatant cheap shot at Rex with your well-thought out post;

            b) completely killed my attempt at trying to find some sort of happy place (misery loves company).”

            Next time, read all of the posts that follow rather than throwing out insults at people when you’re taking the original post out of context.

  • McRib

    What a horrific game, this is the worst no effort performance in a while and we have had some gems (NYI at home two years ago comes to mind). The Flames are a no effort and no compete team. They can continue to make excuses but its been four years now, time to except the facts. Honestly the Flames have no idea how good they have it for the Saddledome to still have 20,000 people showing up every night with the stinkers we have had the last four years says something about the fans. Young players may make rookie mistakes but at least they give a 100%.

    Like all loyal fans i’ll continue to follow the team, but as of this morning the rest of my home tickets have been sold (Kind of surprised they sold so quickly, again with our fan loyalty hopefully someone gets them that has never been to a game).

    The Calgary Hitmen deserve my money much more than the Flames, honestly maybe the Flames should attend a few WHL games to see what it was like to give everything to the sport they once loved. Because Junior Hockey Players DON’T HAVE OFF NIGHTS and if they do they don’t make excuses for it!!!!

  • McRib

    Wow! WTF is going on here??? This place looks like Animal House when they took away their charter. Couple things. I was OK with Feaster taking a shot at ROR, I knew they would match. Their trade demands were rediculous, so obviously the Avs valued ROR way more than what they were trying to get away with paying him. That doesnt look bad on Feaster, but shame on the Avs that they would treat a player of thet importance that way. Had we got him, what a great piece to build around. Didnt happen, whatever. What now? Well back in trying to convince everyone this is a playoff team. Last nights game? Why is everyone so down? Did this team play previously to give us expectations we were a top 8 team? NO. They played like they have been playing for the last freaking 3 years. There has been a few of us pounding the rebuild & the change the core drums. 21 year old kids like ROR is who you build your team around, not 35 & 36 year olds. Until this ownership & Management get that through their thick heads, the bottom is going to get pretty deep. After yesterday be sure of one thing, no one in this league, no one is going to give us a franchise player to rebuild around. Now we can go through years trying to hit miss this thing & sucking or we take this shortened season where we already sit 14th in the conference with a hellacious road trip coming up, trade some old but valuable pieces & try to fast track this thing in a very deep, very good draft & make this bottom a little shallower so we can climb our way out of it quicker. Lets shed some salary & use our Cap flexability as weapon. There will be other ROR’s coming up & this cap is going down next year. There will be achance to really do some pillaging. So come on, snap out of this, when things get tough, the tough get going!!!AYYYAYYYYYYAYYYY!!!

  • Avalain

    Ok, so our next 2 weeks of games are against:
    San Jose
    LA again

    Can anyone seriously see us pulling even .500 out of these teams? We may be quite happy that we kept our 1st pick 2 weeks from now…

    • Danger

      As Kent points out in the comments on the other article about this, if that were the case the Flames likely would have sat O’Reilly out for the remainder of the season. No waivers needed to join in the off-season.

  • Chris Fairfield

    Hey, listen, I’m an Oiler fan in northern Alberta, so take this for what it’s worth, but I don’t think you have any reason to hang your heads about yesterday. For the off-ice stuff, I mean. Blowing that three-goal lead would suck, so I’m not going to tell you how to feel about that.

    But signing ROR to an offer sheet yesterday was ballsy. It was a long-shot and it was bound to be matched by the Avs, but it was the right move. Heck, I’d even go as far as to say it was probably the first sign of Feaster putting his money where his mouth is since he’s arrived in Cowtown.

    He tried to improve his hockey club … quickly. We all know his thoughts on rebuilding slowly but I’d never really seen him do much until yesterday. It was inspired. It was bound to fail. But it was inspired.

    That said, failure to execute the offer sheet now puts your team closer to its crossroads. Within the next few-months-to-a-year, Iggy’s probably gone. Bouwmeester should be gone. Kipper might be gone. Twelve months from now, it’s hard to say who the Flames’ best player could be. It could very well be Matt Stajan. Or Mike Camelleri. Scary.

    Whether your GM cares to admit it or not, the Flames are now where the Oilers were in whatever summer that was in which they tried to offer-sheet Tomas Vanek and/or trade for Dany Heatley. 2007? 2008?

    You’re quite welcome to criticize the Oilers’ moves and motives since those years (there’s much to criticize), but hopefully you’ve also seen the perils of the quick-fix, via free agency.

    Just as the Vanek/Heatley Summer was a watershed moment for the Edmonton Oilers, Thursday should surely be for the Flames.

    I hope, for your sake, your GM is having second thoughts about that “anything-but-a-rebuild” philosophy. And pray to whatever-deity-you-believe-in that your GM hangs on to your first-round picks. You’re going to need them. And you’ll come to love them.

    Courage, Calgary. Courage.

  • Chris Fairfield

    I watched the Greg Sherman presser, what a smug bastard. He was saying how “If that’s how Calgary and their organization choose to do business, then that is their choice legally under the new CBA.” Someone from the press asked him why did it take so long and Sherman replied “Sometimes these things take longer and that was my intention all along.” I swear that I wanted nothing more than to superman punch him in the face at that exact time. It took almost 20 games and another team’s offer sheet for them to realize that. I saw Feaster’s presser yesterday and he said that the Flames now have to “move on and try to make another move tomorrow to try and improve this team now.” He still has not gotten it.

    • Chris Fairfield

      No fan of Fester, but let’s be honest, this is all coming from Edwards. Why do you think he hired Feaster? Love him or hate them, the Flames would never hire a Brian Burke or John Davidson. Not a chance. THose guys run things their ways, “Set my budget and then stay clear.” True GM of this org is Edwards and frankly, when it come sto hockey, he’s an idiot.

    • Chris Fairfield

      Well the trolls can trash on Feaster all they want but the silver lining is, why is it so bad for a GM to want to win really really bad. Maybe if some of our high paid players wanted to win that bad on the ice, discussions on this site would be a helluva a lot different. & Wolf is right, it’s not Feaster, it that @#%*#@ Edwards who is petrified that if we trade Iginla, no one will come to hockey games anymore. The irony of it all is if they dont get huge value for Iginla via trade, it will ultimately cause people from not wanting to go to the Dome. Look at the electricity of the thought of signing ROR & he isnt exactly Crosby or Malkin or Stamkos. You know how many ROR jerseys would have sold in record time, even from those who swore they would boycott buying NHL merchandise & contributing to the HRR. Dont see people scrambling to buy Iggy jerseys today. For brilliant business men, edwards & his pitbull KK are sure lacking any kind of vision when it comes to running Hockey operations.

  • beloch

    I was not happy with that game. They played like crap for 40 minutes. They were lucky to get 4 goals on 23 shots. They had bad-goal tending on top of everything else, so 4 goals wasn’t enough. On top of it all, Hartley was making some weird decisions, like benching a red-hot Iginla during powerplays when he had fresh legs!

    MacDonald’s season Sv% (1- total GA/total SA) is now 0.887, which is below Danny Taylor’s solitary 0.892 performance. MacBackup has now proven he’s not very good. Can we give Taylor another chance please?