Iggy Moments





Thank you Iggy.

  • First conversation I had with Jarome in a journalistic capacity was asking him about all the recalls last year. Absolutely terrified, talking to a future Hall of Famer. I get two words into my question, calm down, he beams me a smile and then gets really excited about talking about all the young kids jumping in for the team.

  • Colin.S

    Here’s one of my favourite Iggy moments, I was at this game in the nose bleeds of nose bleeds in the midst of a bunch of obnoxious drunk Vancouver fans and I couldn’t be happier seeing Iggy pounding an on the ice Mitchell:

  • Colin.S

    As an Oiler fan, I’ve always had huge respect for Iginla. He is one of the best players in the game.

    As for the trade, say the Flames can get something of the same deal for Kipper. That would give the Flames 3 first round picks this year, including a potential first overall ….

    … to completely waste on off the board picks like Jankowski.

    • McRib

      Some people think that when Jankowski adds 30-40 pounds of muscle this pick will be nothing close to a waste, myself included. He has already exceeded expectations by going straight to the NCAA this season rather than the USHL. In a year or two once he gains weight everyone could be talking about how genius it was….

      I would also take Alex Galchenyuk over Nail Yakupov anyday when he is healthy. Haha. Good luck with that first overall floater, Montreal got the complete player!!!

      • McRib

        Ha! you think adding 40 pounds of muscle is a possibility? Do you know how much 40 pounds of muscle is? I’m a tall guy and even adding a measly ten pounds is a significant difference. Unless the kid starts taking roids there is no way he’ll ever add another 30 pounds of anything.

        As for picking Nail over Gal, still would have done the exact same thing in that position. Had we taken Gal, you’d be spouting off how we didn’t take the best player available, just like I am with Feaster’s pick.

        You look back at what Calgary has drafted in the last decade in the first round and then tell me those are better picks then Edmonton and I sir will call you a liar.

        All this aside, as a Flames fan, are you hoping for the Pens to win it all and get Iggy a cup, or are you hoping they tank in the first round to get a higher draft pick?

  • McRib

    As discussed on the previous page, just an interesting point for all the negative comments on the trade value we got… For all intensive purposes Kenneth Agostino & Ben Hanowski are now ahead of any other Flames prospect in terms of NHLE outside of Gaudreau and Baertschi.

    Agostino 1.12PPG x 0.41 x 82 Games = 38 Points

    Hanowski 1.10 PPG x 0.41 x 82 Games = 37 Points*

    * Used 2011-2012 Stats due to a head injury he suffered this season.

      • McRib

        Multiple head injuries worry me… If he doesn’t have a history of them beyond that, then I actually like this pick more…

        Because if he was healthy for the entire season in all likelihood he would have improved on his 43 point total from his Junior year and been among the league leaders.

  • Bucknuck

    Being an Oilers fan my memories of Iggy are not happy ones. He was a great player and a class act, and he was the instrument of doom against the Oilers on many occasions.

    I actually feel sorry for Flames fans this morning. He was the face of your franchise, and someone I respect.

    Good bye Iggy. I am glad you are in another conference now.

  • Bucknuck

    I was at the 2nd playoff game against Chicago. Chelios, pretty much in his prime, took a run from behind at Iggy and nailed him hard with a cross check right to his backside. Iginla never saw it coming. Only thing was, Chelios landed on his ass and Iginla glanced back as though he’d just been whacked with a pillow. I was in awe of that display of strength from a 19 year old. Especially against one of the toughest in the game. I knew then that Calgary had something special.

  • Bucknuck

    um, McRib , Yakupov has as many points per game playing in the NHL than Jankowski got in the NCAA in the weakest division.

    You show me the player in the NHL right now who is a top 6 forward who got half a point per game in the ECAC as a rookie. I don’t think there is even one. Riley Nash, who the Oilers drafted and traded for Martin Marincin, got a point per game in that division as a tall skinny 18 year old. 6 years after he was drafted he has played a few NHL games and has about .3 ppg in the NHL. And he had twice as many ppg as Jankowski, also on a bad Cornell team and being a tall skinny guy. So if Jankowski becomes half the player that Riley Nash is, then maybe in 12 years he will play 9 games in the NHL and get .15 ppg…the point is right now he isn’t looking too good and the odds are stacked against him being an NHL player at all let alone an impact one.

    As for Yakupov, we shall see. He is about 10 months older than Jankowski. He needs to improve his defensive play and reduce turnovers. That being said he wasn’t coached well in junior and still scored at a Stamkos/Hall/Tavares rate. He has elite skating , puckhandling and shooting skills with a very high ceiling. Still a work in progress for sure. But when Jabba said Jankowski would be the best player from this draft in 10 years he must have meant the East Coast League because he won’t be the best player in last years draft in the NHL that is for sure.

    • McRib

      Jankowski plays in the HOCKEY EAST not the ECAC!!! Chris Kreider is an identical example!! He had 0.60 PPG his freshman year with Boston College (on a better team) and had 45 points two years later, as they are both 6’3″ late bloomers with skill that needed to fill out first.

      Adam Lowry is another great example, he was 6’5″ – 170 his draft year and slipped to 3rd!! Since gone from 45 to a 88 pt season and he still isn’t done filling out at 201 lbs. Winnipeg got the steal of that draft.

      What in the world does Riley Nash have to do with Jankowski?? He was 6’1-190 when he was drafted and still is, not a late bloomer at all. Travis Zajac another great example of a lanky first round late bloomer.

      The reason the Calgary Flames drafted Jankowski in the first round and why three-four other teams would have right after us was because Jankowski lit up the Beantown Classic!!! A tournament of all the top NE Prep School players attend.

      Nail Yakupov is already getting 3-4 more minutes a night is -11, while Galchenyuk is +9 with the same point totals!! Yakupov is unwilling to go into the corners because of size, its a no brainer who’s going to be the better NHLer.

  • Bucknuck

    On this most auspicious of occasions, a big shout out to Kent Wilson. This is the definitive Calgary Flames source of all that matters. Insightful articles that are well written and backed up by hard statistics, with an ear to all of the arm chair fans far and wide (this written from Bangkok after a stint playing with Johnny Oduyia over the lock out). On a ten day road skid we still have magnificent breasts serving Alberta Beef on either side of us. Thank you Kent and your team for sticking it out and keeping us “in the game.” Jarome is gone, but thanks to Flames Nation we know where we are headed. Kudos.