Is Jay Bouwmeester next?



Blackhawks vs Calgary Flames 12/5/10



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 Hot on the heels of the Iginla trade is news that Jay Bouwmeester has also been approached by Flames management about a potential deal. As reported by Roger Millions:


Defenders are always hot commodities around deadline time, especially guys who can face tough competition and eat up a lot of minutes. Those kinds of players are useful and rare, so it’s no suprise a number of teams are interested in Bouwmeester. Particularly since he’s having his best run of offense in Flames colors since he came to Calgary.

That said, making a quality deal for him will be difficult for the Flames. He’s signed for one more season, so there’s absolutely no reason to rush to move him this year. In addition, his sizable cap hit ($6.68 million) could prove to be a significant impediment given the cap ceiling is set to drop to about $64 million next season. It’s possible the Flames would need to eat a portion of deal or take a chunk of money back to make a swap work. That’s not ideal, unless the org really likes the player/contract coming back.

Shopping Bouwmeester to get a feel for his market value is sensible. It’s doubtful he’ll stick around once his contract expires since the Flames are unlikely to be contenders at that point (and the big guy has never seen the post-season, let alone had a real chance to compete for the grail). That said, unless someone comes along with a really top-notch package, Calgary could stand to wait and shop JayBo again at the deadline in 2014.

  • RKD

    Well if Kipper says he will refuse to report to any team traded to then I think Jay-Bo will be the next to go. Detroit is probably the frontrunner as they have not filled Lidstrom’s spot. While Jay-Bo is no Nick Lidstrom, he can give Det 25 mins a night. The second team I see making a pitch are the St. Louis Blues they want a guy with a left handed shot to play with Pietrangelo.

  • RKD

    Bouwmeester should net us a Roster player, two propsects and a first. he is still a top teir defencemen, and we will easily get that should we eat part of next years salary, which we really should.

    Think about it, next year we are not going for it, we will re-tool and play out a season of us losing, there is no reason we can’t use the new CBA to our advantage. There is no way we are a cap team next year, so use 2-3 million of it on Bouwmeester and get a killer return.

  • RKD

    Would you consider Peckham, Hordichuck and Eager for Bowmeister, because it sure looks like you are going into tear-down mode and will need to be playing a toughnosed style of hockey to keep the fans interested while you re-tool, it looks like the Flames are going to follow history like the Oilers are, the Flames are about to get really tough and nasty to play against because they have to to survive with us next door.

    Peckham is young and tough as nails, Hordichuck speaks for himself he is a hammer,and ben Eager is an anomoly that if used right might get you 20 or 30 goals in the right system and he is one heavy fast train out there.

    This just seems like a nice value for value trade. It takes both teams in a balanced postitive evolutionary direction and really Bowmeister deserves a chance to take a run with a team like the Oilers, he has surely paid his dues the guy is a machine, and on that note Peckham has evolved a simple basic tough game and has earned the right to play but we cant fit him in , Hordichucks valus is obvious he still has value in protecting the kids you will need to start funnelling in soon and Ben Eager needs a fresh start where he is relied upon enough to feel the need to self-police his own off-ice mainrenance.

    • RKD

      That surely cracks the top 3 in the worst trade proposals I’ve ever seen. Maybe higher. Trade our best defenseman for three players who wouldn’t even crack the Flames’ roster? Yeah. Great idea.

      Yeah Hordichuk’s value is obvious all right. Nothing. Seriously, I wouldn’t even take that return for Anton Babchuk. And I’d take practically anything for Babchuk.