Five things: How much wronger could things go?

1. Iginlawatch reaches its logically insane conclusion

The clock was still ticking (as of this writing, anyhow) on the looming Jarome Iginla trade that seemed to have grown inevitable even as everyone is still sitting around looking for reasons that it won’t happen. And then it really, finally, actually happened, and I had to go back and change everything.

I loved the reports that the price was too high. Classic stuff of the teams playing the media against each other. Calgary wanted Malcolm Subban. Well Calgary couldn’t have Malcolm Subban. But like they really wanted him and stuff. No for real though, back off on Subban or this wasn’t happening. Please? No. Okay I guess.

It went like that. It reached a head yesterday when Peter friggin’ Chiarelli went on the radio and said, "Look dudes seriously I’m not trading Malcolm Subban for anyone. Period." And people still didn’t believe him. The Bruins are still desperate for goals, even if Milan Lucic did score a vintage Milan Lucic goal the other night and then they pumped five past Petr Budaj in a loss, and even if it seems likely that the offense might be starting to turn around, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have Jarome Iginla kicking around on the roster just to make sure the pucks keep going past the guy with the big pads and the funny stick (not that it helped Calgary).

This was always going to happen. The media was already working glowing quotes about his reputation and ability out of current Bruins — "Lucic sez the B’s would LOVE a guy like Iginla on the roster!!!!!" — and the arguments in favor of the move had been loud, while those against it the kind of meek "yes, but" logic-based malarkey that so often gets shouted down in this town. The Boston media gets needlessly hysterical about everything, and most seemed willing to twist a broken bottle in someone’s face to get Calgary’s captain on board. Leadership and all that.

Meanwhile, the man himself and his long-time team were both throwing gasoline on the fire by refusing to comment in any way, on or off the record, on the situation. This was classic "We’re going to trade our captain" stuff, and it seems they’re just trying to boost the market while softening the blow at the same time.

Not that it ended up working. Because the Flames ended up sending him, instead, to Pittsburgh for two good but not great college players and a first-round pick. Guess that thing about a roster player was a load of crap after all. God damn, Feaster.

I always thought they would trade him, personally, but their not doing so would have been no surprise at all. It’s the Flames we’re talking about. I don’t expect them to handle anything correctly these days. That they did this time, two years too late at least, is some small consolation.

2. The Kiprusoff situation

Lots being made of Nick Kypreos’s report that Miikka Kiprusoff told the Flames he won’t report if he’s traded because of his family. Is it noble, or at least understandable, that he would feel that way? Sure. Does this say to me that he’s going to retire like 20 minutes after the season’s over? You bet it does.

This was my immediate thought on the matter; if he won’t go now for family reasons and doesn’t have much of a financial incentive to stick around next season ($1.5 million? Peanuts.), then he’s got some seats booked on the first flight to Finland on April 27. That was backed up by Mike Keenan’s comments about the understanding between team and netminder that he would never play the last season of this contract — which is as interesting as it is clearly-cap-circumventing — and certainly speak to just how little appetite both sides likely have to run this particular race for 82 more games next season.

Fortunately, this is all stuff we probably won’t have to worry about because no one on earth is dumb enough to trade for Miikka Kiprusoff circa 2013. Except maybe Dave Nonis.

3. A road woes whoa

So the loss in Chicago was the Flames’ 10th straight on the road, which is notable and bad and speaks to just how abject this team is in pretty much all facets. They’ve been outscored 40-15 in those games, which is just… wow. Giving up four goals a game, okay sure this is a bad defensive team. But only scoring 1.5? That wasn’t something I think most people foresaw for any stretch of the season beyond a game or two.

And moreover, look who they’re giving up scads of goals against. Five each against Nashville and Columbus, two of the worst attacks in the league, four against Dallas which isn’t much better. Five against Colorado. Four against Phoenix. What’s even happening? Okay sure they only allowed two to Chicago, but that was all luck; they only mustered 16 shots in 60 minutes, which I don’t have to tell you is embarrassing.

The thing with the Flames, too, is they’re so bad that they’re not even interesting-bad. They’re brutal-to-watch bad. I just wish the season was over already.

4. Feaster (and everyone else) blows another one

One great way to make a team less bad to watch is to, like, get good players. At least that’s how I feel. That is not, however, how the Calgary Flames or any of the other 28 teams that are not the Carolina Hurricanes feel.

No one bothered to claim Good Forward Jussi Jokinen off waivers for free, and, as someone who I forget who it was pointed out on Twitter, one of them will soon give up actual assets to acquire Ryane Clowe and all sorts of other appreciably worse forwards within the next few days. The Flames doing this in particular is dumb because they just did that thing of wasting a pick to acquire a guy who notably sucks (Brian McGrattan) already and apparently learned nothing.

Ah but the argument was that he was signed for another $3 million next season. Wow. Great. The Flames will still be bad and nowhere near the playoffs, and will also have a useful forward who can help to drive possession and maybe make them not the least aesthetically pleasing team I’ve ever seen in my life. Plus maybe they’d win a shootout every once in a while. I don’t know. It all seems dumb as hell to me. But then this is, again, the Flames we’re talking about. I don’t know what else I ever expected.

5. You knew this was coming

For the very very very last time.

  • Mitch2

    Iginla wanted to go to the Pens and they knew it. Tough to get value without a open market.

    Crosby quote:

    “I think everybody knew that Pitts was pretty high on his list. I don’t know if shocked is the word” Sid Crosby

    Whatever, my read on Iginla’s presser is not a guy who is leaving forever, he will be back. As a pure rental return, it isn’t that bad, I guess…

    Bad but not as bad if he re-signs with the Flames.

  • Parallex

    They didn’t waste a pick to get Brian McGrattan, they got him for Piskula… a career AHL’er. Dancing Bear still sucks but that was a garbage out garbage in trade.

  • Parallex

    The Flames could not pick up Jokinen because they are not sure how they are going to deal with the 50 contacts. If they still want to trade some other pieces there is a very real chance that they will be bring back multiple pieces in each instance. They are trying to move out some other fringe players for draft picks, but until everything sorts itself out the Flames cant gamble on that contract spot.

    With the way that the Hurricanes are sliding without Ward I think that Carolina has to be up there with Toronto in terms of wanting to get Kiprusoff. Especially if he lets them know that his plan is to retire this summer. Based on the reports now that he is okay with moving but would like the management to talk to him before anything happens. I think that he gets moved. Not for very much, but maybe even for a pick or two to free up contract space. Carolina for Jokinen and a 3rd or a 2nd if they get in the playoffs.

    • RexLibris

      sarich, babchuk, comeau, jackman, begin, mcgrattan, smith, butler for future considerations.

      bam contract limit dealt with

      a good mediocre not awful gm could’ve made it work.

      • RexLibris

        I like that move. It sounds like what Feaster would do. Hmmm, can he trade them to himself?

        Honestly, I’d take a 5th round pick for just about any of those except Jackman, Comeau and Butler. They’d be worth somewhere between a 3rd and a 4th. Even delay the year if it means moving up a round: Jackman to team X for a 2014 3rd round pick.

        Clear out the contracts and then make a pitch to some NCAA free agents with the promise of open roster spots and ice time.

      • everton fc

        You forgot Blair Jones and Paul Byron. Joey Macdonald, too. Did I miss anyone??

        Feaster’s first move was to bring in Modin for a run at the playoffs. That should have told us all something huge.

        I was calling for Smith to be moved in the off-season, when he had value. He’s a career 7th d-man, at best. He could have been moved.

        There were suitors for Jackman at the trade deadline last year. I love Jackman, but I still wonder what we might have received for him, if there were multiple suitors?

        Feaster re-signed Babchuk and Sarich. He traded for McGrattan. Why?

        Mindless moves. Madness.

  • Danger

    Re: #2

    Yeah, pretty much exactly my feelings on the matter. It seems like every second comment I’ve read today on this site and others has been “wonder what they’ll get for Kipper.” Do people not bother to read the articles before commenting? Kipper’s not going anywhere. Even if he would report, nobody is knocking down our door for the 46th-best goaltender in the league this season (by both SV% and GAA) who carries a cap hit of $5.83M this year and next, and is almost certainly retiring before next year.

    Oh, and even if there was somebody dumb enough to want to make that trade, Feaster still shouldn’t do it because if he does, then that cap hit could be coming back to us when he does retire. At least that’s my interpretation of the new CBA, and as we all know you’re allowed to do whatever you think the CBA says you’re allowed to do.

    Sorry for the tone and gratuitous formatting. Guess I’ve been saving that up all day.

  • RexLibris

    If Kiprusoff retires this season, are Flames fans worried that the league might investigate after Mike Keenan’s comments last night about cap circumvention?

    The league investigated on the Kovalchuk signing and while this contract is nowhere near as egregious a workaround, it does leave the team vulnerable to potential sanctions.

    • Parallex

      If Kiprusoff is retiring (which I think is almost certain) then the Flames should be using a compliance buyout on him to avoid the cap penalty they’d incur for the frontloaded deal. hard to argue cap circumvention when they end up paying him for the final year no?

    • Danger

      Concerned, a little. Not quite worried though, because I don’t see much coming of any investigation they do. Keenan wasn’t the one negotiating that contract, and he does have reason to have some sour grapes towards the team, so I don’t put too much stock in what he has to say.

      Worst case scenario: we have to use a compliance buyout on Kipper. Not ideal, but not the end of the world either.

    • Michael

      Pretty much everything else has gone wrong this season, so the league making an example of Calgary for trying to circumvent the cap is pretty likely. Knowing our luck it will cost us our Pittsburgh first round pick….

  • CA Flames Fan

    Well the first deal is done. Maybe a few more in the wings. I’m more curious as to Fester’s (and maybe King’s) expiration date and what the market looks like for GMs.

    • everton fc

      New GM – Jason Botterill, current Asst GM, Pens. Alberta boy. Played in the league. Business degree, U of Michigan, I believe. Understands the cap, one would think.

        • Double Dion

          Probably get roasted for this, and certainly not a ‘huge fan’ or anything, but……do you mean hire a GM who can actually win a trade?


          Doesn’t matter who Calgary hires until Edwards stays in the boardroom where he belongs. Feaster was painted into a corner and I’m NOT a Feaster fan. But between Iggy and the owners, Feaster was flattened (pun intended!).

          Our stars are going to come from top 5 draft picks ala your Oilers Rex!

  • RexLibris

    Took a look at Kent’s Iginla Trade Packages article from a few days ago. This was his heading under the Penguins (although it appears to be his own, and not a submission from a writer who covers the Penguins):

    The Penguins are the final team on the Iginla “list”, but have already spent a lot of futures on Morrow and Murray. That doesn’t take them out of the Iginla raace completely since they still have cap space plus pieces like Beau Bennett, Derek Pouliot, Olli Maatta and a 2013 first round pick, but at some point Shero might finally become leery of selling the future for a cup run this season. That said, further bolstering their top-6 while depriving the Bruins of another weapon might be awefully tempting…

    If the Pens enter the fray, expect someone like Tyler Kennedy to be on offer, as well as one of Bennett and Maatta as well as the first rounder.

    Interesting to read back what the perceived value of a player was only a few days ago.

    • Double Dion

      Are you saying Kent doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

      Kidding aside:

      IMO, Iginla only ever had 1 team on his list and that was the Pens. More teams were stated to drive up the offers, but it seems obvious now that he was only ever interested in Pittsburgh.

      – Iginla was leaving in the summer anyways IMO.
      – NTC to veto any trade.
      – Only really wanted to go to 1 team.
      – Ownership refused to let him be dealt any earlier than the 11th hour.

      When you take into account all of those factors, the return was not going to be better than it was.

  • RexLibris

    Re: the compliance buyout on Kiprusoff.

    Wouldn’t be the worst idea, I suppose.

    However, it might be more beneficial if the Flames were to find someone struggling with an onerous contract that they could acquire and buyout at the cost of a pick or prospect. Marc Savard comes to mind.

  • Scary Gary

    Cheer up buddy!

    I should start out by saying, I love Jarome Iginla, he’s the greatest flame of all time and an excellent human being.

    That being said, I’m probably in the minority, and I realize it’s unlikely, but I hope Pittburgh lose out in the first round so the fames can up their pick. Pitts D is questionable and Letang is hurt. I question Fleury’s consistency in the big games and I suspect Vocoun will play a larger role.

    On the bright side. We’ve picked up another first rounder in a deep draft and have freed up seven mil in cap space in a soon to be buyers market. We have other assets (which the oilers didn’t) to get a decent return with.


    • RexLibris

      Re: cheering for an early exit. That would be the logical thing to do. Hope that that pick becomes a #20, rather than a #30.

      Hard, I know, but objectivity has to have a place in this.

    • Double Dion

      Agreed. I think that we’ll miss Iginla terribly as a person in the community. Not so much on the ice. Increased cap space makes this a good deal. My biggest fear was locking him in for 5 years at 5 million per. That didn’t happen. All that said, I would have preferred the Boston package, especially if the 1st was included.

      I’m with you in hoping for a 1st round exit for the Pens. I cheer for the Flames, not our former players.

    • Avalain

      If you really want this, imagine the unlikely scenario of the Pens going on an awful losing streak, just missing the playoffs, and then winning the lottery. Calgary would end up with 2 picks in the top 5!

      Is this going to happen? Well…no.

  • Victoria Flames Fan

    Ryan, Do you know if either of these prospects have played centre or right wing? Seems strange to go after (sub-par) prospects in the position where we already feature Sven and Johnny Hockey…

  • Parallex

    I realize that the reaction to Iggy being traded is mostly emotional… but let’s just take a look at the last week or so…

    1: We hear that Iggy has agreed to waive for a relatively small amount of teams (Bos, Pitt, Chi, LA)

    2: We hear that Feaster has a high asking price (some say too high).

    3: We then hear what that price is… reports are that it’s either 1st Round Pick/Top Prospect/Roster Player or 1st Round Pick/Top Prospect/Secondary Prospect

    Is what Feaster got back really that unexpected?…

    1: First Round Pick – Yes
    2: Secondary Prospect – Yes
    3: Top Prospect – No (Realistically speaking we got another secondary prospect in lieu)

    So Feaster had to come down from what some people had labelled a too high asking price. That strikes me as not at all outlandish.

    Is this the trade that will kickstart the Flames back to relevancy? No it’s not… was there ever going to be a deal for Iginla that did that? Nope, not in my opinion.

    Just a little dispassionate perspective.


    Side note… the Flames are well on there way to having the most educated roster in the league. So many NCAA guys populating the ranks now. We’re almost a poor-mans Detroit now (meaning minus a Datsyuk and a Zetterberg). I don’t mind that actually.

    • BurningSensation


      Everybody is hacking on Feaster for the return, but the simple facts;

      – Iginla had a NMC and was calling his shot. I suspect the ‘list’ of teams was a device used to drive up the price as much as possible since it seems clear he was set on playing with Sidney.

      – King and the owners were NEVER going to shame Iggy into a trade. So all this ‘should have been done two years ago’ BS is just that, BS. Iggy didn’t want to leave, and absent Iggy pulling a ‘Vince Carter’, mgt wasn’t keen to trade him. Whining about it doesn’t change the facts on the ground.

      – Boston’s offer didn’t even include a 1st round pick unless Iggy signed with them after the playoffs (which was moderately to very unlikely). So the ‘market’ for Iggy was not exactly ‘white hot’.

      – Iggy can re-sign with Calgary in the offseason. Odds? I’d put them at about 50-50. (What contract would we offer?) If he does re-sign with us, Feaster extracted a fairly nice ransom for an unrestricted 36 year old scoring winger with bad underlying stats.

      – The ‘reports’ about what the Flames were asking for in the Iggy deal were chum in the water that did nothing but confuse things. We wanted prospects and a roster player. Then we wanted a goalie prospect, then we wanted a defense prospect. etc. etc. ad nauseum. Until Feaster says what it was he was asking for, we don’t actually know, and beating him up for not getting a Joe Vitale in the deal is just silly.

      – Mats Sundin. If Feaster hadn’t handled this properly, the return for Iginla leaving could have been what Toronto got for Sundin. Nothing. Instead of roasting Feaster for not getting Malkin as part of the trade, we should recognize that he turned a potential lemon into lemonaide (a 1st and a pair of older prospects).

      – That the Flames took on two older prospects should also be an indication that they understand where the gaps in the roster are located. A guy like Ollie Maata may not play for the team for 3-4 more years, while either of the two wingers we just got might make the roster out of our next camp.

      • Parallex

        I also agreed with that post, but you’re wrong, Iginla should’ve been moved years ago. It’s not BS and calling it that doesn’t mae it true. It’s what they best hockey decision would’ve been. Feaster being painted into a corner with the brush of nostalgia is why the return is what it is.

        Maata is a year, two at the most, away. And that’s on a team with a ton of D prospects (that we couldn’t get one of).

        • BurningSensation

          Is their a part of ‘No Movement Clause’ you don’t understand? Iggy was clear he wanted to be a Flame as long as possible. Ownership was clear that they wanted him to be a Flame as long as possible. You can ‘woulda shoulda coulda’ all you want, he wasn’t getting traded last year unless mgt decided to burn him publicly – and they were never going to do that. Period.

          Iginla was Calgary’s Yzerman. Remind me again what the return for dealing Yzerman was?

          • BurningSensation

            You don’t get it. That’s exactly what people are lamenting. Ownership’s refusal to move off that stance. Obviously you can’t change the past. But had they, plenty of guys waive them.

            Heck, Iginla said he’d waive it last summer. A lot better than waiting until 4 weeks before deadline. Get your facts straight. Again, people are lamenting Edward’s not allowing it.

            And how is that “burning” him publicly?

            And Iginla is not Yzerman. Or Sakic. And the Flames are not the Wings or the Avs of that era.

            Man, amazing how people emotionally attach themselves to celebrities as though they’re closer relatives or something.

          • BurningSensation

            The right time to trade Iginla was immediately after the cup run. Maximum return.

            The Flames and Iggy wanted to stick together, we gave him a no-trade, ownership wanted him to stay. For us to trade him last year would have meant asking Iggy to do something that he had said he didn’t want to do, and that management had said they wouldn’t do.

            You arm chair GMs who figure everybody should drop their lives and waive their (earned) NMC’s just to satisfy you really take the cake. And yes, he was our ‘Yzerman’, the guy everybody associated with the team, community and city, the guy who had played his entire career for one sweater, and who had bleed for the fans of that city. Yzerman wasn’t traded because the team was loyal to him, and he to them.

            No different than Iginla.

          • RexLibris

            What shutout said. Check and mate. Face it. Your the type of fan who would rather watch iggy score 50 on a playoff-less Flames than watch an iggy-less Flames win a Cup.

          • BurningSensation

            The return for Steve Yzerman was 3 Stanley Cups.

            The return for Joe Sakic was 2 Stanley Cups.

            Jarome Iginla was not going to bring a Stanley Cup to Calgary. At least that much was evident 3 years ago. At the point in time when you recognize that that the current core is not going to advance you to the end goal then you should have the brains and balls to recognize it and make the proper deals to address it.

            NMC is a very simple thing to get around if you respect and communicate with the player. I fully believe that three years ago we would have been able to move Iginla to one of the top contending teams and he would have went along with it once it was explained that the team needed to start rebuilding. Nothing in Iginla’s character would indicate that he would have just said NO, I am staying here.

            Had we won a Stanley Cup with Iginla than I would have been more than willing to let him retire with his legacy as a Flame. That and the fact that Detroit was able to draft Datsyuk and Zetterberg also makes it much easier to hold onto Yzerman. If we had drafted Mike Green and James Neil instead of Chucko and Pelech and had gotten a proper return for Phaneuf we would probably still be competitive and then we could keep Iginla.

            You have to look at things within the proper context. And hero worship has no place in running a professional hockey team.

  • Wow, Peter Chiarelli is absolutely lambasting Feaster. No one will ever deal with the Flames again, as it appears the Bruins were told definitively that they ‘won’ Iginla and would get him at NOON YESTERDAY. Before ANY of this was reported. Also, he said it was an UNCONDITIONAL FIRST ROUND PICK. Flames got hosed.

    Feaster is a slimy bastard who is destroying this franchise.

    And I fully expect the league to investigate Calgary for Kipper’s contract, given the way things are going. I can’t believe Keenan was being paid by the Flames (for his coaching contract) AND STILL TALKING SH!T ALL OVER TV ABOUT US! You got your money, bug off you whiny prick.

    • Danger

      If ANY of that is true, let alone both statements (Bruins told they won/unconditional 1st) then Feaster should be dismissed immediately.

      They have to clean this dog and pony circus show up.

      Do it now and promote Weisbrod as interim? We already have terrible PR, can you imagine if Feaster gets canned the day after moving Jarome?

      Wait for the summer and fire everyone? Do you allow Jay to shop JBo or Cammi then? Or do you wait until the summer for a new GM to do it?

      If it’s me I run any potential trades past an outside consultant. If they’re good, approve them. If not, wait until summer to move them -when you fire Feaster, Weisbrod, Suttter, Button and the rest of that clown show.

      • Double Dion

        Agreed, but I’m not sure any of that is true. Feaster has handled lots of things very clumsily. He’s an excellent public speaker and really knows how to stroke the media, but his asset management and “moves” are definitely questionable. I really think we’ll regret the Hudler and Wideman deals eventually even though they’ve been ok to this point.

    • everton fc

      Feaster’s move for O’Reilly… Never forget this, either.

      If Chiarelli is correct… We are going to live through some dark times, as fans.

      As for Keenan… Perhaps he feels he got screwed (by Feaster) and is simpyl giving it back. Piling on. And so on. He did coach our last playoff squad. As noted on another post, a lockerroom with a few more winners than our current ensemble of also-rans and expansion-calibre players.

      • Double Dion

        How could Keenan feel he was screwed by Feaster? Feaster wasn’t even in the organization when Keenan was fired.

        If one thing is clear though, it’s that Keenan, Sutter and Playfair were not the issues. Our issues run far deeper than coaching. I honestly think Iginla’s unwillingness to buy into the system was one of them. I’ll be interested to see how the team does without Iggy.

      • everton fc

        I just read where Chiarelli is quoted. He holds Feaster blameless and admits it was Jarome’s decision. And that these deals go sideways all the time.

        Am I happy, no, but let’s not overreact. I might have handled it differently. I might have said Jarome, we have reached a deal with one of the 4 teams on your list. Congrats, you are going to Boston.

        Instead it seems like Feaster said Jarome, here are 3 deals. We like the Boston one the best. Jarome then says I want to go to Pittsburgh.

        As an aside, I glad I saw a few of his old highlights as it reminded me why I thought so highly of him. I must admit that the last few years were mixed with admiration and resentment.

        I miss the old Jarome, but I have been missing him for a few years now.

        • BurningSensation

          I’m not buying that Chiarelli’s offer of a conditional pick, one decent (if flawed) prospect, and a marginal depth defender was better.

          When you are in negotiations you typically don’t go out and publicly declare so-and so player off-limits.

    • Avalain

      Did you listen to the Feaster presser? He mentioned that he had multiple offers, then he took them to Iginla and Iginla told him which one he was willing to waive his NTC for. How is that Feasters fault?

  • Marc


    You asked how much wronger could things go? Jason Gregor just posted the following on Oilersnation:

    ‘This morning in the dressing room Jim Matheson and I were discussing the cap situation of the Penguins, when two Oilers players mentioned that Iginla should sign here if Pittsburgh can’t afford him. “Get it started,” they said with a slight laugh, but both were serious. I doubt it would happen, but wow that would sure ignite some fire into the Battle of Alberta.’

    • RexLibris

      Please no.

      Signing Iginla would mean that one of Yakupov or Eberle loses ice time. No thank you. As for the inevitable comment about veteran leadership: how far has that leadership taken the Flames lately?

      With all due respect to Iginla, stay out East or sign on the West Coast (L.A.). Don’t come back to Alberta until your jersey retirement.

  • Bikeit

    Chirelli goes in to the situation knowing fully that iginla is driving the Bus. Media said as many times. Hockey is about relationships and while IGGY had links to some Bruins, they go much deaper with the Penguins (Lemieux,Crosby). Also if you wanted to win a cup who would you choose to play for with the best chance and be truthful. Flames got fair value for a rental also a number one pick that everyone was freaking about.

  • TheoForever

    So much poison and viciousness towards Feaster. We have a GM who has been consistently handcuffed by Sutter moves. The only real blunder he has made was that he didn’t know the consequences of the ROR move. Iginla trade can still turnout better than it looks. If Feaster can sign the d-man he just went to see or snag Drew LeBlanc.

    No one gets on a higher horse then Lambert although he knows as much as horsesass.
    All that talk what we could have gotten for whomever.
    Someone, brings up Jackman and what we could have gotten, are you kidding?
    If memory serves correctly the return was supposed to be a 4th round pick.

    Easy to criticize but hard to build something and hindsight is 20/20.

      • everton fc

        Feaster wasn’t handcuffed when he re-signed Babchuk. Or Sarich. Or Modin, for that matter. He’s got a track record of poor moves. He’s not the ideal man for a rebuild in this league. That’s my feeling.

        Fair enough on Jackman. But it’s one less contract, as well. Gaudreau was a 4th round pick, was he not?

        True, hindsight is indeed 20/20. Fans like me will always be critics. I’d rather have John Davidson (or Jason Botterill, my new Desbiens!) making the moves. That’s my over-arching point.

    • everton fc

      So it was Sutter’s fault that we traded Regehr for Butler and an AHL player?

      Sutter’s fault that we traded Kotalik and a 2nd round pick for cap space instead of burying him in the minors?

      Sutter’s fault that we signed Babchuk and Sarich to 2 year deals when they were barely servicable NHL players last year?

      I agree that the Feast had no chance with this trade. The organization put itself in a situation where they left its future up to one player to determine the direction. Iginla really only had one place that he wanted to play and the Bruins were used to get the return to a somewhat reasonable level.

  • BurningSensation

    If they ever needed a window to get rid of Feaster, now they have it… Did Iggy have to move? Unfortunately yes. Will Feaster be hung for it? Probably. Is that unfair? Yes, but his record isn’t exactly glowing. Feaster keeps publicly roasted and it must be getting pretty embarrassing for the owners. I know it is for us fans.

      • RexLibris

        I wasn’t. It is the kind of move an ownership group like the Flames would make.

        The plus side is that the Flames would probably win a few trades. The down side is that Kent’s hair would probably turn grey overnight and you could throw out any possibility of advanced analytics being adopted anytime soon.

        It could be worse. They could hire Scott Howson.

  • TheoForever

    Nothing wrong with signing Sarich if you look at reasoning. Flames were planning to compete and one could see the team was going to be soft. Sarich brings toughness. Babchuk was resigned to be a powerplay specialist but Brent didn’t want to play him. After that Babchuk is done and we got Wideman. Who plays would be coaching decision in the end. Looking at improvement from Stajan and JBo, Brent was a guy who could beat the life out of anyone. Reagher looks done. Hate to see giving up 2nd rounder to loose Kotalik. Was it Feaster’s choice or Edwards? Knowing Edwards and his view of bottom line,… hmm.

    Ohh and one more thing RR had an NTC thanks to DS and Flames had to cut salary.

  • Derzie

    The simple fact that Feaster agreed to a deal with Boston that was a dog when there was better to be had with Pitt is a dismisable offence. There is a full week left until the deadline and it took Iggy to rescue us and salvage a less horrible deal with Pitt. Simply by saying no to Dumb and Dumber. ROR, Kipper, Cervenka, McGrattan, Babchuk, Begin, Conditional firsts, USA focus, dead last or in the vicinity, trading down for a a friend-of-a-friend high school player, offer to Richards, Modin, Chiarelli. With that body of work, how do you think we are doing?

  • RexLibris

    Holy snappers the temperature is warm in here. 1st off, I would like to hear from Feaster if that deal included a 2013 1st or a conditional 2014 1st. If the latter, the right decision was made. If it was a 2013 1st unconditional, I suspect Feaster thought he had a deal with Boston & Iggy played a trump card. Feaster & the Bruins got screwed and our beloved Iggy moves on to the Stanley Cup favorite. Good on Iggy, he probably did it to piss all of us off here at Flames Nation because of those advanced stats we keep bringing up.

    We are not about to get another GM before the deadline & moves “HAVE” to be made in the next 6 days. Sorry, whatever everyone thinks, we got Feasty at the helm. Personally, I am comfortable with them at this draft, I like some of the directions we have taken & I would like to hear from the critics when was the last time Flames had 6 prospects at the World Junior Championships. Considering Sven turned pro early, it seems they were Feasters picks & he’s been only picking for 2 years. WTF is wrong everyone here. He has made some good contracts signings & some crummy ones. I attribute the crummy one to the fact we were still “going for it” Well with Iggy now gone, that changes today. In the same realm, the trades/UFA signings were based on the same “go for it” mandate that Feaster had been given up to & including the ROR offer sheet. That now ends today. Dont judge Feaster on this Iggy deal, that is not fair. But we can judge him on any trades & signings from her on in. Let us pray the blockages that have lead to poor decisions are now removed and gone to Pittsburg. This should not be judgement week for Feaster, in fact its Easter, a time to pray for a Feaster miracle in the days ahead.