Post-Game: Yahoo!

It was a good game tonight for the good guys, and it was one that they deserved to win. As many times as we’ve heard a variant of the sentence this year, it hasn’t always lead to a win – but tonight it did, as the Cowboy from Provost would shine on Western Night.

The Rundown

The game started off a little slow for the Flames, as it took 6:20 to register their first shot – but luckily for them the first one went right by Pekka Rinne. Mark Giordano placed a wrist shot from 30 feet out about as well as you can from that distance and the Flames were up 1-0. They would add to that quickly thereafter, as Blake Comeau (yes, that Blake Comeau – again!) took a beauty feed from Jiri Hudler and used the backhand to get it past Rinne from just outside the dot. Rinne was pulled for the second straight night after that, allowing two goals on two shots. Chances were 6-4 for the Flames, 6-2 at evens. Shots were 6-6 and the Flames were +3 in Corsi.

The second started much like the first ended, with the Flames controlling the play early.  They would add to their lead at 3:38 when Jiri Hudler would pot a power play point against Mason to put the Flames up by a trey. Nashville would respond less than two minutes later, however, with their own power play goal off the stick of Gabriel (Don’t call me Ray!) Bourque. That would be it for scoring in the second, though the Flames showed no signs of letting up – they matched Nashville event for event from there on out until the intermission, leading to the stats all being in their favour: chances were 9-4 (15-8), 7-3 at evens (13-5); shots were 8-6 (14-12) and the Flames moved the Corsi needle further to the positive side, with a +6 rating when the horn blew.

The Flames came out in the third looking for the kill, and a nice drive from Lee Stempniak led to a rebound going behind Mason and into the net via Curtis Glencross’ arm, making him the first Flame to reach the double-digit goal mark. Mike Fisher would make the deficit two again after a perfect deflection in the middle of the slot on Roman Josi’s shot beat Kiprusoff. The Stajan line – which has been very good pretty much the entire season – drove down the ice again and Curtis Glencross would pot his second of the game, extending the lead to 5-2. The Legwandian one would score for Nashville but it was all for naught as GlenX would complete the Hatty as a rink-long shot found the back of the net with just under a minute left. Chances were 4-2 Flames in the third, all at even strength, thus the Flames won the chance battle by a considerable margin (19-10). They also out-shot and out-corsied the Preds, 22-20 and +5 respectively. Everyone on the Flames except for Smith, Begin and Butler had a ZS% <50% tonight, with Giordano and Wideman getting hit espically hard: 27% and 23% of their shifts were started in the O-Zone tonight.

Why The Flames Won

Simply because they were the better team. They had the usual meh goaltending from Kiprusoff (.882 EVSV%) but that doesn’t really matter when you out-shoot and out-chance your opponent as well as score 6 goals on their goalies. They were better and they deserved to win.


It can’t be anyone other than Curtis Glencross tonight – even though only one of his goals was a scorer’s goal, they all count the same. Honourable mention goes to Lee Stempniak and Mikael Backlund. Second game in a row for Glencross in this space.

Sum It Up

I’m not a big fan of the lose-for-picks mentality, and combine that with the fact that the Flames are 3 points back of a playoff spot with a game in hand – well, winning’s the only way to go.

The Flames don’t play again until Monday, but we’ll have plenty of stuff this weekend to pique your interest. Go GSP and Go Flames.










    • Scary Gary

      Who is Florek? I would rather have Spooner, a 2013 1st, a conditional 2nd if Boston win the Eastern conference & a conditonal 2014 1st if Iggy resigns with Boston.

      I was brainstorming (I know, Ive been told I shouldnt do that kind of stuff) but I quite like an Iggy to Vancouver for Schneider & a 2013 1st & if Iggy doesnt resign in Vanc, we give them a 2014 2nd back. Canucks need to do something & I see Iggy wanting to go to Vanc., a contender with a closing window & close to home & family. Then we flip Kipper & 2013 3rd to Toronto for Jake Gardiner & a 2013 2nd.

      I know, dare to dream. Isnt this the Blog of Dreams starring Kevin Costner?

      • Sobueno

        As much as I’d like to have Schneider to take over the reins from Kipper, I doubt Iggy would be sufficient to pry him out of Van. I live in Vancouver and the common sentiment here is that Schneider is the next big thing in net, and Gillis is just waiting for the right offer on Luongo to ship him out of town. So with that attitude in place, I really don’t see them trading their perceived future for a rental, especially since they seem to be lacking depth at centre more than anything else with Kessler out (sounds familiar doesn’t it?). All things considered we’d have a better chance picking up Luongo than Schneider, and that deal doesn’t really make sense for either side. But we can always dream right? 😉

  • RedMan

    I would be surprised if we were to hear anything publicly about Jarome’s decision until such time that something (hopefully) happens.

    I do think that any trade involving Jarome must include a first rounder as a starting point. Probably that applies to J-bo too, especially if we take on some of his salary for next year.

  • Scary Gary

    Speaking of a team that needs a shaking up, what about Cammy to Toronto in exchange for Jake Gardiner and their 2nd rounder. Especially if we agree to chew on some of his salary.

    Then Gio to Pitt for a d-man prospect, J-bo to Detroit for Brendan Smith, or their first rounder, or some kind of package like that.

    Jarome to Boston…Babchuk to the Okotoks Oilers…

  • Sobueno

    Just out of curiousity, when was the last time this team acquired a first or second round pick? We toss them away like junk mail, but I can’t remember us getting one back.

  • RedMan

    @Scary Gary

    Ya ok. But I don’t really consider that acquiring picks. Sure, we got two and only lost one, but we lost the best of the three, so that to me is a lateral move.

    When was the last time we ever traded a player under contract to another team and received a first or second rounder back?

  • Scary Gary

    Well, we did the Erixson trade because we couldn’t get him under contract. And yes, I agree that the returns seem good under the circumstances Jay was in.

    My question still remains. When was the last time we traded a player under contract and received a first or second rounder in return? I think it has been almost forever ago, is my point. We have, for many years, been buyers, not builders. Does that not go to explain the magical position we find ourselves in now?

    • Scary Gary

      “We have, for many years, been buyers, not builders. Does that not go to explain the magical position we find ourselves in now?”

      … way to state the obvious. This is what everyone everywhere is saying about the Flames, and has been for years.

  • Parallex

    The optimist looks at their schedule to the end of the month and says that there is no logical reason why this team cannot go 6-1 and be in the battle for the last playoff spot. At which point the Feast will look at adding some external help like Drew Stafford from Buffalo or sending our 2013 1st round pick to Dallas for Morrow and Roy. With the help and that record the team just needs to play 2 games over .500 to make the playoffs.

    The realist looks at their schedule and says that the team will end up going 5-2 and that they will be a couple of games over .500 team at the trade deadline. The Flames will decide at the deadline that there is still time to pull off a winning streak against the good teams they play in April and will not move any of their pieces at the deadline. They will be afraid of their history the last couple of years and wont invest in the current team at the deadline. They will then spend April going 4-11 and will finish near the bottom of the western conference.

    • Parallex

      Aside from Mike Ribeiro, I can’t see anyone available that the Flames could add that would make this team any better, and I don’t think even Feaster would want to acquire a rental player at the deadline…

      It’s wait and see time over the next couple of weeks to the deadline, and I think if the Flames are still sitting where they are now, look for big changes to happen.. Feaster will have to because his ass is on the line..

  • NHL93


    I looked it up this morning. You are right. However, it was acquired for Tanguay the same day we traded our higher first rounder to LA for Camalleri.

    So,if the 08 draft day deal above is considered a wash, the last time this team acquired a first or second round pick was June 23, 2001. That day they received Rob Niedermayer and Florida’s second rounder for Valeri Bure and Jason Weimer.

    Almost 12 years ago…it is mind boggling to look back (I just googled ‘Calgary Flames trade history’) and see not only how many picks we have given away, but the number of times this organization has tried to re-coup them by trading their higher pick for two later ones.