POST-GAME: Chelsea Daggered


Believe it or not, your Calgary Flames had already played this game before it started. Facing a team the night after they experienced a disappointing loss, and looking to make a statement.

Unlike when they faced the Dallas Stars in a similar situation, the Flames needed to have a game plan ready to go instead of just winging; that just never works out well for anyone on the team.

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The Rundown

Nothng like playing with fire right off the hop when you’re facing the best team in the league, as a few early mistakes put the Flames immediately on their heels and forcing Kipper to bail them out again.

Five minutes into the game and the Hawks had already enjoyed a power-play and three shots; Calgary meanwhile were still looking for their first shot on Emery despite having two potential two-on-ones. Not the same game they played earlier this year against the Hawks, but would it produce a different outcome.

By the time Calgary got their first shot on net, Chicago would respond with their first goal of the game at 7:09, as Nick Leddy would squeak the wrist shot through the pads of Miikka Kiprusoff. Not a good start for the goalie, reflected by a poor start from the team in front of him.

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In the last five minutes of the period, Calgary managed to keep the Hawks pinned deep in their own zone for over a full minute, their best and only chance coming off of a Cammalleri shot off the side of the net with Emery down and out. Then as per Murphy’s Law, the Hawks would finally clear the puck and race back the other way; forcing Kiprusoff to make his biggest save of the period.

Despite going 0 for 2, Chicago powered eleven shots at Kipprusoff compared to Calgary’s six, and dominated the scoring chances 8-3. But hey, they are the best team in the league for a reason, and well we’re… not.

The second period started a little more even keel, but the Flames were still skating up hill. Two quick rushes and three more shots had Kipper performing circus tricks once again in the blue paint.

For the next 5-7 minutes the Flames would spend most of the time searching for their rosaries while Kiprusoff continued to make save after save, fending off wave after wave of Chicago shooters.

With three minute to go in the period the Hawks pushed Calgary back, and then put the peddle down. When Cammalleri broke his stick, the boys seemed to look in trouble. Then he decided to make a dash to the bench to get a new stick. Brent Seabrook would get the puck to the left of Kipper, a slight tip off Iginla’s stick, and the shot would flutter over his shoulder to put the Hawks up by two.

Kiprusoff was not happy as he felt he was interfered with, but his protest to the ref was drowned out by the Chelsea Dagger blaring over the loud speakers.

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No other way to put this other than it was a terrible period for your Calgary Flames folks. Out-shot 16-3 and out-chanced 10-3, this game was a complete reversal of the last time these two teams met. Hanging on for dear life, still remotely in the game, only because of Miikka Kiprusoff.

With a two goal lead, the Hawks came out in the third and took the machine down a gear; focusing more on keeping the Flames at bay than continuing the blitzkrieg on Kiprusoff. That’s not to say, they didn’t still press but at least they weren’t maintaing the 4:1 shooting ratio.

In the end, even once they pulled Kiprusoff for the extra attacker, the Flames ran out of real estate and ran out of time.  A late PP did nothing more than hurt their percentage numbers.

Why the Flames Lost…

Where do I begin???

The obvious answer is because the Hawks are the best team in the league, and for good reason. They have balanced scoring and all their lines serve a purpose rather than providing a rest for the guys that can play.

But if I had to be more specific to the what happened in this game, then it’s going to be a stretch.

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First of all, you aren’t showing much signs of desperation when you get out-shot 35-16, even if you are playing the best team in the league. You have to find ways to get as many pucks on net as possible against a guy like Emery. He isn’t 11-0-0 for no reason and when you basically give him the night off, you need to re-evaluate your game plan.

The shots that the Flames did get on net, were largely from the perimeter with very little traffic in front of the net. Again, if you aren’t going to give Emery quantity, then you need more quality chances.

Speaking of chances, when you are out-chanced as badly as the Flames were tonight, how do you have any reasonable expectation of success?

The Twitterverse put it best I think with this…

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Red Warrior

There is no doubt that tonight the Warrior was Miikka Kiprusoff.

The first goal he let in was a softy, but it didn’t even factor as to why the Flames lost this game tonight. There was just no jump and no push from the Flames tonight and without Miikka, this game very well could have been remenicient of the beatdown they took in Beantown last year.

Hell… It may have been the Flames version of the Oilers Goal-A night.

Scoring Chances

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Flames chances:

Hawks chances:

Sum It Up

The Flames continue the Jekyll and Hyde play where they can play a half decent game at home, but once they hit the road, it’s a completely different story.

I have no explanation as to why this happens, but the only thing that really matters is that they have now lost ten straight away from the comforts of the Saddledome. Who knows, maybe the team is agoraphobic.

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While there are those that refuse to root for losses, because it doen’t make you a "true fan", the team is making it more easy for people to change their minds.

Personally, I don’t see it this way. I don’t doubt their passion or their desire. What I do doubt is their talent. They just aren’t a very good team; home or away. I know people were pretty choked at Kipper for what was revealed today in regards to him not reporting if traded, but he sure didn’t show it in tonight’s game. If anything he showed that he does in fact want to stay here.

I’m not sure what is left for fans to think about. There are A LOT of you out there that are passed the point of no return and believe you are there because the Flames have passed the point of no return. Given their record on the road and the fact the majority of their remaining games are on the road, they just may be.

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So what’s left to cheer for, or worry about?? How about this?

The Flames return home to face the only team lower than them in the Western Conference. Those two factors should guarantee the win right? RIGHT?? Game time is 8:00 pm on TSN and the Fan 960.

  • jeremywilhelm

    They mailed this game in. I know no one agrees with the lack of heart statements, but it is really obvious the team doesn’t believe they are making playoffs either.

  • First Name Unidentified

    Kipper just now basically told the Flames that he won’t be reporting if they traded him. Citing personal reasons. So, we won’t be getting anything for Kipper, he will basically walk away.

    There goes one major card!!

    • Rockmorton65

      I read in another board, it has to do with his wife having complications from giving birth. Since he has 1 year left after this, we could still move him at the draft/offseason. I won’t fault the guy for not leaving his sick wife with an infant. The “he’s a professional athlete, just deal with it” argument doesn’t apply here. After what he’s done for this organization, I support his choice.

      • First Name Unidentified

        I agree with you, I’m a new father. My comment was pretty neutral and i wasn’t trying to bash the guy. My only concern here, as a Flames fan, is we will not get anything in return for a player of his caliber. Since next yr is his last at a $1.5 mill, he can just choose to retire; Flames can’t do anything about it.

        If he is not willing to move right now, what makes you think he will move next year when he actually has the option to walk away?

        He’s made his money, had a great career. He doesn’t have to play anymore.

  • First Name Unidentified

    That tweet about the Oilers makes me smile, they’re licking their chops? For what exactly? To dominate the battle of Alberta? What a battle that is these days, the winner of the battle of two losers is still a loser last time I checked. If that is the bar that the Oilers measure their success by I think that they should probably set the bar a little higher. Must be quite the feather in their cap to have the opportunity to beat the third worst team in the league twice.

  • First Name Unidentified

    I grew up hating the Flames. Grew up a die hard Oilers and Leafs fan (Sorry from NW Ontario during the Gretzky era). Iginla was the reason i became a Flames fan. I havent wanted him traded until now. Not because hes’ fallen a bit but because i believe the organization has treated him like poop. I want him to get a cup and hopefully a good return for him. Im skeptical that Feaster is the guy to do a rebuilt, really scared if he is doing it. I just feel there are too many floaters on this team who are compfortable with losing (See Bouwmeester). They need to build through the draft. The guys they have in the pipe are MAYBe average NHLers. Tank the season, trade something and get 2 of the top 3 picks. Love to get Druin, McKinnon and/or Jones.

  • Captain Ron

    @Nolan Moore

    No worries about tanking this season. Whether voluntary or involuntary it is going to happen one way or the other. One pick in the top 3 is likely but 2 is highly unlikely since it would involve trading with a team that is as bad or worse off than we are.

    Looking over the horizon I can actually see us being in 30th place when all is said and done this year. The team has quit already so watching the games from now till the end of April could be good for a laugh. Or cry maybe.

    Hartley looks defeated already. Wonder if he isn’t kicking himself for not taking the job in Montreal. He’s in for a long ride here.

    • Chris Fairfield

      I have noticed the same thing about Hartley. During the games, he looks lost and who knows what is going through his head, but he is probably questioning his decision. He said during one post game after being asked “What is the solution to being able to transfer home success on the road?” his reply was ” If I knew that, don’t you think that I and the coaching staff wouldn’t have already told the players.” Hartley truly looks like a man without any more answers. Again the definition of insanity “Trying to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

  • Chris Fairfield

    Can’t really feel sorry for Hartley after reading an article on Flames Nation after he was hired. I forget who interviewed him (maybe Kent?) But he basically scoffed when he was asked whether or not he believes in the validity of advanced stats. Needless to say, when a guy is a complete cave man when It comes to grasping simple concepts like corsi, fenwick, zone starts, scoring chances etc, you really gotta just accept the fact that he truly believed this team had a bright future despite all of the stats pointing in the wrong direction. And hence, he deserves to sink with the ship.

  • Chris Fairfield

    Well I guess this is what happens when you procrastinate in making the right decisions & this is coming back to bite the team big time. What a disgusting game. I think what is even more disgusting is that we are one of the highest payroll teams in the league. Feaster needs to trade as much salary as possible. These players know Iggy is getting traded & have given up hope. Gotta like the leadership in that dressing room. It must be just a gong show in that dressing room. I guess all this loyalty to players will get you screwed. That effort was a joke. I really dont care who gets traded now. Burn it down, we got a long rebuild ahead of us boys. No short cuts & no favours coming our way. I agree with some of the sentiment now, trade whatever pieces to acquire fewer but higher quality future hopefully franchise players back. Send Iggy & Gio to get Hamilton & a 1st. Who cares. The quicker we torch this the better. Too bad about Kipper, I’m kind of torn personally. He has made a lot of money & can afford to accomodate whatever is thrown his way. On the other hand, I just dont see great value coming back & I think he will be a more valuable tutor next year anyway. I say trade Joey Mac, call Taylor & play Taylor every other game so Kipper doesnt screw us out of our lotto pick. Better yet, request he take a leave without pay to be with his family. If his wife had complications, then he should be with them. This is only a hockey game. Iggy needs to open up a few more teams that can be very dangerous come playoff time. Pitt really doesnt have to do diddly unless the price is right. More teams will bring more urgency for the other 3. Get JBO to Detroit for a 1st & Tatar or Jarnock or whoever.

  • icedawg_42

    Looks like any return for Kipper is out the window. Who wants a player who won’t report this year and might retire instead of playing for that 1.5 next year?

  • icedawg_42

    Heartless team. Facing a franchise record for losses and that’s the effort you give? Win or lose it, that was the effort you gave to stop from being the suckiest of all time? Pathetic.

    Kipper – I would be shocked if he comes back to the NHL at all next season.

    As for Hartley, I wonder what kind of success he’d be having in Montreal right now? I think probably pretty close to what the HAbs are doing right now.

    ….hmmmmm…….guess it wasn’t all Brent’s fault after all, was it?

    Calgary may be a making a mistake if they wait too long to pull these trades. And I can see them doing just that.

    Dreger on TSN last night stated that numerous people within and without the org pleaded with ownership and “Sr. management” (ie. KK and Edwards) to embrace a rebuild 2 years ago.

    Dreger also noted interference on other levels from ownership and Sr. management.

    What an absolute laughing-stock joke this org has become. From the Seaman brothers and Hotchkiss and Norm and Cliff Fletcher as GM and President to this………

    • icedawg_42

      It’s a sad state. Say what you want about Butter..but he seemed to know what he had and what style of play they needed to play to have any success. Hartley seems to have a better idea on how to use certain players to their potential (JBo) but this team isn’t really capable of much.

      I for one am not overly upset at Kipper, cause I’ve been convinced for a while now that he’ll retire after this season. Good on him.

      I’m also starting to believe that Feaster is losing leverage on any Iggy trade fast. In fact he might already have passed on the best offer he’s going to get. No idea, just getting that feeling. What a sad sad state this organization is in. Ownership and KK need to get their effin fingers out of the pie, and let hockey people do their jobs.

      • icedawg_42

        Seems more and more apparent that BRent stated his demands for a rebuild and when denied he walked.

        From the absolute class of the league to being mocked, ridiculed and snickered at league wide. Very, very sad.

        Not mad with Kipper. You would think he’d want one more shot at glory though.

  • Michael

    It sounds like Kipper has an understanding with the Flames that he will not play his final year at $1.5 million. Guess we could extend his contract, but more likely this is his last season as a Flame

  • Vintage Flame

    I think the Kipper story wouldn’t be much of one if this organization hadn’t left itself so completely devoid of prospects and picks. As it stands, we require an asset from our 36 year old, about to retire, goalie. Nice work ‘Hockey Operations Department’…

  • Vintage Flame

    Just think…One of the brightest successful hockey executives Calgary born John Davidson was recently available to be hired. Instead we chose to continue with KK, one of the brightest newspaper executives to run the Flames and make major hockey related decisions…..hmmmmm!

    • T&A4Flames

      That’s because KK is Edward’s hatchet man. He’s there to be the buffer between Edwards playing GM and the media. Plus, his influence over the media is enormous, his contacts numerous. It’s all about control and PR spin. Edwards has ruined this team.

  • T&A4Flames

    The wheels fell off the bus 3 weeks ago in California.Not sure why a lot of people are so mad.Management has been forced into making changes.Those changes are coming.Relax,and let,s see what Feaster comes up with.

    I,d be taking my time before pulling the trigger on a deal for Iggy.

    We all pretty much knew what Kipper,s plan,s were

    • Matty Franchise Jr

      There haven’t been any wheels for years. People (at least me) are mad precisely because mgmt was “forced” into making changes. They should have come to the decision without being forced, that’s their #%$%ing job.

      Edit: I’d not I,d

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    From a Puck Daddy article today:

    “As far as the rumors and stuff, it will work itself out in five or six days or whatever it is and we’ve been dealing with it now for a few weeks. Like I say, five or six days will go fast. Whatever transpires with this team between now and the deadline, it can’t come fast enough,” he said after the Flames’ loss to the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday night.

    Translation: Get me the eff outta here NOW!

    But damn right it can’t come fast enough. It should have come 3 years ago.

  • Vintage Flame

    I wouldn’t expect a claim on Jokinen folks.

    If they did, it would put them at 50 contracts and that would seriously hamper taking package deal for Iggy.

    • Michael

      The Flames really need to take a look at how they manage their contracts, and thin out the ‘herd’ to a more reasonable number. (45 – 46?).
      Concentrate on quality rather than quantity, and allow the team some flexibilty.
      Every once in a while you see a name on the waiver wire that might be a good upgade / or a calculated gamble, but the Flames don’t have the contract space.

      • Michael

        These are the kind of decisions that I find frustrating with Feaster. We had Irving playing OK & quickly signed Taylor to a contract when Kipper went down. Instead of throwing the young goalies into the deepend, of which we would probably be in the same spot as we are today, we go out very quickly & pluck Joey Macgoalie. Dont get me wrong, JM has provided some not bad backup goaltending, but all of a sudden we waste an extra contract on a backup goalie who probably wont be with us next year. Result, poor decision making handcuffs this team. I have completely lost confidence in this whole mess. I’m sure Edwards & King did not force Feaster to run out & pluck JMac. If Feaster has been pleading rebuild with Sr Management, he should have just went with Taylor & Irv & who could have criticized him? Feaster has shown me several decisions that have desperation written all over it, ROR, JM. This tells me he has a mandate to win because King & Edwards may have told him, if you want to rebuild, you wont be our guy. Maybe that accounts for Feasters statements regarding rebuilds & sold the braintrust that Flames truly are a retool. Of course thats exactly what KK & Edwards wanted to hear. Its going to be an interesting offseason to say the least.

  • Michael

    If you thought the hockey world was mocking us and pointing our way as they snicker…just think about what it looks like with this new little franchise hiccup. One of the only players we have that doesn’t have a no trade is Kipper….and we can’t even trade him!

    The team is a mess. I might declare myself an unrestricted free agent. I would then make a decision as to whether or not I re-sign as a fan. With the internet and TV coverage, I guess I can watch and cheer for any team I want, virtually every night they play. It’s tough for Iggy and I to realize we might have to leave the only team we’ve been on. Luckily for me, there won’t be a press conference after…..

  • Michael

    Listening to Iggy’s interview after the game is just painful “We have to be better”, “We weren’t good enough”, I can’t wait for changes to be made, can’t wait for the draft!

  • Michael

    this is a joke, right? ok the fans just got punked by …. How can anyone continue to expect any level of sucess from this group, it simply isn’t in the plan, does any know the plan? is there a plan?