FGD: One Tin Soldier – The Legend of City Yak

  After Shelbyville showed us all that even a broken clock is right twice a day, the Battle of Alberta gamethread is back where it belongs. Oh and if you don’t get the reference in the title? Google is your friend. Tonight, two teams on completely different roads will cross paths once again, where scoreboard…


Flames Prospect Update, April 1 2013

  pic via Jenn Kuhn The playoffs may be an uncertainty for the Calgary Flames, but quite a few of their prospects in major junior and college are in the midst of post-season pushes. Or, in the case of the Abbotsford Heat, they’re trying to qualify.


Brave New World

    It only took about five years of faltering results, increasing budgets and doddering superstars, but the Flames flipped the page on the Iginla era when they finally traded Jarome last week. The quality of the return as well as the integrity of the process can be debated forever, but there’s no question it’s…