Flames trade Blake Comeau to Columbus


Blake Comeau

pic via Robin Clicks

TSN is reporting the Flames have moved former waiver wire pick-up Blake Comeau to the very active Columbus Blue Jackets for a fifth round pick today. Comeau struggled to score in Calgary and had a dreadful start to the season, but developed into a decent middle tier option for the Flames both last season and for the majority of this one.

Comeau can skate and isn’t afraid to mix it up physically, but he’s probably one of the dumber hockey players on the ice at any give time and he doesn’t have the best hands. Few players can enter the zone, circle behid the net and then give the puck away like Comeau.

He’s a replaceable piece and a 5th round choice means the organization essentially gets something for nothing given how he was acquired.

Thanks Blake! Good luck in Columbus…

  • Look at the effing haul Buffalo just got for a guy who wouldn’t even stand up for his goalie after Lucic destroyed him last year? Pomenville also had a NTC yet somehow Regier got more for him than the Flames got for JBO and Iggy put together. Anyone still thinking Feaster should be in charge?

    • Scary Gary



    • RexLibris

      I’d suggest the Flames see if they can entice Poile to let go of Rinne. It might take Baertschi and a 1st to do it, so perhaps a bit too steep for some Flames fans, but it would be building from out net out and he is signed long-term.

      Stay well away from Luongo. The only advantage to that deal is that Gillis might not rip Feaster off as badly as Shero and Armstrong have.

      • Whoa now Rex. I usually like your takes but this seems like a bit of Oiler’s flavoured sabotage.

        Goalie’s are wayyy to fungible an asset to spend a 1st and a great prospect like Sven on.

        There’s no way that the difference between Ramo or any league average goalie and Pekka is greater than replacement level players vs Sven and whoever we draft with that first, over the next five years.

        It’s just not prudent asset management to make that deal.

        Smart play is to just to collect a bunch of goalies for very little assets and see if any pan out.

        Between Ramo, the Swiss Wall, Gillies, Taylor, Brust and Brossoit there’s a decent chance that one turns into league average goal tending or better.

        Flames biggest need is skaters who can drive possession.

  • The truly sad thing is Philly had to suck this year.

    Reports indicate they would trade Couturier for a top pairing dman with term still on his deal (and obviously not in mid-to-late 30s).

    Problem is Philly wasnt on Jbows list of teams he’d waive for.

  • everton fc

    For Regehr, Leopold, Brennan and Pomminville Buffalo received a 1st, 4 seconds a 4rth and a 5th to go along with 2 very solid prospects. Let’s compare that to the haul we got. I am toatally on the rebuild train but not with this guy running the show.

  • everton fc

    You want some bad asset management?

    Look at Philly who trades Bobrovsky, to only aquire the guy he replaced less than a year later.

    And they still have Bryzgalov to buy out. haha

  • I look at the Pominville and Erat deals and I’m in utter disbelief.

    Why the hell did Feaster not wait until today to make those moves.

    Compare Erat to Stempniak or Cammi.

    Of course you eat some salary on Cammi, hell I’d eat 3-4M in salary on either of those guys for Forsberg in return.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid amateur. Feaster is a bumbling idiot. Or to quote Mad Mike, “Somewhere right now, there’s a village missing its idiot.” Yes, we know. His name is “Jay.”

    So hung up on getting a 1st round pick of any kind.

    What we got for JBo was ludicrous. That we couldn’t have swung that deal for Forsberg is obscene.

    Now, a summer of stupidity followed by another lost season and then forced into Oil country. When we could’ve kick-started the process in high gear years ago. Oh, imagine the returns even a single season ago with a competent GM at the helm!

    Watch, Feaster will trade those 1sts for overpriced vets in order to ‘win now.’

    Edwards, you’re an egocentric @$$hole. King, you’re just a ruthless jack@$$ hatchet man. Feaster, you’re a moron.

    Not even sure how I can go on following this collection of useless half-wits. You’ve made me practically hate my own team.

  • everton fc

    For those preaching patience and thinking Feaster has a plan, consider the last 8-9 months.
    1. Trades a 2nd round pick to get Cammy back. That pick looks to be 31-33 overall.
    2. Says the team is going for it yet at the draft does nothing to immediately improve team.
    3. Signs Wideman and Hudler to expensive signings signaling that the team is going all out.
    4. Goes after ROR and is willing to give up a 1st and a 3rd.
    5. 3 weeks later trades Iggy for what may be the 30th pick which is not much better than what he traded for Cammy.
    6. Got a mid to late 1st for JBO
    7. Franchise goalie is retiring so got nothing.
    So, it kind of looks like we are rebuilding but wait. Now, he says they will be loading up and contending next year. Really?

    He has no plan. He will just do whatever to keep a job. Is this who the Flames want to rebuild this team?

  • Doesnt look like anyone is out there, been a depressing night, no wonder. Im just very disturbed at what was said “My walking mandate from Mr Edwards is to make the playoffs next year” Yeeesh. He said the right things about Cap space & using that & the extra 1st’ to retool, As long as that is used properly, ie. trade up & get another top 8 pick. If we just add salary for players teams want to jettison for peanuts, we will be so screwed. I think Feaster is a decent person but not the most savy GM out there to say the least. I hope he does the right type of moves at this draft. We need something to get us excited. Cant get out of my head if we were doing this cap space thing, WTF wouldnt we have tried to use Cammi + Horak or a one of our B prospects, eat a little of Cammi’s salary for Forsberg? Now Cammi will not be tradeable after this year until the trade deadline next year. If we were going to shed salary, why not his too. That is the elephant contract in this mess. Thought I’d type this & now hopefully can go to sleep. Doesnt make me feel any better mind you.