• everton fc

    A look at the farm shows we have little depth. Even with Reinhart and Baertschi.

    As I’ve said before, our roster resembles an expansion franchise. Butler was seen as a coup in the Regehr trade, and then doesn’t play to start the season. Jones, the “great steal” by Feaster last season, is on the farm, rotting. Wasn’t even poached off the waiver wire. As much as I like Begin, he’s a typical expansion-roster player, as is McGratton. And where was the pushback from the fans when we signed McGratton, a goon in the same mould (pun intended) as PL3 and Ivanans? Fans seemed to not mind that move.

    We have no grit. We are too small. Weak. When brought up over the summer, some pushed back, said all the same sad things – “We need finesse. We need skill.” And so on. We need skilled guys who are physical. Which means we need to rebuild, as they are hard to come by. But they do exist…

    Of course the fans want to move Iginla. And Kipper. They did last year, and the year prior. Time to pull the trigger. On many of these guys. None are winners. Many have never won at this level. A team of has-beens and also-rans will finish no better than .500, and probably a few games below. We give up way too many goals. Did I mention, outside of the 4th line, we have zero grit?

    Why isn’t Feaster held accountable? He who signed both PL3 and McGrattan? It gets old hearing he inherited everything from Sutter. Sounds like Obama. Feaster re-signed Babchuk. Never forget this!

    A good GM would not allow this to be an obstacle. And a good GM wouldn’t let ownership call the shots as much, if this is indeed, and issue. The whole organization needs to be blown up. This is the only solution here. In my opinion.

    We don’t re-sign Moss, and he has 12 points, having a decent, Mosser season. Typical. People want to trade Iginla; he leads the team in scoring! Again, typical. Cervenka isn’t seeming to pan out. He is smallish, of course… No grit…

    Our top 9 scorers are over the age of 28. 3 are over the age of 30. I fail to see evidence this team’s improving. If anything, they are worse defencively than last year.

    And for those who want to blow this up, Feaster and Weisbrod are not the duo I want handling this. I want Jason Botterill as GM. Now. He understnad the game, and is educated at the university level to understand the cap. A perfect combination. The Jankowski pick shows how farr off we are. They draft a guy they may never see play!

    Rant over.

  • supra steve

    As I am thinking about it, as much as I liked the idea of getting ROR (HAD IT WORKED OUT), it would have likely allowed us to stay relevant in the 8-11 picture instead of last in the conference. I would imagine ROR + Backs could have kept us there and kept the team from moving forward…