Jarome Iginla Traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins



As has been speculated all night, Aaron Ward of TSN recently confirmed the Flames long time captain has been traded to the Bruins. The assumed return is Alex Khokhlachev, Matt Bartkowski and a first round pick. We will update with further confirmation and other news as it breaks.

For Kenneth AgostinoBen Hanowski and a first round pick.

Good luck in Pittsburgh Jarome. And thank you for everything. Go win that cup.

More to come…

  • T&A4Flames

    Other positives, we cleared up 7mil im cap space and 1 of our 50 contracts. Maybe we can still make some moves by aquiring expiring bad contracts with picks from teams who are trying to make good trades.

    If Jbo goes, it better be a home run with 1yr still on his contract.

    Cammi made his stock go up a bit last night.

  • Franko J


    I didn’t think that the Flames had the acumen to trade Iginla.

    The best part of the trade is ownership and management have finally come to the realization that this team is on the decline and changes were much needed.

    Going forward the trade may not be worth much right now but let us see what happens down the road. If this team was so reluctant to make changes it is time to be patient on the impact of this trade.

    Essentially the next potential franchise player was never going to happen in the trade, that player must be drafted in this years draft.

    • everton fc

      I’d dump:

      Babchuk (impossible)

      Look at Babchuk. Clear evidence Feaster’s clueless. Anotehr guy Brent didn’t want, re-signed.

      We won’t draft for size. We draft small. At least that’s how it appears, in many cases.

  • JBo will definitely bring back more.

    Our future stars are going to come from top 5 draft picks.

    Jay is probably under orders to not call it a rebuild.

    Ownership obviously wouldn’t allow a trade before the last few weeks. Iginla should’ve been moved earlier, 5 years ago IMO, but should, woulda, coulda…..

    Now? It is what it is.

    We will suck for a few years as surely as the Oilers.

  • Lots of complaints that Feaster got fleeced. I can’t disagree. I think the best way to measure how Feaster got fleeced was the fact Dallas got Joe Morrow in return for Brendan Morrow. It appears that Joe Morrow has higher potential than what the Flames may get from a first round pick this year, which is likely to be in the 27 to 30 range. The two college players are throw-ins in my view. Feaster probably waited to long to move on this trade and Shero reduced Feaster’s bargain power badly.

  • Michael

    The Flames find themselves in an utter mess, Kipper likely retires this year for no return, and Iggy is moved for little more than a very late first round pick. Neither of these so called prospects ranked in Pittsburgh top 10, and many commentators have called them marginal NHLers. Pittsburgh stole Iggy for little more than a song.
    I have now completely lost faith in Flames management, they have been asleep at the wheel for years. Just imagine the return for Iggy two years ago after his 86 point season. Even Feaster would have found it hard to mess that up.
    By mismanaging their assets the Flames painted themselves into a corner, and simply dithered around for years. We have no elite prospects, few mid ranked prospects, and little hope on the horizon.

  • CDB

    Everyone can rip this trade but it comes down to simple economics. It’s supply and demand. When you have a limited number of teams on a list (4), with only two real suitors, you get what you can. Better this than sitting around like the Leafs and getting nothing for Sundin.

    Sitting around making up trades on EA sports video games is useless. The trade market in this case was set by two men, Chiarelli and Shero. No person can get what fans deem “fair” value. This isn’t Iggy circa 2004. If you go buy a used car tomorrow do you evaluate it on what it is now, or what it was 8 years ago? They set the market, from what I can see as:

    1. a late first round player/ prospect (assuming if they redo the draft thats probably where Khokhlachev falls) +

    2. a mid tier prospect (Bartkowski / college kid) +

    3. a mid tier prospect (college kid) /pick (whatever the Bruins conditional would become, since Iggy resiging there seems unlikely).

    The two GM’s they could deal with don’t care about all he has done and means to this city. Sentiment does not help teams win the Cup.

    On another point, lets be real here. We traded away a 35 year old winger, with a $7MM cap hit, pending UFA, who has 9 freaking goals. What did people expect? Especially when he controls where he’s going. News flash, he picked good teams. Know why those teams are good? They employ smart hockey men. They’re not going to throw away 3 first round picks and top prospects for an asset that, and it pains to me say this, is not that good anymore. I’ll have to defer to Kent on Iggy’s underlying numbers and advanced stats, but they have not been pretty the last few years. Pittsburgh definitely employs advanced stats, Boston most likely does. Plus, there’s always the eye test, and it hasn’t been pretty.

    I dont know if the Flames decided they preferred the Pens package, or Iggy just said he wanted to go to Pitt. If they liked Pens package, the Flames feel they can make a better pick at 28-32, or use it to deal, than what Khokhlachev (no way that is spelt even close to correct, who was the primary piece in the Bruins offer) is. Khokhlachev was a 2nd round pick by the way, 40th overall. The conditional first never meant anything. Theres no room in Boston, he was not resigning. The Flames might have just hedged there bet on their own ability to draft in what is to be a deep and talented draft. Maybe the young D men on Pitt were in play, maybe they weren’t. Don’t forget the Flames passed on Matta in the summer. Maybe they don’t love him as a prospect. Calgary may feel that there will be better players than Matta and Pittsburghs other prospects, available come that late first round this year. Time will tell how this plays out. What happens to the late first is the key.

    To summarize. Limited market. Asset that has depreciated. Limited value, as was recognized by intelligent hockey men. Get what you can. Feaster did what he could. Lets hope they draft well

  • vetinari

    Full disclosure– Oiler fan here just popping by to pay my respects to Iginla, who was always a classy player and a guy that I wished we had on our roster for the last few years. All the best in your new home Iggy and good luck in winning that Cup.

    As to the Flames fans, the “NHL rebuild support group” meets every Wednesday night for pints… lots and lots of pints… we drink until we make Moose Jaw look like Saskatoon… I expect we’ll see you there from now until 2015 or so?

    Cheers and good luck,


  • Scary Gary

    The Morrow Morrow trade also had the Stars sending a 3rd round pick for a 5th round pick so it was not quite prospect for prospect.

    The biggest fact of this is that Iginla wanted to go to Pittsburgh and so the Penguins only gave up as little as they had to in order to get the Flames to put the offer on the table in front of Iginla.

    Chicago did not even put in an offer. LA had an offer in that was worse than Boston and Pittsburgh. The Boston prospect was better than the two Penguins prospect but there was very little chance that Iginla was going to resign in Boston so the Penguins first round pick is as good as the Boston prospect.

    If it is me I am moving the Penguins first round pick at the draft for a young player that is not working out with their current team. I would do that with an other first round picks that we get back in deals for Bouwmeester, etc. Even if I have to overpay in draft capital I am making a deal for players like Neiderreiter, Paajarvi, Connolly, etc.

  • everton fc

    I did notice Jerome mentioning 3 teams coming to the plate with offers. I would imagine LA said thanks but no thanks to a return of players that would have offset the fact they dont have a 2013 1st. LA werent even in the bidding. Chicago really doesnt have room in their top 6 for him. So it was Bos & Pitt. Really, I think we should be satisfied we got what we got & lets move on with the rebuild.

  • Scary Gary

    I should start out by saying, I love Jarome Iginla, he’s the greatest flame of all time and an excellent human being.

    That being said, I’m probably in the minority, and I realize it’s unlikely, but I hope Pittburgh lose out in the first round so the fames can up their pick. Pitts D is questionable and Letang is hurt. I question Fleury’s consistency in the big games and I suspect Vocoun will play a larger role.

    On the bright side. We’ve picked up another first rounder in a deep draft and have freed up seven mil in cap space in a soon to be buyers market. We have other assets (which the oilers didn’t) to get a decent return with.


  • Jeff Lebowski

    Feaster said he would be busy next week. He also said he wanted to bring young players and assets in, not shipping picks or prospects out. Although he is loathe to call it a rebuild, it sounds like one.

    After all said and done, Flames can pull oiler move and get Ekblad, McDavid et al.

    This is what the trade Iggy camp wanted. Abysmal performance to acquire top 5 picks. They saw the oilers collecting baubles and they wanted their own. They created the narrative. Now they will complain about something else because unlike the players and gm who have to rise to the top of their profession, earn it, they know better from behind the keyboard. They know how easy it is to make trades, draft and build a team. No they don’t. Otherwise they’d be working in pro hockey.

    This is the beginning of the rebuild. I hope they do it well.

    As for Iggy, I hope he wins the cup and rams it down the throats of most people in this town who wanted him out and spread lies about his reputation. You know absolutely nothing.

    • Jeff Lebowski

      Well, thank goodness we have you to educate us.

      But I’m sure you’re qualified, right? Uh, what team do you work for again?

      Oh, and isn’t that the reason fan forums exist?

      And, no pro in the busines has ever screwed things up royally, have they?

      Sorry you lost your hero, move on.

      • Jeff Lebowski

        Fan forums don’t exist for weasels like you to spread unsubstantiated lies about someone’s character.

        Your toughness with the anonymity of the Internet is impressive. You must feel great not having to put your money where your mouth is. Wonder why that is?


        • Jeff Lebowski

          uh, yeah….everyone on here is anonymous to a large degree.

          Because you put down a supposed first and last name that somehow makes above everyone else?

          And anything I’ve ever said is based on observation. That my interpretation of those observations doesn’t agree with yours isn’t reason for you to cry.

          Also, anything I’ve ever said on here I say in person to anyone and everyone I talk hockey to. That would include Jarome if I were to meet him. I’ve never held back my opinions in life.

          Money where mouth is? What????

          Ah, the personal insult, the refuge of the poor loser who didn’t get his way and lost.

          Btw, if the Pens win the Cup it will be in spite of Jarome, not because of.

    • Jeff Lebowski

      I dont know Jeff, I do put my money where my mouth is. If you think my being pro camp was to berate & run Iggy out of town, well, you’re drinking something maybe I would like to taste. If you think Iggy was winning a cup with this poorly constructed, contract & cap screwed hockey team, you are delusional. I am an Iggy fan. I am so happy that he is getting his wish to play with Sid & Malkin & truly have a shot at a long playoff run & the Stanley Cup. I am pumped for him. He deserves this push to the rear because his loyalty held him from making the right decision. So dont lump us all into your stereo type here. I resent that. I think we got as much as we could, as low as it is below fair value. I am good with it. This team has to rebuild & if you dont believe that, well too bad for you. If Iggy wins a cup, it wont be rammed down my throat, I will be celebrating & drinking from it with him.

  • Can’t complain about the return when Feaster had his hands tied.

    Both guys are unknown commodities – I see here Kenny Agostino is a PPG player….That’s gotta count for SOMETHING.

    The best part of the deal is clearly the first, but you never know with these College guys. They may be able to develop into capable players!

    I just like that we are getting YOUNGER. It may be brutal to watch for the next couple years if we go into full rebuild, but I’m a fan of change.

    I rather like the idea of parlaying draft picks for solidified players who aren’t getting opportunity/are underperforming.

    It’d be a chance to press fast forward on the rebuild.

  • jrh

    the prime time sports interview with ken king is pretty interesting – they go after him pretty good about what went down on trade night.

    ken king confirms there were 4 teams that iginla said he would go to – then he changed his mind and chose pittburgh. flames wanted the boston deal and then iginla backed out. king said in future they would get that kind of agreement in writing. lets stay away from ntc.

    king keeps calling iginla “the player” in the interview.

    worth a watch and the expressions on bob mccown and damien cox’s face when king starts one of his speeches to try to change the subject as they are grilling him.


    anyway all the best to iginla in pittsburgh, too bad we didn’t surround him with better players especially a first line centre – probably cost him 100 goals.

  • jrh

    I can’t help but wonder if Flames ownership can really afford to keep Feaster around to manage the rebuild in the next week or few months if he is going to keep fumbling trades.

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Flames did not get very good return or the best deal for Iginla. If it was true that Iggy ONLY wanted to go Pittsburgh then I think he should have tried to pry away one Pittsburgh defensive prospects like Joe Morrow (who appears to be much better than any late first rounder the Flames may draft this year) instead of a 2013 first rounder. However, it doesn’t appear that Feaster is capable of dealing with other high level of GMs or aware of how other teams are handling their potential UFAs.

    I just think it is been absolutely brutal how he UNNECESSARILY gave away 2nd round picks in the Regher and Bourque trades. Yeah he got them off the Flames book but he also strip away valuable future picks that he could have used to moved up in draft. Montreal must be laughing as they will get a very high second round draft pick this year.

    The only decent trade Feaster has made that I can recall is trading Langkow for Stempniak but I think he lucked out because of Langkow’s previous ties with Pheonix. Even the Cammalleri trade came about by accident after Cammalleri made some regrettable comments. I bet you he wishes he was still playing for Montreal right now.