POST-GAME: I Ain’t No Fortunate Son


When you’re beaten down 8-1, like the Stars were in their own barn, you have to know they were going to come out looking to take out all their frustrations at the first available opportunity; in this case, your Calgary Flames.

Calgary wasn’t going to to get the benefit of facing the Stars’ back up tonight, so if they wanted two points out of this one tonight, they were going to have to beat Kari Lehtonen; and he’s no slouch.

Sometimes the NHL is a game of bounces. You hope when they come, you’re the team that reaps the benefits, and when the bounces don’t go your way… well, then you pray for a miracle.

The Rundown

As mentioned the Stars started the game looking to put the Flames away fast and early. In the first five minutes of the game, Dallas out-shot 6-0 and Joey MacBackup was forced to make more than one pivotal save to keep his team in it while they weathered the early storm.

By the time Calgary got their first shot.. it came on a power-play, by then the scoring chances were already 6-1 in Dallas’ favour. After managing just the single shot on goal, the Flames Giordano hauled down the Stars, Roussel on a break-away, meaning Calgary would face their first penalty shot of the season. Luckily Roussel would miss the net and we’d remain tied.

At 13:07 Eric Cole would get his second goal since being traded to Dallas. Not a great one as the pass was intended to go to the captain, Brendan Morrow, but instead would bank off of Derek Smith’s skate and go in passed MacDonald 

The bounces would continue to go Dallas’ way. At 15:49, former Flame Eric Nystrom would also benefit from a gratuitous bounce as he would be in the right place at the right time to tap the puck into the empty net after the puck ping-ponged around in a broken play.

Trying to spark his team, Jarome Iginla would somehow find his way into a fight with Cody Eakin of all people. Not sure what fighting a rookie says to the guys but you take what’s given to you sometimes.

As a result of the early deficit, the Flames were pushed back on their heels and when that happens, this team has a tendency to start chasing the play and get the run-a-round in their own zone. Tonight would be no different and as the Stars started to throw the play around the perimeter of the offensive zone, they would wait for their chance. They wouldn’t have to wait to long as they would find a way to get the puck inside to Loui Eriksson, and with just under 2 minutes left in the first, it was 3-0 for the Stars.

So much for weathering the storm as the Stars out-shot Calgary 12-5, out-chanced them 12-3 and was ahead where it mattered most; on the scoreboard.

Many fans wondered why, after surrendering three goals in a little over five minutes, Joey MacDonald was still between the pipes for the Flames. Well at the mid-point of the period, he answered that question with just a phenomenal glove save off Brendan Morrow to keep the deficit at three. I wouldn’t say any of the first three were Joey’s fault as he was left with little back support and because of some of his saves, Dallas wasn’t completely running away with this one tonight.

Calgary would go back on the PP after Stajan was jumped entering the Stars zone. It would take less than 15 seconds for the Flames to get on the board as Jiri Hudler would notch his 6th of the year on nice re-direction on the point shot from TJ Brodie. With the goal on the board, it would give Calgary something to build on.

Dallas continued their pseudo parade to the penalty box, which was just fine for Calgary. With Benn in the box for hooking, the Flames would go back to work. Curtis Glencross, with his back to Lehtonen, would make a nifty tip through the Stars legs. Jay Bouwmeester would pick up the puck and with one dirty backhand flip of the puck, Calgary was within one of tying this one up.

Much better results for the Flames in the middle frame. They held their own in the face off circle (Backlund 71%), out-shot the Stars 9-6 and dominated the scoring chances 7-4. It was almost a shame the period had to end, as Calgary had all the momentum. Could they carry it into and through the third?

Instead of the Flames coming out in the third trying to take it to Dallas, they started rather tentatively; seeming to wait for their chances rather than trying to create them.

Five minutes in, Calgary would go back on the PP after Eric Nystrom was tagged for a blindside hit on Jiri Hudler. The PP got the boys back in this game, could it get them tied up? With no shots on the man advantage, Calgary would have to look elsewhere. Moments after the penalty ended, Glencross almost had the answer, almost.

Unfortunately after eight minutes or so of back and forth hockey, fortune would again smile on the Stars. After Wideman had his shot from the point blocked, Dallas would go back down the ice creating a three on two. On another broken play, the puck would bounce off the Flames defender and eventually land on the stick of Loui Eriksson, who would pot his second of the game over a spralled out MacDonald. Another bounce to go against your Flames.

With a two goal lead in the third, Dallas started their process of choking out the middle of the ice and only sending one man in deep; and time was running out for Calgary.

With 4:45 left, Alex Tanguay would again pull the Flames within one. Iginla with the quick poke to Cammalleri, caught the Stars sleeping as he sent the puck cross-ice. Tanguay would just stay onside, take the puck off the boards and with one quick dangle, slide the puck passed Lehtonen into the open goal. What tricks did the team have left in the bag for the last four minutes???

With the goalie pulled, the Flames threw everything short of the kitchen sink at Lehtonen, and they almost made it count… Almost. 

Why The Flames Lost…

Because Calgary needed to weather the initial storm from a determined Dallas team, and was only able to last for the first half of the opening period.

Because once their initial line of defense cracked, the floodgates opened and the Stars were able to score three goals in five minutes.

Because despite the Flames being the team with MacBackup in, he played extremely well in this game, but the Flames weren’t able to provide him any support. In fact, during the first period, they flat out hung him out to dry on too many plays.

Because sometimes the game can be decided on a lucky bounce here or there. Tonight, not only did Calgary have a first period to forget, but karma made them pay dearly for it. It wasn’t just one bounce, but multiple. When you have those two factors put together, the outcome is mathematical; tonight that came by a 3-0 result.


I have to go with Joey tonight.

As bad as the first period was for your Calgary Flames, it could have been a lot, lot worse. 

When the Flames were lost in their own zone and about to made look foolish, MacDonald was right there on several occasions to keep them somewhat still in the game.

I can’t find fault with MacDonald for the first period deficit either. Two of the first three were just bad bounces where once the puck settled down, it was right on the stick of a waiting Stars player and MacDonald was a man alone on an island.

He may not have been a factor in igniting the offense, but he made one hell of a save off Morrow to give his team a chance to get back into things instead of letting in the goal that would have pretty much deflated the team and sealed their fate tonight.

Sure, you may say that the Stars ended up getting the fourth one anyways, but it was another broken play that went against Calgary and I’m not faulting Mac on that one either.

Scoring Chances

Flames scoring chances:

Dallas scoring chances:

Scoring Chance Summary

Team Period Time Note Home Away State
Home 1 17:30 Dallas shot 24 38 60 6 33 32 18 22 20 5 26 35 5v5
Home 1 17:29 Dallas rebound 24 38 60 6 33 32 18 22 20 5 26 35 5v5
Home 1 17:28 Dallas tapped wide 24 38 60 6 33 32 10 15 16 26 44 35 5v5
Home 1 16:20 Morrow 11 10 72 3 4 32 12 13 40 4 7 35 5v5
Away 1 15:51 Stajan high slot 11 13 21 3 4 32 18 12 40 5 26 35 5v5
Home 1 15:12 Whitney 13 14 21 6 33 32 18 22 20 5 26 35 5v5
Home 1 14:18 scramble 24 38 60 43 58 32 10 15 16 27 44 35 5v5
Away 1 13:45 TJ Brodie (PP) 20 72 3 4 32   10 20 40 4 7 35 4v5
Away 1 11:56 Wideman (PP) 11 21 3 4 32   24 12 13 5 26 35 4v5
Home 1 11:39 Rousell break away 20 60 72 6 33 32 18 22 20 5 26 35 5v5
Home 1 11:36 Rousell penalty shot 68 13 14 6 33 32 18 22 20 4 44 35 5v5
Home 1 9:31 Jagr (PP) 68 13 14 21 6 32 18 22 4 5 35   5v4
Home 1 5:34 Jagr faceoff dot 20 18 68 6 33 32 11 24 17 4 7 35 5v5
Home 1 4:12 Nystrom rebound goal 24 38 60 4 58 32 12 13 40 4 7 35 5v5
Home 1 1:50 Eriksson goal 11 13 21 6 33 32 11 24 17 5 26 35 5v5
Home 2 18:12 Jagr high slot 11 68 10 6 43 32 11 24 17 5 26 35 5v5
Away 2 16:09 Stempniak slot 11 10 72 6 33 32 18 22 20 27 44 35 5v5
Away 2 14:51 Comeau deep slot 20 18 68 43 58 32 11 24 17 5 26 35 5v5
Away 2 14:05 Stajan rebound 13 14 21 6 33 32 18 22 20 4 7 35 5v5
Away 2 12:49 Wideman slot 24 38 60 3 4 32 12 13 40 5 26 35 5v5
Home 2 10:18 Cole slot (PP) 68 13 14 21 6 32 13 20 4 5 35   5v4
Home 2 10:08 Morrow slot (PP) 11 10 13 72 6 32 18 22 4 26 35   5v4
Away 2 8:31 Hudler tip goal (PP) 38 60 3 4 32   24 12 13 40 7 35 4v5
Away 2 6:46 Hudler rebound (PP) 24 38 3 4 32   24 12 13 40 7 35 4v5
Away 2 5:26 Bouwmeester backhand goal (PP) 24 38 3 4 32   24 12 13 40 7 35 4v5
Home 2 3:33 wrap around 24 38 60 43 58 32 18 22 20 5 26 35 5v5
Home 2 2:20   68 13 14 3 4 32 12 13 40 4 44 35 5v5
Home 3 18:16 Goligoski (PP) 11 10 72 33 58 32 13 17 5 44 35   5v4
Away 3 13:07 Glencross in close 68 13 14 3 4 32 18 17 20 4 44 35 5v5
Away 3 11:34 Giordano high slot 20 18 10 6 33 32 12 13 40 5 26 35 5v5
Home 3 10:28 Eriksson slot 13 14 21 3 4 32 12 13 40 4 44 35 5v5
Home 3 7:54 Eriksson goal 11 10 72 3 4 32 12 13 40 4 7 35 5v5
Away 3 4:47 Tanguay break away goal 11 10 72 3 4 32 12 13 40 5 26 35 5v5
Home 3 4:06 Benn slot 13 14 21 6 33 32 11 24 17 4 7 35 5v5
Home 3 1:50 Cole partial break 13 14 21 6 33 32 12 13 40 4 44 35 5v5
Away 3 1:26 Backlund slot 11 10 72 3 4 32 11 24 17 7 26 35 5v5
Away 3 0:26 Stajan slot 14 24 38 3 4 32 18 12 13 20 40 26 5v5

Home Team Player Summary

# Player EV     PP     SH    
3 ROBIDAS, STEPHANE 20:27 4 6 00:29 0 0 02:38 0 5
4 DILLON, BRENDEN 22:32 5 6 00:56 0 0 02:47 0 5
6 DALEY, TREVOR 18:45 11 3 03:37 3 0 02:56 0 0
10 MORROW, BRENDEN 13:28 3 4 02:07 2 0 00:00 0 0
11 ROY, DEREK 12:50 4 4 02:07 2 0 01:55 0 1
13 WHITNEY, RAY 15:29 7 3 04:12 3 0 00:02 0 0
14 BENN, JAMIE 17:40 6 3 03:53 2 0 00:02 0 0
18 SMITH, REILLY 09:09 1 2 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
20 EAKIN, CODY 07:44 2 2 00:00 0 0 01:33 0 1
21 ERIKSSON, LOUI 13:34 5 2 03:53 2 0 01:10 0 1
24 NYSTROM, ERIC 12:53 6 2 00:06 0 0 01:21 0 2
32 LEHTONEN, KARI   18 10   4 0   0 5
33 GOLIGOSKI, ALEX 19:18 10 3 01:27 1 0 01:30 0 0
38 FIDDLER, VERNON 11:14 6 2 00:00 0 0 02:13 0 3
43 OLEKSIAK, JAMIE 07:28 3 1 00:00 0 0 00:52 0 0
58 BENN, JORDIE 08:03 3 1 01:19 1 0 00:43 0 0
60 ROUSSEL, ANTOINE 09:29 7 1 00:00 0 0 01:37 0 1
68 JAGR, JAROMIR 12:18 4 2 03:47 2 0 00:00 0 0
72 COLE, ERIK 09:04 3 3 02:07 2 0 01:33 0 1

Away Player Scoring Summary

# Player EV     PP     SH    
4 BOUWMEESTER, JAY 18:25 2 9 01:53 1 0 02:32 0 3
5 GIORDANO, MARK 22:07 5 7 01:12 1 0 04:27 0 3
7 BRODIE, TJ 14:49 2 5 04:13 4 0 00:00 0 0
10 CERVENKA, ROMAN 03:10 0 2 00:30 1 0 00:00 0 0
11 BACKLUND, MIKAEL 12:39 2 4 01:07 0 0 00:07 0 0
12 IGINLA, JAROME 15:24 5 6 04:05 4 0 00:18 0 0
13 CAMMALLERI, MIKE 17:43 4 6 03:05 4 0 01:33 0 2
15 JACKMAN, TIM 03:30 0 2 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
16 MCGRATTAN, BRIAN 01:52 0 2 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
17 COMEAU, BLAKE 14:44 3 4 00:00 0 0 01:56 0 1
18 STAJAN, MATT 17:28 5 6 00:10 0 0 03:05 0 2
20 GLENCROSS, CURTIS 16:14 4 6 02:34 1 0 01:26 0 1
22 STEMPNIAK, LEE 13:32 2 6 01:08 0 0 02:34 0 2
24 HUDLER, JIRI 12:43 2 4 03:09 4 0 00:03 0 0
26 WIDEMAN, DENNIS 23:57 7 8 01:23 1 0 02:59 0 1
27 SMITH, DEREK 03:49 1 1 00:00 0 0 00:03 0 0
35 MACDONALD, JOEY   9 18   5 0   0 4
40 TANGUAY, ALEX 18:14 5 6 04:06 4 0 01:01 0 0
44 BUTLER, CHRIS 12:30 2 6 00:00 0 0 01:56 0 1

Home Team Period Summary Scoring Chances

Period Totals EV PP 5v3 PP SH 5v3 SH
1 12 3 11 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
2 5 7 3 4 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0
3 5 5 4 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Away Team Period Summary Scoring Chances

Period Totals EV PP 5v3 PP SH 5v3 SH
1 3 12 1 11 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
2 7 5 4 3 3 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
3 5 5 5 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0

Sum it Up

The Flames power-play was almost enough to bail them out of another hole… almost.

In the end it all comes down to the fact that Calgary didn’t show up for the opening twenty minutes, and tonight they were pretty crucial minutes. We all knew that if the Flames could control the pace of the game and just grinf the Stars into making stupid mistakes, that they could win this one. We’ve seen it before, there was a precedent.

Calgary’s third line was far more superior to Dallas and the Stajan line again played very well. However, we all also knew that the Flames had a tendency towards the win one/two – lose one/two, and tonight put them right on schedule to lose.

If Calgary is serious about going on some kind of miracle run to make the playoffs, I’m not quite sure  what they are waiting for. They have enough tough games down the road, many of them on the road. It’s not going to inspire any confidence with anyone, let alone the fans, that tonight was their seventh straight loss on the road.

This was a winnable game for them, but as Hartley said, the team "gave Dallas four goals tonight."

It’s going to be the same story on Thursday as the team travels to Nashville. Again, this is a team they just beat, they better beat them again. It’s hard to say Calgary is better than any of these teams, even when they face Columbus on Friday; after all they trail all these teams in the standings. However, if you are going to call yourself a playoff team then you need to beat those that should not be ahead of you.

Let’s see who shows up in Nashville. Someone tell Glencross to bring his cowboy hat, it can’t hurt, right?

Game time is 6:00 MST and can be seen/heard on SNET-W and the Fan 960.

  • beloch

    Iginla might have had only one assist, but he had a nice fight and was had some seriously impressive shifts. Meanwhile, MacBackup had a Sv% of 0.833 and he’s your firestarter?

    Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot.

    Yeah, I get it. Picking on the goalie is “low class”. Whatever. MacB is *not* *a* *NHL* *starter*. He made a couple of highlight-reel saves, but he let in some real softies. His positioning is utter crap. Watching him fall on his back, curl up into a ball and then try to fish-flop into position instead of sticking his leg out like a real goalie was friggin’ depressing. Although we mercifully didn’t witness it tonight, horrible things seem to happen whenever he gets bright ideas about actually playing the puck. Feaster and Hartley ought to have their heads examined for playing this mook ahead of Taylor!

    Emotionally, I still can’t stand seeing this team lose. On a purely intellectual level, I recognize that tonight’s loss may have been pivotal in ensuring that Feaster doesn’t “go for it” fruitlessly yet again.

  • Vintage Flame

    @ Jeff in Lethbridge

    Amen to the comment about a change at President. I wish KK would just worry about the Stamps, Hitmen, Roughnecks, and letting Mr. Edwards dog out to pee. How about Brendan Shanahan as a replacement.

  • icedawg_42

    Here’s an idea – play the sh!t out of Cervenka…see exactly what you have there, if you don’t like it – jettison him at the end of the season. Sit every vet who plays a shift like they don’t give a $*(@. If they whine, sit ’em again. Trade deadline comes around…Blow it up!

    • Victoria Flames Fan

      I’ve been thinking the same thing… Find out if he really is NHL calibre or just another Fabian Brunstrom… On another note: Are the Heat moving to Utica, NY and the Canucks putting their farm team in Abby… or is that just a cheap and nasty rumour started by Canucks fans?

  • fretsey

    Why the Iginla hate over fighting that scab Eakin? Eakin clearly started the fight by whacking at Jarome prior to the face off. He also asked if Iggy “wanted to go” the last time they fought.(Iggy said as much when asked why he fought him last time)
    Little red headed puke trying to make a name for himself.

    • icedawg_42

      Thats exactly it. Trying to make a name for himself. Which team do you really think is going to get fired up by that? Iggy doesn’t need to fight him. He should have just said “F&ck off kid”

  • Chris Fairfield

    Everyone and their dog knew that Dallas would come out flying considering their demolition from Chicago. Calgary just had 3 days off from their last game/win against Nashville and the feeling of deja vu all over again, that and the fact that Kipper was not going to be playing against Dallas. Whether it be bad bounces, piss poor defensive play or terrible goaltending, there is one word that always comes back, inconsistency. The Flames have been mired in mediocrity for so many years that it is just nothing new anymore. The inability to win when it matters the most, but a loss just seems to be expected. I don’t want Calgary to lose, but, in the same respect, I don’t want this team to continue this frustrating trend. So many times it looks as if they are turning the corner this season and then they lay a pile like that 1st period and they take more steps backwards and the same post game rhetoric is spewed, “it’s unacceptable.” The Iggy fight with that puke Eakin was great , I just wish that it was done earlier in the game when he saw that his team was flat. How come Nystrom didn’t get 5 minutes and a game for that blindside shot on Hudler? Does anyone know if Kip will join the team for Nashville or Columbus?

  • Chris Fairfield

    Debating whether & who Iggy fights is pointless. He’s always been that way. If Iggy feels like fighting he’ll fight pretty well anyone. Thats the thing that we have loved about him but were also mortified way back when we used to be in the playoffs. I was terrified he break a hand & what a terrible deal of him & some plug sitting in the penalty box for 5 minutes. Bad tradeoff. Actually, seeing him do that last night when there was virtually every scout in the league watching 2 potential sellers at the trade deadline is probably a very good thing he fought this little puke.

    So I guess how important is this Nashville game coming up. To me, its the one game we should have no excuse getting points out of, because we arent very good in back to backs & Columbus has actually been playing prett friggin good these days. We lose both of those & the Trade Central boys better start their show next Monday.

  • RexLibris

    Your last point raises an interesting existential question for the Flames. Ought the Blue Jackets be ahead of them in the standings?

    The results, those earned on the ice, suggest so.

    Granted, the standings are being decided on minutiae at this point in the season, but Columbus has earned their place in the standings thus far, and with a roster that still bears many of the fatal shortcomings from last year. How troubling is that?

    • Vintage Flame

      Not to take anything away from Columbus (if that’s possible) but how many times do you hear, if you compare the two teams on paper then…

      Well that’s what this is like. Is Calgary really worse than the Jackets? No, I honestly don’t believe so, but here we are looking up in the standings at them, so what does my opinion matter?

      How troubling is it? It should be very troubling… to the Flames. For the exact reason you pointed out Rex.

      • RedMan

        We may not be worse than CBJ but I’d say there is a strong case to say we are worse off. They have elite prospects and 3 first round picks in this years draft. I’d take that over a hapless group of dying vets.

        If we somehow acquire some first rounders then we could be on par with them in terms of future hope.

      • RexLibris

        My point exactly. The Flames have a better club on paper, but the fact that Columbus appears to be earning their wins with hard work in spite of their lack of apparent talent speaks volumes about the situation of both clubs.

        Very troubling, indeed.

  • DoubleJ

    You talk about bounces, I’m sure you have heard this already. Calgary has had 9 games where they got to play the team on the back end of a back to backs. They have 7 wins From playing tired teams and the back up goalie. They have two more games where they get this advantage.

    Basically I’m trying to say is the Flames are having trouble, even with a huge advantage with the schedule. This schedule is beyond ridiculous on how it’s leaned in favor to the flames. There’s your bounce, they flames would be owning the 30th spot if it were not for the schedule.

    I’d be pissed at the legue if you don’t get the first overall.

  • That Iginla fight was weird. He fought Eakin last time the two teams played, and it was weird then too. Why fight a relatively unknown rookie? Eakin appears to be shorter and weigh less, is probably the reason. No more Ott? Iginla got lost on the way to fighting Jamie Benn?

    Says something when their star will fight Joe Thornton but ours has to go out and fight a rookie.

    Not good Flames. I don’t know why you’re covering up for MacBackup – he’s pretty awful. You know why all of the Dallas chances are around the net? Because it gets thrown in there, and MacBackup just keeps coughing it up until it’s in the back of the net. “Bounces” indeed. He’s a shi**y goalie through and through (not like the team helped all that much either).

    • s_yav14

      I agree that MacBackup isn’t very good. He made a couple big saves but with the game on the line on that 4th goal he looked like a fish outta water. he flopped around three times towards the post before they finally put it past him. Here’s to hoping Kipper plays the rest of the games! (or Ramo comes over early…)

    • Vintage Flame

      Not good Flames. I don’t know why you’re covering up for MacBackup – he’s pretty awful. You know why all of the Dallas chances are around the net? Because it gets thrown in there, and MacBackup just keeps coughing it up until it’s in the back of the net. “Bounces” indeed. He’s a shi**y goalie through and through (not like the team helped all that much either)

      I wouldn’t say I’m covering up for him. There is a reason I refer to him as “MacBackup” and not “MacStarter”.

      That being said, if he doesn’t make some really big saves in the first, this game is 6-0 at the first intermission and the Flames don’t even attempt to get back into it.

      I’m not a fan, but I’ll give credit when credit is due.

      Who should I have chosen?

    • icedawg_42

      Why does it matter who Iginla fights? This is the NHL and if you want to play in the NHL you better stand up with the big boys. Eakin wanted to go, the Flames need some spark, Iginla need some fire and so they duked it out. Move on.

      Joey was fine in net how is he pretty awful? How can you put the loss on him tonight? The two that went in off our players are his fault? The fact that we had five players standing around while Dallas put the puck in the net is why we loose games not because of our backup goalies.

      Be upset with the loss but don’t pass blame on those who aren’t the problem.

      • icedawg_42

        If you throw down with a rookie, you’d better knock him decidedly on his ass. Otherwise his team gets pumped, and your teams [email protected] shrivel just a bit. There’s NO way you can tell me that fight had any hope of riling up the Flames..whereas the Stars were probably all thinking “That kid is willing to go toe to toe with Iggy, let’s go!!”.

        I hope you’re not suggesting Iggy was ‘answering the call to stand up to a big boy’…TOTALLY the opposite case here!

        • Scary Gary

          Everyone on here would be squawking if Iggy turned him down… he’s just trying to show some leadership for a change, standing up to a challenge.. something we’ve all said he should do more of!!

          One thing we all know from Iggy is that he won’t necessarily go out of his way to fight someone to fire up his team, but if you piss him off, he won’t back down.

          Iggy’s all class!

        • Chris Fairfield

          Not sure if serious? So fighting a rookie means an automatic win in your world? Come on man. Why is winning a fight the only way to get your team motivated? If my captain is willing to scrap, win or lose, the respect level goes up and I get myself ready for the next shift. If your [email protected] shrivel because Eakin beat up Iginla then you’re in the wrong profession.

          Looks like St. Louis is in trouble Chris Stewart just fought Rookie Zac Kassian and didn’t win! Commence [email protected] Shrivelling St. Louis!!

          And No, I was not suggesting Iggy was “answering to big boy Eakin”. The opposite actually.

  • Well on the brightside Vancouver threads sound pretty much like Flame threads & most fans want to be sellers & burn it to the ground. 🙂
    They admit, the Sedins are good enough to keep them bubbled for the next 4 years at least. I think we’ve been there & done that. I suggested they hire Brent Sutter & let that offensive juggernaut flow.

  • RedMan

    Did anyone seriously expect a win???? Sure, wins are fun, but this is exactly what we’ve seen for 3+ years. Can no longer talk about bounces and luck and injuries. We are here… 3+ years of sucking. Time to change the leadership, the core, the president maybe… we need Iginla to leave long enough for changes to occur and allow him to come back and play out the string in a new role.

  • RedMan

    Meh… I’m emotionally numb when it comes to this team anymore.

    I’m really looking forward to some changes… I just hope that they get younger. It would be really exciting to draft in the top five this year too.

    • Matty Franchise Jr

      Emotionally numb when it comes to this team.

      Well said. That is exactly how I feel. I want to be excited about my Calgary Flames, but I’m not. I’ve been looking forward to changes for 3+ years, but have come to expect none.

      • beloch

        Edwards, King, and the Feast have been operating under the belief that they dont want to make the fan base angry by trading their heroes and star players. What they should be worried about is fan apathy, because not caring about the team is much worse than being angry at the decisions it makes. And a fourth year of purgatory filled with slogans about “intellectual honest” will induce much more apathy in the knowledgeable fan base than anything else.

        Love, hate, cheering, geering, excitement, and anger are emotions and emotions fuel a sports franchise. Lack of movement and lack of emotion lead to apathy and will kill a franchise.

        • Scary Gary

          Agreed. Typically I attend every game I can but this year there just isn’t that much to get excited about other than Backlund, and Brodie (honorable mention to GlenX, Hudler and Stempniak).

          We need some youth!!!

  • icedawg_42

    Now that my kid’s hockey season is over, I wont have practices as an excuse to miss Flames games. Sorry – Iginla fought Eakin? Good Gawd..the shame of it. This season has gone from embarrassing to…well…even more embarrassing.

  • thymebalm

    I’m sorry, did you give McDonald the player of the game after he let in 3 goals on 3 consecutive shots? You know a game is sixty minutes long right? Talk about candy coating a turd.