POST-GAME: All Good Things are Wild and Free!


They say at the moment when death is imminent there is a sort of calm that comes over the mind, that is liberating and can be described as uninhibeted  freedom.

One has to wonder how enraged Flames fans were tonight, even though the outcome was expected. What would be even more interesting is how it long it took those same fans to experience that numbness, or that wave of liberation as to what exactly is left for this team and where exactly they are going.

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Justin titled the FGD: Choose Your Own Path, and I suspect he was making more reference to the fanbase than the team itself. The Flames seem stuck in a path that they can no longer determine, they no longer have that freedom, rather they are on the wild run… kind of like a runaway train?

If you’re still reading this, then let’s see how it all played out…

The Rundown

I don’t think anyone should have been surprised that the Flames came out in this one looking extremely tentative tonight. For the first half of the period, they seemed to be afraid to take any chances in fear that it might cost them on the scoreboard.

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Instead, they would play it safe, trying to make the perfect pass which in turn cost them valuable scoring chances because they held the puck far too long. They were fortunate to get their first scoring chance just 17 seconds into the game and then wouldn’t see another for ten minutes.

A pretty low event period that almost got interesting when Bouwmeester walked into a slap shot from the blueline, that didn’t quite find its way into the net. Almost though.. almost.

When you don’t make things happen, things happen against you; and tonight would be no different. At 16:56, Jared Boll (*sigh*) would wire that sniper like slap shot that he is oh so known for, over the shoulder of a helpless Miikka Kiprusoff. In his defense though, he probably wasn’t expecting TJ Brodie to cough up the puck in front of him, or for his teammates to sit and watch as, yes, Jared Boll put the Jackets up 1-0.

The Flames edged Columbus 3-2 in scoring chances, but in fairness both of the Jackets chances were higher in quality than any of Calgary’s. Calgary went 65% in the faceoff circle and still got out-shot 9-7, but that’s what happens when you are tentative and are looking for the "perfect" play all the time.

Not sure what was said in the dressing room during the intermission, or who did the talking, but someone needed to respond in the second period.

When you need someone to answer the bell, you rarely have to look past Curtis Glencross. Undoubtedly, Calgary’s best line once again to the reins of leadership with Stempniak  doing the majority of the work and Glenx doing what #Scorface does best… pumping up that shooting percentage.

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For the next 11 minutes, the Flames would bask in the glow that was their tying feat. And then reality would have them come crashing down harder than Jared Boll running Kiprusoff for the third time of the night.

Over the course of a a minute and fifteen seconds, starting at the 13:05 mark, Columbus would put three consecutively passed Kipper, stomping on the hearts and most likely any hope that was held by any Flames fan out there.

The start of the third wasn’t pretty as the team came out looking like they were short-handed. Let’s face it the team’s play at even strength has seemed short-handed at the best of times. If the 3 goals in 1:15 wasn’t enough, Kipprusoff looked absolutely shell-shocked after the opening five minutes.

It would take nothing short of a Herculean feat to dig themselves out of this one. Since the Hockey Gods are clearly not behind the Flames, there would be no Herculean anything….

I took an intermission of my own until I was snapped back to consciousness when Colton Gillies extended the deficit to four. At this point, the clock couldn’t run out fast enough….

Why the Flames Lost…

I’m not sure how many different ways we can go over this. Night after night, game after game, it’s the same old song and dance.

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Red Warrior

Tonight I am proud to say we are bringing back the "Red Warrior". It’s just too bad that for the second night in a row., no one really deserves it.

However, given that we are bringing back the warrior honours, I can’t let it debut with no one.

So I’m going with Curtis Glencross tonight. He got the Flames only goal and has been the one guy on this team that has much of anything left to offer.

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Now unlike an earlier misconception that was blatantly taken out of context on twitter earlier today, I am not saying that anyone on this team doesn’t care or isn’t just as troubled about the losses piling up faster than PETA can protest the latest videogame. What I am saying is that night in and night out, Curtis has come to play for this team.

For the past month.. hell, for the past 4 years, fans have taken their turns at throwing pot-shots at various players on the team; from Iginla right down to Kiprusoff. The one name I can honestly say I’ve never seen thrown around when it comes to effort, is Glencross.

For that reason, and twitter be damned… Tonight’s Red Warrior is Curtis Glencross.

Scoring Chances

Flames chances:

BJs chances:

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Scoring Chance Summary

Team Period Time Note Home Away State
Away 1 19:27 Iginla shot 10 16 22 7 51 72 10 24 12 5 26 34 5v5
Away 1 10:07 Bouwmeester one-timer 42 13 11 7 51 72 18 22 20 4 7 34 5v5
Home 1 6:37 Anisimov slot 42 13 11 7 51 72 18 15 22 5 26 34 5v5
Home 1 3:04 Boll goal 42 13 11 6 47 72 13 17 40 5 26 34 5v5
Away 1 0:17 Cervenka shot (PP) 18 13 6 33 72   10 20 40 4 7 34 4v5
Home 2 19:14 Johnson shot 18 19 71 7 51 72 10 24 12 4 26 34 5v5
Away 2 15:37 Glencross goal 9 24 13 6 47 72 18 22 20 4 7 34 5v5
Away 2 14:16 Cammalleri slot 18 19 71 20 33 72 13 17 40 5 26 34 5v5
Away 2 14:08 Iginla in close 18 19 71 20 33 72 12 13 40 4 7 34 5v5
Away 2 12:16 Cammalleri shot 9 24 40 7 51 72 13 17 40 5 26 34 5v5
Home 2 11:45 scramble 42 13 11 20 33 72 18 22 20 4 7 34 5v5
Home 2 9:13 slot shot 10 16 22 6 47 72 13 17 40 5 26 34 5v5
Away 2 7:24 Begin post 9 24 40 6 47 72 15 16 25 6 27 34 5v5
Home 2 6:55 Foligno goal 18 19 71 7 51 72 13 17 40 5 26 34 5v5
Home 2 6:05 Foligno slot goal 18 19 71 7 51 72 13 17 40 5 26 34 5v5
Home 2 5:41 Anisimov goal 42 13 11 20 33 72 18 22 20 4 7 34 5v5
Home 2 3:44 Johnson high slot (PP) 16 18 71 7 51 72 20 40 4 5 34   5v4
Away 2 1:08 Cervenka in close 9 24 40 6 47 72 10 24 12 4 7 34 5v5
Home 3 19:16 Brassard (PP) 16 18 71 7 51 72 18 22 4 26 34   5v4
Home 3 17:02 Atkinson in close 10 13 11 7 51 72 10 24 12 4 26 34 5v5
Away 3 16:00 Cammalleri high slot 9 24 40 6 47 72 13 17 40 5 7 34 5v5
Away 3 9:14 Cervenka slot 18 19 71 20 33 72 10 24 12 4 7 34 5v5
Home 3 8:33 Calvert drive 42 13 11 6 47 72 18 22 20 4 7 34 5v5
Home 3 6:46 Gillies goal 10 16 22 20 33 72 13 17 40 4 7 34 5v5
Away 3 4:37 Jackman drive 9 24 40 6 47 72 15 16 25 6 27 34 5v5
Home 3 1:56 Johnson shot 18 19 71 7 51 72 15 16 25 7 26 34 5v5
Away 3 1:13 Wideman (PP) 10 42 7 51 72   10 24 12 5 26 34 4v5


Blue Jackets Player Summary

# Player EV     PP     SH    
6 NIKITIN, NIKITA 17:33 3 5 02:18 0 0 00:56 0 1
7 JOHNSON, JACK 14:40 6 3 05:53 2 0 02:26 0 1
9 GILLIES, COLTON 12:00 0 6 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
10 LETESTU, MARK 15:29 3 1 00:11 0 0 02:06 0 1
11 CALVERT, MATT 11:01 6 1 00:00 0 0 00:16 0 0
13 ATKINSON, CAM 11:25 6 2 00:01 0 0 00:44 0 1
16 BRASSARD, DERICK 12:06 2 1 04:45 2 0 00:00 0 0
18 UMBERGER, RJ 12:38 4 3 04:31 2 0 00:44 0 1
19 JOHANSEN, RYAN 12:49 4 3 03:22 0 0 00:12 0 0
20 ERIXON, TIM 15:51 3 3 01:55 0 0 00:00 0 0
22 PROSPAL, VINNY 13:03 2 1 03:29 0 0 00:00 0 0
24 MACKENZIE, DEREK 12:19 0 6 00:00 0 0 00:42 0 0
33 AUCOIN, ADRIAN 17:53 3 3 00:00 0 0 00:50 0 1
40 BOLL, JARED 11:34 0 5 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
42 ANISIMOV, ARTEM 08:48 5 1 02:53 0 0 02:00 0 1
47 PROUT, DALTON 17:25 3 5 00:17 0 0 00:06 0 0
51 TYUTIN, FEDOR 13:54 6 3 05:37 2 0 02:26 0 1
71 FOLIGNO, NICK 12:42 4 3 04:48 2 0 00:00 0 0
72 BOBROVSKY, SERGEI   12 11   2 0   0 2

Flames Scoring Summary

# Player EV     PP     SH    
4 BOUWMEESTER, JAY 16:37 5 6 00:58 1 0 06:18 0 2
5 GIORDANO, MARK 18:49 4 5 02:13 1 0 04:34 0 1
6 SARICH, CORY 12:19 2 0 00:00 0 0 00:43 0 0
7 BRODIE, TJ 16:00 6 5 01:09 1 0 01:33 0 0
10 CERVENKA, ROMAN 14:51 3 2 02:21 2 0 00:00 0 0
12 IGINLA, JAROME 14:45 4 2 02:13 1 0 00:00 0 0
13 CAMMALLERI, MIKE 13:51 4 5 01:01 0 0 00:00 0 0
15 JACKMAN, TIM 08:37 2 2 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
16 MCGRATTAN, BRIAN 08:44 2 1 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
17 COMEAU, BLAKE 13:50 3 5 00:19 0 0 02:06 0 0
18 STAJAN, MATT 11:51 2 4 00:00 0 0 02:47 0 1
20 GLENCROSS, CURTIS 10:21 2 3 00:50 1 0 03:22 0 1
22 STEMPNIAK, LEE 12:03 2 4 00:00 0 0 02:40 0 1
24 HUDLER, JIRI 15:07 3 2 02:13 1 0 00:00 0 0
25 BEGIN, STEVE 07:50 2 1 00:00 0 0 01:51 0 0
26 WIDEMAN, DENNIS 20:35 3 8 02:24 1 0 02:52 0 1
27 SMITH, DEREK 13:17 2 0 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
34 KIPRUSOFF, MIIKKA   11 12   2 0   0 2
40 TANGUAY, ALEX 13:46 4 5 01:09 1 0 03:14 0 1


Blue Jackets Period Summary Scoring Chances

Period Totals EV PP 5v3 PP SH 5v3 SH
1 2 3 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
2 7 6 6 6 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 5 4 4 3 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0

Flames Period Summary Scoring Chances

Period Totals EV PP 5v3 PP SH 5v3 SH
1 3 2 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 6 7 6 6 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
3 4 5 3 4 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0


Sum It Up

I’m going to keep this one short tonight. Here is the hard facts of reality.

The biggest thing that plagues this organization is probably the hardest slap in it’s face. This team just isn’t good. It’s not that it’s not as good as they thought, they just aren’t good… period.

When the Flames are fortunate to catch a tired team that is is forced to play their back-ups on the second night of back-to-backs, they still have to be at their best and have a mistake free night to maybe pull out the "big win". However if the Calgary Flames are unfortunate enough to face a team, any team, that has it together and is on their game, then they just don’t have a chance.

That might be tough to hear, but I’m sure it’s even tougher for the boys to come to realize. But like I said before once the wildness of that realization comes to pass, there will be that relief, that calmness, that freedom to finally focus on what they need to do.

It’s not going to be a fun plane ride home, but at least they are going home. There is no doubt now, that for Murray, Ken and Jay.. it’s decision time.

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Flames next opponent will be the St. Louis Blues on Sunday at 6:00 pm. Catch the game on SNET-W and the Fan 960.

  • Harry Crack

    King got rid of Keenan and the Sutters and we are actually worse. Can FN put together an Article on ownership and mainly King digging under the surface to expose the root cause of this organizations struggles? I understand it may take big Oliver “Stones” to do. However history shows us that change often does not happen until the revolution dictates it. Let’s lobby for the replacement of King.

  • Big Ell

    As a big time Flames fan living abroad, I’ve got few statements to make:

    (1) I’m admittedly a little surprised the Flames have played so bad this year. I thought the team would still be battling for ninth or tenth place.

    (2) I’m very glad that the Flames have finally hit skid road, particularly in shortened season.

    (3) I’m glad Kipper got injured and has not been playing lights out. But he has certainly not been the key reason for Flames poor performance. Imagine if he stoled 4/5 games for the Flames, that would be a much worse outcome.

    (4) I’m really looking forward to the next couple weeks as finally ownership will finally have to make some real hockey decisions. I’ll be shocked if the Flames stand pat.

    (4) I’m ecstatic the Flames will have a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft.

    (5) I knew Feaster made a huge mistake handing over Montreal a second round pick in the Cammalleri/Bourque trade. That pick is essentially as good as a late first rounder, for what its worth.

  • Chris Fairfield

    A lot of weird feelings about last night. On the one hand I hate seeing the team I have loved since they moved here hit this low. It’s really a scary dejavu of the young guns era. Now that was bad hockey & just no hope in sight. The dollar was bad, economy rough & I had to maintain my Season Tickets to a crap product to do my part so we still had a hockey team. The dollar & economy dictated the downfall of this team. 2004 was like being dipped in holy water. The dollar has been good, the Alberta economy rock solid, no worries about a hockey franchise in Canada. The downfall has been we blindly followed management who gave us that spiritual spring right back to the burning pits of Hades. The pillars of that hope for the last almost 10 years are no more. It’s a sad feeling to see the end of an era that started so good. On the other hand I’m excited, we saw where this path was going for awhile and now I have to agree, this whole Iginla saga is now tiresome and is having an impact on the whole team. Its wrong on so many levels, its wrong management dont work out a deal to move him sooner than later, its wrong to put 1 player above the team & if the decision is Iggy’s & we are waiting for his “decision”, Iggy for the love of Mike what are you waiting for. Move on & go win your Cup. It certainly wont be here next year & the window for the next 3 years is closed tight. That takes you to about the end of your career. My only excitement falls in the hope that everyone does the right thing & the fact the Cap has given the NHL as much parity as you could possibly hope for. Spending wisely and good hockey moves can shorten the time of suffering quicker than ever. We dont have to have that hopeless feeling of the young gun era. Now we must move on & find a new spring of holy water.

    • Mullen Mania

      Well put! The one difference this time from the Young Guns Era is that Ownership has shown the willingness and ability to spend money. Hopefully this indicates they want to win (but seemingly don’t know how). I pray we see a change in direction. This will not be a one year bounce back IMO, but if good decisions are made the hockey will be competitive and exciting sooner than later. All moves need to be made with the future in mind and improving the lineup even if takes three years before it comes together as a competitive team, put pieces in place that give it a chance to become a contender. Continuing to spin our wheels has taken us through this slow decline and a sad end to an era. Time to embrace the future!

  • Chris Fairfield

    If Kent is still reading through this post, an idea for a future article. A lot has been made of the Flames woes because of poor drafting and not drafting enough. I’m curious if this holds true in that if we held onto all those draft picks we traded/lost what would those draft picks become(plus or minus 10 picks or so, like who could we have drafted in the the 10 picks above or below where we should have drafted) and would those draft picks become NHLers?

    Like if we held onto all the players we drafted or signed as Free agents, we could have Fowler, Phanuef, Giordano and Brodie on D right now.

    • supra steve

      That’s a real tough assignment. Looking at all players available at the #14 pick in 2012, how could you possibly predict who the Flames would have taken, had they actually made that pick? Some players that they may have taken will turn out great, others will not be NHLers. Perhaps, they would have taken Janko even at 14th. What if Janko had been taken at #20 by PHI? Who would the Flames have then taken 21st? Same deal with past draft picks, there are always some players that fall through the cracks, and occasionally you land one (eg. Theo, G Suter, maybe Gaudreau). Looking back at what you could have had is just asking for a lot of pain.

      • Matty Franchise Jr

        It may be a tough assignment, but I’m sure Kent could handle it, look at the team that he covers, writing that article couldn’t be much harder than watching the last 3 flames games.

        Also yeah it’s a little hard with maybe the first round pick that got traded(trade to PHX or the trade down), but still you can look at guys at where we were suppose to pick(or above and below) and give some analysis of what our current roster had the potential to look like if we didn’t consistently give those picks away for mediocre rental players.

        Like for example, the reason I bring it up, is that the Oilers just signed Travis Ewanyk I believe, I think Kent mentioned it on twitter and I was curious who that was, turns out its the guy that the Oilers drafted with our third round pick in the Steve Staois trade. Is that guy suddenly going to make the Oilers a playoff team, no, but still it’s interesting.

    • Greg

      I agree, I’d like to read that if it were offered.

      Also, I’d like to see some analysis on where the flames would be right now if they had even average goaltending this season. Still not great I’m sure, but I gotta think there’d be 3-5 more wins and we’d be in a playoff spot. Still want to see Iggy set free, but I don’t think this team is as terrible as it looks and I wouldn’t go nuclear on the rebuild. Yet.

  • Chris Fairfield

    One player that ticks me off to no end is Tanguay! He sulks like a little kid when were losing! Cannot stand it! How would it be to have a player like Sakic or yzerman or messier that dig deeper when the teams sucking it up. We have a group that sulks like little children. Can you imagine making millions to play a fun game and sulking like tanguay and Gio do? It’s disgusting! Unreal to me he has that tanguay got a five year contract! Don’t even get me started on cervenka! This is the biggest pile of garbage we’ve signed since tanguay! Soft, uninspired and useless! Does this guy not want another nhl contract? Oh yeah jay will give him one anyways! Ok, moving to Cammi… What the he££ has happened to this guy? He’s only 30 and I was stoked when we got him back! I believed Darryl was wrong in letting him go, especially after he was so good in the eastern finals with the Habs! He is non-existent. To be fair , his game is based on iggys big-time. Probably the biggest thing that is mind-blowing to me is that jay brings back siutters crap. Dies jay not want to put his stamp on this club without the “sutter” oozing out of every move he makes? The first thing he should have done was cut loose Sutter past. Instead he re-ups tanguay goes after cammi, and gives babchuck a rediculous contract. Any other team and his can is fired! The sad thing is that so many fans are drinking ken kings koolaide still and they know that tickets will sell weather it’s the current sad sack of turd or not! Lets face it people, even if we blow this up we get zero return!

  • Greg

    The Iggy for Bernier rumors are not true. Who do you think has been carrying the kings this season?? Oh and trading the face of your franchise doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t ever take the first offer you get. The trade deadline isn’t here yet so relax people. More likely to get a better return closer to the deadline with more bidders. If nothing happens when the deadline passes then you can all bitch and moan how stupid and useless the management team is. Till then calm the frick down!!

    • Chris Fairfield

      I have to agree with you. LA dont have a 2013 1st, that is pretty well mandatory if we trade our franchise player. But in all fairness, they need to go public that the decision is being made to rebuild & work out an arrangement to move Iggy to a contender. Havent we been exposed to this soap opera long enough. Maybe let us cheer Iggy in his last games here knowing he is about to be moved on to greener pastuers. Take the frustration from the loyal fans & let the speculation begin on return, maybe even turn that into excitement. The fans deserve better than this horse crap. The uncertainty is taking its toll on the other players as well & thats not fair to the players, the team & the fans. But you are right, and Duhatchek was saying on the Fan yesterday, there are not many sellers & there probably wont be either, but there will be lots of buyers. You couldnt have picked a better time to extract good value for some of your coveted assets.

  • supra steve

    They’ve become an astoundingly bad team with no heart and no will to win. The leadership, understandably, is completely vacant. The accountability long lost. Worst of all is absolutely, positively no personality. Drafting top 5 isn’t enough, the team needs new faces and needs to realize NOW that the season is over. Close in points doesn’t matter when EVERYBODY WATCHING KNOWS the team can’t string enough wins together to conquer it, nor remain a winning team through the stretch.

    Get this over with. Flames fans would rather watch some newer, younger players lose games, than grow animosity towards players like Iginla, Kiprusoff, Tanguay, Giordano – guys who have generally done well by the organization.

  • Chris Fairfield

    There was that ominous feeling before the actual season start when Iginla didn’t agree to re-up and he said at the time that he didn’t want to have contract negotiations/discussions during the season. It has now come back 10 fold to bite this organization in the ass. No passion, no drive, no heart, no accountability, and no pun intended, no more fire.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    FromTSN Trade Centre

    “Ansar Khan of reports that Red Wings GM Ken Holland suggests he is more likely to make a trade if the Red Wings play well in their remaining games before the trade deadline.

    Khan says that Detroit is in the market for a top-four defenceman and scoring help on the wing but the team won’t part with any prospects or draft picks unless they feel they have a legitimate shot in the playoffs.

    “We got to win some games first,” Holland said Friday, prior to Detroit’s game against Anaheim. “You don’t want to throw a lot of assets at something (if) you’re not sure you’re going to (make) the playoffs. So we need to win some games.””

    When do we play DET next?

      • jeremywilhelm

        Based on the evidence that the kid was drafted in the third round and put up 23 points on a powerhouse team in the WHL as a 19 year old. He’s a plug. There was no reason to draft him in the third and there is definitely no reason to give him an NHL contract.

        To put it into perspective. Turner Elson, a similar type of player on a much weaker team, put up better points in his 18 and 19 year old team and was never drafted (and rightfully so).

        The Flames have similarity wasted a contract on him, but at least he has shown that he is a hockey player and not a penalty minute goof.

        Drafting these players in the third is like taking a lottery ticket and ripping off half the numbers and throwing them in the trash. A waste.

        • RexLibris

          I don’t think the points tell the whole story on Ewanyk. I know that Jonathan Willis is skeptical about the signing and Bruce McCurdy has some reservation, but given that he could (and may be encouraged to) return to the Oil Kings as an overager I don’t see this as a waste of a contract.

          Ewanyk has essentially been deployed as the shutdown centre for the Kings in his last two and change seasons. The low GA for the team is partially a reflection of his abilities in that department, in addition to the rest of his teammates.

          If his ceiling is merely a better-skating upgrade on Chris Vande Velde, then at the very least, and given the top-six talent the Oilers currently have, he may yet prove a useful asset for a team needing bottom-six depth.

          There seems to be this perception that later-round picks that don’t outwardly appear to be homerun picks a year or two later aren’t worth retaining. Organizational depth requires internal development. The challenges and subsequent weaknesses exposed by both Alberta teams this season should act as proof of this.

          Kris Draper was drafted in the 3rd round (62nd) by Winnipeg and managed a meager .5 ppg over 122 games with the Canadian National team. His NHL totals were below even that threshold, yet what he provided to the roster was a complementary role that was crucial to the Detroit roster. Winnipeg traded him for a dollar.

          Ewanyk is not Draper. But as has been mentioned here before, if you never try to draft and develop these players then you may never find one.

          I would argue that the value of developing these players internally is routinely underestimated.

          • jeremywilhelm

            This post is hilarious. If only because you a) try to compare Ewanyk to a player who played for the Canadian national league team (ps. draper put up 61 points in 39 games in the dub at 19, I consider this comparable to be laughable at best) over 20 years ago.
            And b) believe wasting a 3rd round pick on a better skating Chris Van de Velde to be a worthwhile endeavour. Which I don’t believe he even could be. At least Vande Velde could play some hockey at the NCAA level.

            Ewanyk is a plugger, a WHL pest, he is no shut down center, and if you believe he is, I question that you have ever watched the Oil Kings play. He’s a terrible hockey player and a worse prospect. Wasting a contract spot on a kid who’s career is taylor made for ECHL goonery is why I call it laughable and a hilarious waste. And no reason to lament this being our third round pick we traded away.

          • RexLibris

            We’ll have to agree to disagree.

            I get out to about a half a dozen Oil Kings games a year. Fewer this year. By no means to I consider my viewings to be on par with what a professional amateur scout can surmise.

            I did include the caveat that Ewanyk is not Kris Draper. And I have always thought that Max Reinhart, the player chosen with the Flames optional pick in that Staios/Johnson trade, to be a better prospect.

            As for describing him as a goon and “taylor [sic] made” for the ECHL, I am beginning to question which of us has the looser grasp on reality.

          • RexLibris

            I’ve read them both, and the CoH one by Bruce McCurdy.

            I feel the same way about the Ewanyk signing that I did of the Pelss signing. These players do have value and while they can be found in free agency, you usually pay more that way and have to bid against other organizations.

            Internal options are almost always preferable.

        • McRib

          Talk about wasting entry level contracts…. Passing on signing Joey Leach because we used up a contract on a mediocre free agents like David Eddy and above mentioned Turner Elson. I heard Kootenay’s coach talking the other day on Shaw and he was baffled that we didn’t sign Leach. The NCAA College Free Agent Frenzy is so overrated its rediculous!!! Since 2006 only Andy Green, Teddy Purcell, Tyler Bozak, Matt Read and Cory Conacher have become anything more than depth players. I’m certain we will waste another contract again this season on an NCAA Free Agent.

  • Harry Crack

    On fan 960 last night a season a ticket holder called in and said that at the annual season ticket holders luncheon mr arrogance (king) said that they are raising ticket prices next season. Glad I dumped my tIckets years ago. Wouldn’t pay a cent to watch the current flames.

  • RexLibris

    One thing that isn’t being discussed a whole lot on here, that I think should probably be Feaster’s number one priority is dumping some bad contracts.. either through waivers, buyouts, demotions, trades whatever.

    If Calgary got rid of Sarich, Babchuck, and Stajan’s contracts, that would free up 8 million in cap space..

    • Danger

      Totally agree with you on Sarich and Babchuck, but Stajan’s been arguably the team’s best centre this season. Also if you get rid of him, that leaves us with only one legit top-9 centre on the roster (Backlund). So while Stajan was certainly overpaid relative to performance for most of his current contract, I really don’t think it makes any sense to get rid of him now that he’s finally playing well.

    • everton fc

      The thing is… Feaster created two of the three contracts you want to dump.

      I say we dump Feaster. Dump his contract.


      “John Davidson was available in the summer. Calgary ignored the slam dunk opportunity. He went to Columbus. Only appropriate that the Jackets drive the nail in our coffin on their rise back to respectability. Nobody from Edwards on down deserves to stay in their position to guide the Flames back to the light. We missed a big chance this summer”

      Spot on.

      @Old Soldier

      “Fire every scout you have. Go and plunder other clubs and overpay for their best scouts (not their old free agents). Start using your picks wisely, and building a foundation of talent in all positions.

      Hire a pro scout to watch each and every AHL team and try to steal under the radar players from other teams in minor league deals.”

      Would be a good idea, if we had a good GM.

      Davidson was available, and we did nothing. Now the Jackets are moving up. I brought up Jason Botterill a few times here, as my pick for GM over Feaster. We have Feaster. He can’t continue to survive off Darryl Sutter’s mistakes. No more. Feaster built this team. He re-signed Babchuk. Sarich. Brought in Cervenka, who’s a bust. McGrattan, who’s a waste of salary. What has he done here? Nothing. Unless you count last season “steal” off the waiver wire, Blair Jones.

      We need to blow it up and suffer for a few years. It can be done in a much better way than the Oilers, but at least their fans have hope. We have none. The demolition starts with the GM and everyone he’s brought in here. Hartley says, “If I knew what the problems were, they’d be easily fixed.” What does that mean?

      I think we are worse than last season, because of Feaster, whose given us an expansion roster. And there’s no proof his picks will pan out in the NHL. The Jankowski pick may still go down as one of the worst in club history.

      We need so much. We have so little direction. Haven’t we all seen this here before, for years?

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Just curious if any of you regular FN readers have ever got onto overtime with Pat?

    In the past I have sat and listened to some of these callers and thought ‘no wonder King can keeping selling this steaming pile of %#[email protected]’ to the fans. Its seemed in the past that half the fan base has no clue. But what I’ve really noticed lately is a growing appetitie for change amongst even casual fans realizing Iggy has to go and other systemic issues need change. Ownership has to see this.

    I wanted to call in so bad last night and subtly discuss advanced analytics but not in those terms. Keeping most of my references to “driving the play in the right direction” and “quality of competition” vs. “corsi” or other ‘scary’ terms. I wanted to sound off on what proper management and hockey decisions would look like at this time given their current situation.

    I just think if some readers here could get on the air that had some hockey knowledge, maybe that message would start to make its way upstairs.

    Probably wishful thinking, I know.

    • RexLibris

      Your veiw would be very refreshing, however not as entertaining as Robert.

      I am very interested in any Flyin J Feasta sightings of late. Seems he vanished after Oreilygate, unless he is camped out in Russia or elsewhere discovering the newest best player/goalie/draftee not currently in the NHL. That or he is Edward’s new stable boy, its a talent came by naturally considering the volume of horsechit he spews to the fanbase.

  • Old Soldier

    You are a homebuyer, and you decided to buy a house in a very limited market. The only house available has had an interesting history but the last two decades havent been kind. The previous owners have tried a littany of “quick fixes”, new paint, new carpet, some tile here and there, but the cracks and rot that the paint, carpet and tile were hiding are growing and can no longer be hidden by “cosmetic” changes. You buy the house, knowing it needs some “fixing up” so what is the logical thing to do?

    Take out a second mortgage, call Holmes on Homes and strip it to the original frame and rebuild.

    Common sense.

    So with the state of the Flames for almost that long, why is everyone looking at trades and free agents…..those have been done.

    The place to look. Your own roster. 3, count them, 3 home grown drafted Flames players have played for the Flames this year, and that is including Baerschti. As a comparison, the Oilers have had 15 different draft picks play part or all of the season with the big club.

    Chicago has had 12 of their draft picks play with the club this year.

    Pittsburgh has had 13 of their draft picks play with the club this year.

    To me, an outsider, this is the whole root of the problem and the reason why it cant be a quick fix.

    I know that Flames fans like to hype their picks (Johnny hockey et al) but they are still rated 28th by THN and 29th by HockeyProspectus.

    Fire every scout you have. Go and plunder other clubs and overpay for their best scouts (not their old free agents). Start using your picks wisely, and building a foundation of talent in all positions.

    Hire a pro scout to watch each and every AHL team and try to steal under the radar players from other teams in minor league deals.

    This is just a dumb old soldier talking, and I know it wont happen, which is a shame, because I may have grown up a Oiler fan, I am also a BOA fan and I was posted in Calgary for 10 years and force fed the Flames in the 80’s and 90’s and learned not to “hate” them too much.

    Good Luck Flames.

    • the forgotten man

      Fully Agree and a topic that I have been harping on for the last 3 years.
      The is no salary cap on the scouting department or upper management. Napalm the entire Flames Scouting Dept. In all honesty what have they really reaped…can it get any more incompetent?
      The Flames are a Cap Team and what is there to show for it? Is there a more incompetent, heartless group in all of pro sports that is a cap ceiling team? 3 random bloggers from this site could get as much or more production from an NHL roster if given a 60+million dollar budget…napalm the entire upper management team.
      Seriously, the group in place has led us to today, it is absolute madness to think that they are going to get us out of it. If the Flames Ownership Group has even an ounce of integrity then pink slips should be flowing at the Dome this coming offseason…anything less is a middle finger salute to the fan base and more importantly the season ticket holders.

    • Harry Crack

      Excellent points . An old adage goes that if your Farm system is weak , your Team is waiting to be weak. We are still feeling the effects of Duhryl’s extreme incompetence as a GM. Awesome coach , horrific executive.

  • RedMan

    Trading Iginla…

    So, certain sports commentators are suggesting Iginla has given a list of a handful of teams…

    My thoughts – as strange as this sounds, I believe there is a good chance the flames do BETTER after trading Iginla – just because there is always that lingering feeling by those left behind to “prove” Something. all of a sudden the room changes, and the resulting flux just may lead to a temporary improvement in play.

    the sooner the better for everyone involved.

    Go get yer cup Iggy – you deserve it, and we’ll save you your spot in Calgary for as long as you need.

  • Derzie

    John Davidson was available in the summer. Calgary ignored the slam dunk opportunity. He went to Columbus. Only appropriate that the Jackets drive the nail in our coffin on their rise back to respectability. Nobody from Edwards on down deserves to stay in their position to guide the Flames back to the light. We missed a big chance this summer.

  • supra steve

    We’ve heard recently that there have been pro scouts from other teams at Flame games with interest in Iggy, etc. Does anyone have any info on where the Flame scouts have been spending their time over the past several weeks?

  • Blitz

    Derzie, you hit the nail on the head. I’ve had a massive respect for Davidson for years now and have seen him work hard, diligently, and with fervor and passion.. oh and he’s an actual hockey guy who knows the game and thinks the game. I was pretty choked we didn’t snap him up.

  • RexLibris

    I realize that we can’t fire the owner, but we certainly can stop supporting his product. These next days are crucial. The miss on John Davidson was enormous. KK and Feaster are more concerned with keeping their own jobs than making the correct organizational moves absolutely needed for some long-term success. Hartley, too, however the job of the coach ultimately is to win with the cast assembled.

    I have no fingernails left and there’s 10 days to go. I would feel SOOO much better if we had better management leading us. Then again, with better management we wouldn’t be in this mess…

    We missed JD. But I would be happy to replace KK with Brendan Shanahan, replace Feaster with Ron Hextall…but that is discussion for another day. We’re about to ‘dance with the one’s that brought us’ to where we are. Hold on tight.